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Learn how to get the best promo codes

Love shopping ...

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” – Bo Derek

It’s true – just about any online purchase you make can be made a little bit sweeter with the right online promo code. But how do you find one when you need it? There are a ton of great shopping sites that can help – but I want to introduce you to a new one I’ve just started using that I think you’ll love – You can search for codes by store, find free shipping codes, get a daily email update with the coolest new coupon code deals… And, best part? You can even earn CASH money for being a member of the site. Sweet, right?

How to save and earn with zuuzs

All you have to do is head to and take like two minutes to set up your new account. Easy peasy. Then, each time you want to shop online, start by visiting their site first – You’ll be able to see if there are any cool new codes to use, saving you big bucks. And, you’ll earn some free cash back from your purchase, just because you stopped in there first. So helpful. AND – every time you share this site or their sweet dealios with your friends and family, you’ll earn money on THEIR purchases too! Whaaaaat? I know. But it gets even better – when THEY share with THEIR friends, you’ll earn from those purchases too. If you’re a savvy shopper, this is an easy way to earn a free check each month when you share all these sweet savings.

Learn 15 simple ways to shop online for FREE today too!


Weekly Bloggertunities – 5/9

blogging opportunities for mom bloggers

“Twitter is like a tragically hip New York night club. It is a cool, easy way for companies to engage customers in Social Media. But the experience can be loud and crowded.” – Bob Warfield

It’s not just Twitter that’s loud and crowded – the whole social media community, as well as blogging in general, is filled with SO many other voices. That’s why it’s so important to think about what sets you apart – is it your humor? Your awesome photo skills? Your totally skilled writing ability? Do you have any type of niche? If not, figure out a focus. If you tell a new contact, “Well, I write about my life as a mom… and reviews and stuff. I do giveaways too…. Um,….” That definitely doesn’t set you apart from anyone else, right? But if you say – “I share my daily challenges in living an organic lifestyle, and write honest, helpful reviews on the newest green parenting products” – now you have an identity. Going into a busy summer of conferences, it’s super important to be able to pitch yourself quickly to new faces that you meet!


  1. SocialSpark: Make sure you connect your Google Analytics to accurately track your traffic, so you get better paying posts. I have heard that a lot of you run into problems, and get denied – most of you can probably fix the prob and get in too. If you need help or have questions – email me and I’ll see if I can figure them out for you! I was denied at first too, fixed the tiny problem, and now I love it. Apply for Social Spark.
  2. zuuzs: I’ve been shopping with them for about 6 months now, and earn a ton of cash back. AND – I earn when any of my friends and blog readers shop. AND – I earn when THEIR friends shop. So it’s a really steady stream of income for me, and it’s fun to share it, since I love it. Check it out, and join today.
  3. Examiner: I’m working on using my new upgraded access to media credentials to check out some cool local events for free. If you are an expert on ANY topic – {trust me, they have a huge range- from sports cars to Christian music to Irish pubs. You’ll find something you’re passionate about!} – you can write your own local Examiner column too. Learn more and see what categories are available in your area.
  4. Paper Coterie: This is one of the prettiest, most amazingly high quality photo product sites I’ve used. The products are really unique and fresh, and they constantly have awesome promotions to share. Sign up as an affiliate – it’s set up JUST like Escalate, same framework, so it’s super duper easy to use.
  5. Paid Posts: Fill out a form to let the SITS Girls know that you’d love to be considered for future paid posts! I love this network, they do so many cool things.

Reviews and Cool Partnerships:

  1. QuestionMoms: This is a great network – Check out new mom-invented products first, give direct feedback to influence and improve their ideas, and get paid for sharing that amazing knowledge. As a blogger, you totally “get” what works and what is just NOT going to be popular, so your voice is super helpful here. Plus – you can apply to review awesome Mompact products like the Aquaduck and Swim Zip!
  2. Little Tikes: Learn more about their brand ambassador, review team, and deal team partnerships – and send an email to apply to work with them this year. They are one of my FAVORITE kids brands, so this would be pretty awesome.
  3. Brandfluential: Check them out and fill out a Blogger Application, for a chance at cool upcoming opps and campaigns.
  4. Blog it Forward: This is another new one that I just recently came across, so I don’t have too much info on it. But you can fill out the Blogger Outreach application to be contacted for future campaigns too,
  5. Another new network I found this week – I just signed up, so don’t have too much to share. But it looks like it’s worth checking out!
  6. Kids Book: This looks adorable – Sadie: The Paper Crown Princess – They’re looking for bloggers to connect with them and do some reviews. Fill out the form on their site to apply.
  7. Parasol Blogger Outreach: They are looking for bloggers that are interested in syndicating posts or in original posting for the following topics:  food, parenting teenagers, parents over 40, all natural and holistic topics. Interested? Contact them at  Please share a minimum of three recent links so they can check out what you have done in the past!

