Free Guide: Using Genesis on WordPress for Absolute Beginners

Using Genesis on WordPress - Free ebook

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” – Thomas Huxley

Are you using WordPress, and could use some help figuring it all out? Or maybe you’re just thinking about making the switch from Blogger – and want to learn more to get prepared. WordPress is not difficult, but it can be overwhelming when you first get started.

This new, amazingly helpful – and totally free! – ebook from Copyblogger will make you feel like a total blogging rock star.

This book is targeted towards bloggers who use the Genesis framework on their WordPress site, which is what I use. But – I started out on a basic free WordPress theme, and this book will be helpful to you too if that’s what you’re using – trust me. It works great as a guide to understanding basic WordPress features – since many of them are the same on a basic WordPress site as they are on Genesis.

Learn more and download the FREE guide for Using Genesis on WordPress from Copyblogger today!



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