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How to Get FREE Stuff Online – Series Intro

Have you even wondered, “How do some people get SO much free stuff?” Or, maybe you hear about people getting all these cool freebies, see posts on Facebook with offers that look great, but your skeptical or suspicious on whether it’s all real? Well, I’m here to help! First of all, I’m going to show you pictures of what I get in the mail on a weekly basis – each of these were taken after collecting a week’s worth of free stuff from my mailbox. That’s to show you that yes, it’s real, and you really can get freebies like this. Then I’m going to give you a week’s worth of tips, to help you tell the difference between the scammy-spammy stuff and legit offers, where to find them, and other ways to get things totally free. Check it out…

Would you love to open your mailbox each day and see it stuffed full of goodies like this? All of my magazine subscriptions are free, I haven’t paid for any in years. There are a couple fun prize winnings, a Moms Meet party package to share with my mom group, and other assorted goodies.

Or how about all of this? LOVE these little Target beauty bags that come out each quarter or so. The Avon skin care sampler set was a great score. And that “Big Fat Check” is from Ebates – I do most of my shopping online, and they pay me cash back just for starting from their site, and using their sweet coupon codes.

Would you love to see a piles of goodies like this show up in your mail each day every week? I used the Valspar sample kit to redo a little sidetable that I picked up at a yard sale, the Purex crystals are uh-may-zing, and the other coupons, samples, and prizes really brighten the day when I find them in the mailbox :)

Want the UPS and FEDEX guys to stop by on a daily basis, bringing you boxes of goodies to test out in your home, like this one that I got recently from BzzAgent?

Another set of prize winnings – an Apron, hand blender, loads of freebie coupons, and more. I don’t have as much time to enter contests and sweeps as I used to, but I have a system for making it quick, and enter as many as possible each week. It doesn’t take that much effort to seriously win on a regular basis!

And wouldn’t it be cool if when you checked the mail, instead of just envelopes filled with bills, you could open up envelopes filled with FREE checks like this? Survey sites give me a great boost to my budget.

I bet I have your attention now, right?

So, as you can see – yes, getting freebies from the internet is totally possible, and there are loads of legit ways to get them. I started this site originally because people were always asking me how I stretched my tiny budget so far, how I always had cool new stuff, and where all the freebies and prizes came from. I wanted to share my tips for living creatively on a budget – but I also want to teach you my tricks for getting things free! Why pay when you don’t have to, right?

I remember a few years ago, I typed “FREE STUFF” into a Google search for the first time…. (I didn’t even know what I was getting myself into, lol.) But I also remember becoming SO frustrated, since it seemed like all of the so-called “free” offers were actually, “with participation”, or wanted too much of my personal information.

But through some trial and error, I figured out what works, and what doesn’t, and I’ll share all of that with you guys this week. I already have been posting info about this stuff every week, but I thought that it might be more helpful to put things together in full articles, and give you a great new resource to use! That way it will be easy for you to get involved with companies that you can trust.

And, I put together a new Coupon Resource yesterday -Tons of helpful sites that I use to save loads of money at the grocery store.

Read the WHOLE series to Learn all of my tips for GETTING FREE STUFF!

  • {Part 1} in this post about getting Free product, FREE money, and FREE prizes from Survey Sites.
  • {Part 2} in this post here on how to use newsletters to get free samples and great coupons.
  • {Part 3} in my post here, about Cash Back and Reward site shopping. If you’re gonna shop anyway, why not earn rewards too, right?
  • {Part 4}here gives you the best TRUSTED freebie sites to use.
  • {Part 5}here teaches you the difference between a contest and a sweepstakes, hints on how to be successful, and tons of great sweeps resources! And I may add more in a few weeks too, so stay tuned…




  1. I’m looking forward to it!
    I have a few I take part in but am looking forward to your tips and secrets!

  2. Thank You So Much for the great list! I will do what you said in that list, hopefully I can get some awesome deals same as you did :-)
    Thank You and Thank You :-))

  3. terri tillman says

    i am so glad i found this article you wrote. i am new to the freebie/giveaway thing. i was about to give it up already because i thought i was spending way too much time on it for no more than i was getting out of it. i guess i need to be patient. it looks like it will be VERY well worth my time. thank you!

  4. I love part 4 the site. Thanks

  5. Joni Baecher says

    I have tried these free sites. I have not been happy with them as I have to go through a questionnaire as long as they get. I am looking for a simple honest free sample site…

    • Meagan Paullin says

      There are a LOT of those types of sites. I know exactly what you’re talking about… Where you go through pages and pages, they keep making you accept offers and junk. No – there are LOADS of legit sites that don’t do that. Some will ask for info – on a brand site, where they’re offering you a specific sample of a product, they’ll need your basic name and address. They usually want an email too, that’s kind of the trade off – giving an email where they can send you newsletters, in exchange for a freebie. I don’t mind getting lots of brand newsletters – SO many have goodies in them just for subscribers: New samples {some brands will just send you samples later to your address, knowing you’re a fan who requested a previous one}, or high dollar off coupons.

      Other sites, like the bigger, clearinghouse type sites, might ask for a page or two of REAL questions, to learn more about your household and interests, like if you have kids, babies, pets, are a homeowner, what hobbies, etc. That’s to be able to target offers to things you’d be interested in. :)

  6. How do I sign up. ..
    It doesn’t give any where for an address. .

    • Meagan Paullin says

      Which one are you trying to sign up for? You don’t sign up for anything here, on my site. I just share ideas of places where you CAN sign up to get fun freebies :) But if there’s a particular site that’s confusing, let me know and I’ll help ya out!

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