Cool Tools:

  1. Copyscape: Enter your URL into the cool tool on this site, and it will search the web looking for anyone show has copied your content.
  2. Dr. Link Check: This is an awesome site that will scan your blog, and let you know is you have broken links. It takes a bit since it checks up to 1,000 links per website – but only a few minutes.
  3. Free ebook: Download a free copy of 10 Ways to Build Social Links, from HubSpot. Their free books are always super helpful!

“Human beings are far more likely to communicate ideas and information with others when they are emotionally engaged. Find the key issues that concern your audience and then inculcate them within your marketing plan to get an emotional response.” – Maki

Share the Love:

As always – Feel free to leave your event info, sign up links, hops – anything that others might find helpful – Post ’em in the comments! And – If you like it, then you shoulda put a tweet on it…. Lol. Share this post with YOUR blogging buddies too –


Weekly Bloggertunities – 4/24

finding new opportunities for bloggers

Weekly Blogging Opportunities

I’m BAAAAACK!!! As most of you know by now – I was hacked. Not just a little issue – I was knocked down, repeatedly, for almost a week. If you want to know what happened, how to know if your WordPress site was hacked, and what do if you DO get hacked, you can read the whole story in my last post. Long story short – It sucked. But, I learned a lot – including what a great group of bloggy buddies I’ve built up over this past year. You guys all ROCK! So – this post was started almost 2 weeks ago, but wasn’t able to be posted due to the issues I had going on. If anything is outdated by now, I apologize. I tried to check ’em all – but I’m in a posting frenzy today, so I might have missed something! Just leave me a comment so if you find something that’s no longer valid. Thank you!

Good Reading for Bloggers

As a blogger – or anyone at all who works primarily online – you MUST be constantly learning and staying updated. The web, social media, search – they are all constantly changing and evolving, so it’s important that you are too. Here are a few great reads this week –

  1. Dealing with Disappointment: My friend Ellen wrote a great post about why you might not be chosen for a specific blogging opportunity – and why you shouldn’t let it get you down! She also offers some tips to help you improve, so that you can start getting more of the opps that you want.
  2. Social Media: This book just got delivered today – 30 Days to Social Media Success: The 30 Day Results Guide to Making the Most of Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIN, and Facebook – and I am SUPER excited to get started reading it. I’m part of a group that will be going through the book together, and sharing our thoughts. Watch for a review of it coming soon – and buy it too if you’d like to follow along with my updates.
  3. Rafflecopter: Read this great post with a tutorial on how to add giveaway images right to your Rafflcopter form. Love it.
  4. Time Management: This is a round-up of posts from some of my favorite bloggers, sharing their time management tips and tricks. Good stuff.

Want more? I have a whole board on Pinterest devoted to Blogging & Social Media – tips, resources, cool tools, creative ideas, and more. Check it out and find some good stuff.

Earn an Income with Your Blog

As always – the biggest question I am asked by other bloggers is how to monetize their site. So, here are a few things you can use to start earning more money with your site – and watch for a more comprehensive series of posts on smart monetizing skills coming in a few weeks!

  1. InfoStable: Super simple, and it’s very easy to earn. They have a limited amount of offers, and they’re mostly giveaways to promote. I signed up for a few to test it – no spam. Check it out and start earning today – InfoStable Sign Up.
  2. Maggie’s Direct: This started out a little crazy – but they’ve simplified their Pro Blogger program, making it MUCH easier to participate! Set up a free account, then sign up for the Pro Blogger program! Learn more on their site – but it includes shopping credit for you, free products, and more. I haven’t used this much yet – and I’ve heard mixed reviews. But it’s working GREAT for some people, so it’s worth looking into.
  3. Social Spark: Many bloggers start with posts in the $15-$25 range, which is where I started with them around 6 months ago. Now I average $65 per post, with some as high as $100-$200. Super easy, and pays via PayPal as soon as you reach $50. Sign up and learn more.
  4. Bloggertise: This one is a little trickier. I earn quite a bit with them – BUT, not all of their offers are, um, quality. And I do NOT ever recommend posting something JUST because you can earn some bucks. So, only post if the required info can educate or entertain your readers. That said – I find loads of projects that I can make into interesting articles, and use it weekly. Learn more and sign up here.
  5. Examiner: I just got promoted to be eligible to receive media credentials to local events – I’m so excited! I love writing here, love connecting with more local companies, and have a lot of fun having a forum to share on besides my blog. Interested? You’re already a writer, so this may be a great fit for you too – Application.

