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See me sing Rock-a-Bye Baby to Abby & a Baby Lizard. I know you’ve been waiting for this day… #SleepytimeSongs

Sing your way to sleepytime…. As an infant, Abby slept really well. I mean, as well as you can ask for from a brand new baby. But I really was pretty lucky. Then, when she was about a year old, her daddy moved in with us, in our new house. Her and I had been on a pretty good schedule before that  – but she quickly started trying to adjust to daddy’s weird sleep schedule. She wanted to stay up late, and sleep in late – just like him. Since we’re both work-from-home parents, at first we kind of let it slide… I mean, hey, if she was getting enough sleep, and it worked with our schedules, it should be fine, right? Wrong. Having a weird sleep schedule like that started making her too tired, too often, during the day. So we decided to shake things up, and make some new, healthier bedtime routines as a family.

Toddlers may seem super wild and unpredictable, but really – they do thrive on having a predictable set of daily routines. Not super strict, with every moment scheduled – but a basic outline for the day works wonders. Once Abby learned ours – bathtime, jammies and lotion, story time, and then some songs in the rocker – she knew from the start that it was time to start mellowing out. And – it makes me totally happy too. That time together cuddling and singing is the absolute best part of my entire day. As you can see – we have to sing to her “babies” each night – whether it’s one of my old Cabbage Patch dolls, a stuffed monkey or owl, or even a little plastic lizard, like we had in the video here. She is such a little lover, and it’s so sweet how she talks to her toys – she made me rock the lizard in my hands, and then at the end she tells him, “Close your eyes… Go to sleep…” I love her.

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Baby Billie Jean- Dancing Babies Video

There are so darn many cute baby videos.

Someone emails you ONE cute baby video. “I have a minute, I can watch this real quick” you say to yourself.

The problem is, there are ALL those other cute baby video’s on the sidebar, and you watch another. And another. It can be a trap. An adorable trap, but definitely a time-wasting trap.

Since it’s Saturday, it’s ok to waste a little time, right? So…

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