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McDonald’s® Chicken Select Tenders Are Back!

I’m enjoying McDonald’s® Chicken Select Tenders as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #McDPartners….

My very first job was when I was 15 1/2 {the youngest that you could work in Washington state at the time} at McDonald’s®. I worked there for 2 years, and loved it. I have such good memories from that time. The franchise owners were awesome – They threw us fabulous themed holiday parties each year, actually visited and helped work in the store with us, and were just so super nice. I’ve also stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle multiple times – which is funded by those little change jars you see at each register. So, McDonald’s® has always been a part of my life. :)

3 Chicken Select Tenders from McDonald's are back #mcdpartners

Which is also why I get excited when they bring back new and improved versions of “nostalgic” menu items. Like these amazing McDonald’s® Chicken Select Tenders. The awesome strips of chicken you remember, but even better!

100% chicken tenderloins at McDonald's #McDPartners

These are seriously so good. You can see right away these are seriously meaty and hearty. This is real chicken, and so super fresh. Better than when I attempt to make chicken strips at home. And when I’m running errands with the kids, or just in the mood for a snack that’s quick and easy, these are an awesome option. Because these are a great choice – 100% tenderloin. :)

100% chicken tenderloins at McDonald's #McDPartners

I mean seriously – look at these meaty chunks of deliciousness? This is real chicken, real good, and real affordable. All of the things I look for in a lunch or snack for Abby and I.

I'm lovin' it - #mcdpartners

So…. Yes. I’m lovin’ it. There are times that it’s nice to have a really yummy meal that I don’t have to make myself :) And if I want a fast food meal, it’s always going to be McDonald’s. They’re kind of an old friend for me. I even remember having birthday parties there back in the day!

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