What are your favorite networks to connect you with sponsored posts or other opportunities to earn an income with your writing? Share them in the comments – maybe I’ll find a new favorite!

Networks to Join

I’m a member of so many great networks – I love meeting new people, sharing tips and resources, and having access to some really great opps and info. Here are a few that I’m a member of…

  1. Mom Spark: This is the only network that I pay to be a part of – and it’s definitely worth it. I get connected to awesome opps through them, and having access to their tutorials and community is priceless.
  2. Moms Do It Better: This is a really helpful new network that I’ve just joined – A lot of fun tips, and great opportunities to be found. Join here.
  3. Mommy PR: She is an awesome chick, with equally awesome stuff to share with other bloggers. Sign up for her PR Friendly Bloggers mailing list to learn about new opps each week.

What are a few of your favorites? What do you like most about them – and what do you find most helpful?

Cool Opportunities

Hopefully these are still available – Most of these were opportunities that I came across last week – but some are brand new too.

  1. Fashion Bloggers: Belt Buckle Boutique is looking for bloggers who write about 75% of their content focused on fashion to do an upcoming review and giveaway opportunity – Fill out the form if you are all about fashion!
  2. Foodie Guest Posts: Trio of Tastebuds – my favorite foodie site! – is looking for people to contribute a favorite recipe to their “three views” posts. Get details and contact info here.
  3. Paid Posts: Fill out this form to be considered for upcoming paid writing opps, or for paid guest posting on your own site. Sounds cool.
  4. Mom Ambassador: I’ve been a member here for a couple of years – It’s called Moms Meet, and you get to do regular house parties to share all organic, green, healthy products with your group. The shipments are always very generous and actually worth sharing! Learn more and sign up here.
  5. CBS: If you have a mostly US based readership and audience, fill out this form for a new partnership opportunity with CBS.
  6. All You Magazine: What’s your most clever way to stay on top of all of the paperwork that comes home from school (and your mail too!)? Tell us at for a chance to be featured in our magazine.

I hope you get connected to some fun review and giveaway opps here – I LOVE hearing stories from people who got into a great campaign from hearing about it in my post :) Some of you have gotten into things I REALLY wanted too, but I didn’t get chosen, lol. But I love being able to share!

Events to Join

Again, some of these I added awhile back – so if something is no longer taking sign-ups, and I missed removing it – just leave me a comment so that I know to remove it from the list!

  1. Birthday Bash: This will start May 11th – and prizes will be announced as more bloggers join! It’s only $2 a link, I joined with 2 links, and hope to see some of you join us too – Sign up here.
  2. Free Event: You get one link for free, $1 for each additional link. Very cool, right? Sign up and learn more.
  3. Baby Shower: This is another totally FREE event – you get one link free, and can get a second one if you share the sign up form. This is Facebook and Twitter only, and starts soon – so get in today!
  4. Huge list of events: This is a really great list of tons of giveaway events that you can join – with loads more free options too! Check it out and sign up for some fun stuff.
  5. Bloggy Bootcamp: If you can’t attend any of these great events this year due to the travel costs, why not check out the awesome online-only package option? Very cool! Online Bloggy Bootcamp.

Do you have a cool event coming up that you’d like to share – or need sign ups for an upcoming giveaway? Share your sign up link in the comments!

Love it? Share it with your own network of awesome bloggy buddies too!


Are you a mom with SWAGger? Win a trip to Vegas!!

Las Vegas Giveaway

Mother’s Day Giveaway – Win a Trip to Vegas!!

Do you know an awesome mom who’s a money-saving rock star?? A mom with SWAGger?? Then nominate her as the Swag Mom on Swag Bucks – and you BOTH have a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas! How cool is that, right?

How to Win it

To get started, visit the Swag Bucks site – and then fill in the easy peasy form to nominate your favorite Swag Savvy mom, or even yourself! Here are a few details:

We’re giving away an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas to The Swag Mom! Who is The Swag Mom? Any user who has developed effective strategies for maximizing their Swagbucks experience. Nominations are limited to one per user, so choose carefully. Voting begins on April 30, and culminates on Mother’s Day 2012, when we’ll announce the Grand Prize winner.

