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New Year, New Me – With Weight Watchers

This post was created as part of a relationship in which I was sponsored by Weight Watchers and given a free three month subscription to try their new Personal Coaching product and write about my experience. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own. #WeightWatchers #WWsponsored

So. It’s almost the new year. 2015. Can you even believe it? I mean, seriously…. I can’t even always remember to write 2014 on my paperwork now, how can it be almost 2015? This year started off amazing, but the past 4 or so months have been so stressful, and the whole year just passed by SO incredibly quickly. But, as I do at the end of every year, I’m in the process of making new goals. New plans. Because I like to make every year bigger, better, and brighter than the one before.

High school weight

Not an amazing quality photo, since I had to steal it from a friend’s facebook page. But, this is me in high school. Like…. 1996-ish. I totally thought I was fat. Ohmyheck – to look back now? I was super skinny. I wish I could be this “fat” these days. I know we all often naturally gain weight as we get older. But my weight has fluctuated so much over the past few years, and I’m determined to fix that. Let me show you a little bit of the action:

Pregnancy weight

That last picture, from high school, I was the same height – 5’9, and weighed just 130 pounds. Crazy, right? Fast forward a lot of years, and here’s me in 2010, veeeerrrry pregnant with Abby. I’m as big as a house. No, I look like I ate a house. Look at those ankles, man. There’s like, an ankle fat roll on there. So bad. And those thighs are like Christmas hams. Wow. I was 250-ish pounds at this point. So big.

Biker chick

Here I am a year later, at a biker rally we do each year. Not perfect weight, but I had lost a lot. And I lost most of the baby weight pretty darn quick. I thought it would be super easy to lose the rest. I was wrong….

Halloween with little red riding hood

A couple of years later, as you can see, I’d chunked back up again. Lots of chins. Oh maaaaaan, so many chins. So, I’m super motivated this year to finally get off of this roller coaster of weight gain/loss – and get healthier, happier, and just all around better. And what I need is some coaching, guidance, and support. Since I’ve never been able to fully do it on my own.

Big Star Jeans

We all have that pair of jeans we’re waiting to fit into. Whether it’s an old pair you want to get back into – like this totally favorite pair of Vintage Big Star jeans of mine, or a pair at the store you’re dying to be able to buy. So, in this new year, why not have Weight Watchers personal coaching help you reach your goals? Weight loss isn’t complicated. People are. We all have different issues, vices, habits, needs, goals. But with personal coaching, you get the individualized coaching you need for your unique situation, which rocks.


For me, one part is getting more exercise. Which means throwing on these awesome Nike shoes and getting out in the neighborhood running. Maybe jogging. Ok – walking? But at least something :) As a work at home mom I sit a lot, in my computer chair. So adding more activity will help a ton.

fruit bowl

Another part is diet. Which is where Weight Watchers will really come in to help. My personal coach will totally help me build a plan that’s specific for my own needs, and fits my lifestyle. Because, everyone is different, and no one diet will fit everyone. Maybe you’re home all day, maybe you travel, maybe you have allergies, etc. And, when you sign up, you even get to pick your own coach. You enter all of your info in a survey, and it matches you with a selection of coaches. You get to read their bios, and pick the one that resonates with you most. Awesome, right? And it’s SO easy:

  • Sign up online. Then fill out a really simple survey about your lifestyle, goals, and what you want from a coach. That lets your coach know how to help you.
  • Then you schedule a call. It’ll take about 30 minutes for your first one. Just to get to know each other, and figure out the best plan to help ya.
  • After that you can schedule more shorter calls, or texts, 24/7.

You have someone who has used this exact system, lost weight, and can give you realistic support. What more can you ask for, right?

Learn More:

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And stay tuned as I share my progress over the next few months. If any of you decide to join the Weight Watchers coaching plan too – I’d LOVE to hear from you! Please leave some comments below :)



  1. Rebel Negley says

    Hi, I have struggled with my weight since I was in the 3rd grade. My Mother enrolled me in the Weight Watchers program “back in the day”, I’m talking early 70″s.

    There’s a lot I could say about those days, however, I want to focus on how Weight Watchers and my Best Friend helped me lose 40+ lbs 2 years ago. I, too, weighed well over 200 lbs and it was the year I turned 50 years old. My goal was 170. I did not make my goal, but, I can tell you that I lost enough to feel a transformation from “elephant to antelope”.

    I left the program thinking I could “go it alone” and be just fine–WRONG… It’s now 2 years later and I am within 10 lbs of my original starting weight…so depressing. However, now I know what to do. I will start my New Year by enrolling again. I’m excited to hear about the new personal coaching. The program works if you work it! Thanks for sharing your journey with others.

    • Meagan Paullin says

      I have a few friends who have done amazing with Weight Watchers too – and I really connect with their approach of teaching you to make healthier choices, instead of just giving you some shakes or meals to eat. I am really excited to move forward with the coaching – and so glad to hear you’re excited about it too! High five – and good luck to us both :) If you do get started I’d love for you to let me know what you think of it!

      And…. I’ll be doing this for a few months, maybe longer. So I’ll be sharing new updates every two weeks :)

  2. You are truly beautiful no matter what. Your personality shines! I am so happy to be on this journey with you, if you need anything I’m here!

    • Meagan Paullin says

      You are so sweet!! I don’t mind the added weight quite so much {except not being able to fit into all of my gorgeous, pre-baby, expensive jeans!! Lol} – But I want to be healthier, and have more energy. I mean shoot – I get tired sometimes just looking at PICTURES of you working out :) Super excited to see how this all goes for both of us!

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