I’ve used Swag Bucks now for years – and use all of my points towards free Amazon gift cards. If you use the web a lot, this is totally free money that you’re not getting if you don’t sign up! It’s simple as can be – You add the toolbar to your browser, and use it to search, instead of Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Then you earn points for doing those searches you’d be doing anyway. Awesomesauce.

Remember – Head over to the Swag Mom post today to nominate someone. You get an entry in the Vegas Giveaway just for nominating!!


Shopping & Selling on

reselling kids clothes

Fun New Way to Buy & Sell Kids Clothes

Kids clothes are expensive. And kids grow faster than they can wear things out. This is especially true if you’re one of the first to have a baby in your family – You’ll get so showered with gifts of baby clothes, that you’ll end up with piles of brand new items that your little one outgrew before having a chance to show off. {With Abby, sometimes I’d just do a ‘baby fashion show’, and dress her up in outfits all afternoon, just to get pictures of her in them, lol.} So – what to do with all of those great pieces that are no longer needed? And, what’s the best way to stock up on gently worn pieces to build an affordable wardrobe that your child needs now?

Smart Solution for Busy Moms

Well – It’s LoobaLee to the rescue! Ok, I know what you’re thinking – “Aren’t there already tons of ways to buy and sell used kids clothes?” Yes, there are. And I’ve used many of them – We’ve picked up some amazing, brand-new baby items at yard sales, and I’ve sold many of our unneeded and outgrown pieces on Craigslist. But these aren’t always convenient or practical – Yard Sales are only a few months a year here, and it’s not easy to search for a specific item. Craigslist is a popular way to sell stuff – But I don’t always like dealing with the strange people who respond to our ads. LoobaLee takes the best parts of all these other options, and combines them into one great solution site that I’m totally in love with!

Learn Some Tips on How To Dress Your Kids for Less

Learn Why LoobaLee Rocks:

The whole look of the site is so bright and fun, and everything is so well put together. This is quickly becoming a new favorite of mine – I’m always excited to check each day and see what’s new!

  1. Cost vs. Value: As I mentioned the last time I was shopping for my little fashionista – When buying kids clothes, it’s not just about cost – it’s more about value. Like the video above shows – many times a cheaper price means a cheaply made item. And at LoobaLee, so many of their pieces are from amazing designer brands. They carry loads of older lines from Gymboree – from back when they had really incredible quality standards. There’s a reason that these items still look brand new!
  2. It’s Simple: This is NOT an auction site. Everything is sold at an easy to understand fixed price, with no extra hidden fees. Shipping is super simple to calculate, and all purchases are safe and secure. And, unlike a site like Craigslist – there is NO spammy junk ads on LoobaLee, just great quality kids gear. Read their Community Code of Ethics for more info.
  3. Similar to Retail: There’s a great return policy, ensuring you get what you’re expecting. The check out process is very standard, like a traditional online retailer.
  4. Simple Selling: This is THE easiest site I’ve ever seen when it comes to listing your items for sale. There’s an easy to fill out template, layers of protection to ensure you get payment, and great options for different ways to sell your items. LOVE it.

There are so many other cool features, once you get started you’ll just keep finding new things to love, the more you use. Promise!

Sign up for LoobaLee

How to Get Started

Follow these quick steps – and you’ll have an account that will allow you to start shopping and selling in just a few minutes!

  1. Click to get started. Once you’re on it takes only a minute to set up an easy peasy account. Make sure to tell them that I sent you!
  2. Start browsing! They make is super easy to shop – You can search by size, style, color, gender, and more. This search ability means you can quickly find just what you’re looking for.
  3. Set up your first listing. You can sell individual pieces, or set up batches of items to sell a bunch of lower-priced items quickly.
  4. Check out their blog. They’ve got so many helpful tips for building your child’s wardrobe on a tight budget. It’s called “The Conscious Kid’s Closet” – helping moms save cash and the environment, one outfit at a time.

I’m very impressed with the quality of the items for sale, the ease of both shopping AND listing, and the fun feel of the whole site. I think you’ll love it too!

Enter to WIN!

Since I’m such a big fan of LoobaLee, I’m very excited to offer you guys a chance to win this awesome prize, so you can do some fun spring shopping for your family! Use the Rafflecopter form to enter – and if you’re feelin’ lucky, enter to win the other great prizes in the sidebar too!

Have Fun & Good Luck!

{Disclaimer: This sponsored post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. All prizing for MSM giveaways is handled by a third party unless otherwise noted. For this reason prize fulfillment can take up to 90 days after the winners information is received.}

[Read more…]


Weekly Bloggertunities – 2/29

Blogging Opportunities, Sponsored Posts,

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordon 

What obstacles have you faced lately? Is it a lack of motivation? If so, that could be because you’ve lost the excitement about what you’re doing. Think back to why you started your blog – then make a list of 5 things you LOVED back then. Then take a couple of days to work those things in again. Or think about your long-term goals…. And dream big. Write down those giant ideas, and smack ’em up on the wall where you’ll see them every day! Is it a lack of time? Maybe you just need more help getting organized. I have a great list of free printable planning sheets, and some sweet tips on setting up a schedule system that goes everywhere you do. What other challenges do you deal with? Share your trouble spots – and any solutions you’ve found! – in the comments. I’m sure someone else will benefit from what you have to say too.

Sponsored Posts

One of the major ways that I earn an income with my blog is through sponsored posts. I’m careful about what I accept – it’s not worth any money to post junk. Your readers will hate it, you’ll hate it, and it’ll make your blog spammy. But – when a brand wants to compensate you for sharing great information that will entertain or educate your readers, that’s a total win-win, right?

  1. Post Genius: I just signed up with them, so I don’t have a ton of feedback to give – but it looks interesting. You sign up your blog, and set a price per post. Then, if brands would like to work with you, they’ll make an offer. If you’re using them, I’d love to hear what you think… Leave a comment with some tips.
  2. Social Fabric: My. Favorite. Network. Seriously – they rock. They’re open to very limited new members right now – Gulf State Bloggers (from these states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi). They’re are also recruiting bloggers in Mexico, specifically Guadalajara and Mexico City. If you fit any of these categories, shoot me an email {Meagan at} with your blog and a little about you, and I’ll send your info to their recruiting team!
  3. Social Spark: Get fun paid posts, and get paid quickly with PayPal! This is one of my favorites – and I totally recommend it. I make a few hundred dollars a month her on a good month – Love it.
  4. Blogvertise: I’ve been having more luck here lately – The payouts are usually kind of low, but they’re very simple posts. I don’t get a ton of offers emailed to me, so I pop in each day and get the grab bag tasks that are a good fit for me. Doing that daily earns me a couple hundred bucks a month, and isn’t too time consuming. Check it out – Earn Money Blogging.

If you have any other great networks that you use – feel free to share them in the comments. {Yes, it’s ok to post a referral link, as long as no one else has posted it yet. If I’m going to join something, I love to be able to benefit another blogger with my sign up!}

Reviews & Giveaways

Here are some great places to find new products and services to review, as well as opportunities for sponsored giveaways. Giveaways can be a ton of work – but they also are a great way to say Thank You to your readers for being such loyal fans!

  1. Giveaway Blogs: This is a great network – You can meet great bloggers and connect with new brands. I’ve found some very cool opportunities with them – The forums are filled with fun companies looking to connect with new bloggers. Sign up here – Join Giveaway Blogs.
  2. Doc Milo: Click the link to see their totally gorgeous products – then up in the right corner, you’ll see a big yellow link for Blogger Sign Ups. Click there to be taken to the blogger partner application.
  3. MyBlogSpark: Sign up for a free membership with this site to do fun product reviews and giveaways – See an example here – I’ve been a member for a year, and have had some fun opps. Nothing huge, but very fun. Blogger Program Sign-Up.
What other networks do you use for review and giveaway sponsors? Share in the comments! And, if you’re a review blogger – You do NOT want to miss the biggest event targeted towards us this year – Reviewer’s Retreat 2012! Will I see you there?

Events and Fun Stuff

Here’s an assortment of cool happenings around the web, for moms and bloggers. If you’ve found something cool going on – I’d love to hear about it!

  1. Mompreneur’s Challenge: Join this 30-day challenge from Business Among Moms – Small Steps to a Big Business. Each day you’ll get a new tip or trick emailed to you. Then challenge yourself to do that task, and watch as your business improves day by day!
  2. MamaCon: This is a SUPER fun event coming up – and it’s not just for bloggers, so plan to attend with some of your best girlfriends too. You can learn more, and enter to WIN tickets and a stay at the totally gorgeous Hilton Bellevue too, from The Maven of Social Media.
  3. LeapPad Explorer Giveaway: This sounds like a totally amazing event – $10 bucks gets you any two links you want. The giveaway is HUGE – full LeapPad Explorer set, games, accessories – the works! Learn more here – LeapPad Giveaway.
  4. The Mommy Club: Each week Crystal & Co does my favorite link up of the week – Share Your Mommy Solutions! Totally me, right? Check it out, find some amazingly cool info, and link up your own favorite posts too!
  5. Furst:Access: Sign up for an account here to get notification of new movie screening events. Very cool, right? Furst:Access Sign Up.

Who loves to party? This girl! Are you hosting a Twitter party? Share the info with us in the comments. Excited about a cool conference or event coming up? Let me know about it!


Here are a few of the cool networks that I’m in, that I thought you guys might want to check out too. They’ll give you new ways to network, find cool partnerships, and more.

  1. Zurker: This is a really cool idea – they want to let users be more in control of this social network, and give you ownership in it. So – for inviting friends and helping to build up the site, you are actually given stock in the company! How cool might that be, right? Check it out and sign up here – Zurker, new social network sign up.
  2. SheSpeaks: Join their Blogger Society – You get to share opinions, try new products and give feedback, and participate in cool events.
  3. Blogaholic: I’ve been featured here a few times, and realized lately that I’ve kind of been a stranger over there! It’s a really great place to connect with other bloggers, and learn a ton. Everyone interacts so much – You’ll love it. Join Blogaholic Social Network. Already a member? Connect with me too!

What are your favorite networks, and what do you love most? Are you a part of other networks, outside of the blogging world? I’m looking for some new places to join, for moms – something fun, where I can meet some new faces. Any suggestions?

Cool Tools

Are you ready for the big Facebook change? Here’s a tool to help you prepare. And another great tool that can help you build your Twitter presence too.

  1. Facebook: Are you ready for the new change? Yep – On March 30th all Facebook pages will switch over to the Timeline format. Are you ready? If you want to get started now, so you can optimize your layout before it goes live, this might help – Free Facebook Timeline Cover Templates.
  2. You’ve probably seen these on Twitter – and they’re a great way to share posts of people you follow, meet some new faces, and share your own best posts.  People can subscribe too.  Want to see an example, and get your own? Here’s mine –The Daily Sunshine. {Tip, when you set it up, make sure to click the settings button that has it go out automatically. I missed that the first time I did mine.}

Share your favorite tools too. I am ALWAYS looking for the newest ways to rock my social media. So…. Yep, you guessed it – share your tips in the comments!

Love it? Share it!

I love to be able to help out my blogging buddies – which is why I put together this resource each week. So, if you found something helpful – pass it on! Use this easy button to retweet it out to your buddies too, or share the link to Facebook, StumbleUpon, Pin it, or whatevah! You’re welcome to post it wherever you think it’ll help out more peeps! Thanks for reading – and I look forward to reading YOUR comments and tips too.


Increase Your Online Buying Power earning cash online

Increase Your Online Buying Power – New Feature on

Most of you are probably already using to earn cash rewards when you shop online. I used this so much during the holidays – When you combine their cash back reward with the awesome deals you find, and the cool online coupon codes that I share all of the time on Facebook and Twitter – You can rack up serious amounts of free cash.

New to zuuzs? Read this – How To Earn Free Money with

How to Increase your earnings

Now there’s a super cool new feature on, that can help you rack up even more free money – It’s called Buying Power, and here’s how to get it –

  1. Easy actions on their site can increase your buying power – Meaning, you earn higher cash back percentages from your favorite stores like Old Navy, Walmart, and Target.
  2. Build and update your profile on zuuzsCheck it out here. Set your cash out amount, whether you want to be paid via check or debit card {coming soon!}, your favorite stores, and which emails you want to get, and how often. {They don’t ever want to bug you – So you get to set the amount of notices you want to receive!}
  3. Invite friends – As you can see in the graphic above, the more people you have in your “Circle of Friendz” on zuuzs, the more you all earn! They also make it super simple to share their great deals and invite friends – On LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.
  4. Make a purchase – Every time you make a purchase through, you increase your buying power. Do you do a ton of shopping at You know that no reward sites include Amazon…. But, when you shop at Amazon through zuuzs, you may not earn cash back, but you do INCREASE the cash back you earn at every other retailer! Cool, right?

What are you waiting for?

Head on over to today – Sign up if you’re not a member yet. Update your profile and invite a few friends if you’re already signed up. And next time you’re shopping online – Make sure you type in to get started, to earn some free cash in your pocket! And, if you’re a blogger – Make sure to sign up for the Blogger Affiliate program – Sign up an account, click Affiliates up top, then scroll down to set up your own customized blogging shopping site, get cool tools and more!

Remember – Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Full Price!