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How to Rock Your Holiday Music This Year

I’ve been compensated with a complimentary set of wireless speakers from Best Buy to evaluate, and share my experience with you guys. All opinions are my own, as always.

I love music. Like, almost any type of music. I like oldies – everything from motown to rock. I like Salt N Pepa, Norah Jones, Nickleback, Sublime. I like country. I like Taylor Swift. I have a majorly eclectic taste in tunes. And – since I entertain so much, I need to always have a way to play songs that fit the event, the crowd, and the mood. Which means ditching my old school CD player and CDs that I collected for years….

CD's from the 90's

You know how hard it was to toss my awesome collection of 90s rap CDs? Seriously? It was like, throwing out a high school yearbook or class ring or something. Totally hard. But – who listens to CDs anymore, right? These days, it’s all about my Pandora radio stations, where I can customize my music selections to be exactly what I’m in the mood for. And, it means a need for awesome wireless speakers that can play music in every room of my house.

Wireless speaker

So, if I’m able to totally customize the music I listen to, shouldn’t I be able to totally customize the WAY I listen to it too? Yeah, buddy. Which is why I am kind of in love with these new speakers, from Polk Audio and Definitive Technologies, both available at Best Buy. My music is crazy-crisp, super clear, and I’m able to make it rock through my whole house – even the patio!


First, we have the  Polk Omni S2 and the Omni S2 Rechargeable. The Omni S2 is a super powerful wireless speaker, that connects via wifi instead of bluetooth. A super cool thing about it is that you can control it right from an app on your phone – so it’s something like, a teenager listening to stuff you don’t like, you can just turn it down from a room or two away. Clever :) Then you’ve got the Omni S2 rechargeable. It’s super similar, but it doesn’t have to be plugged in for power like the regular S2, so you can grab and go. Which makes it perfect to tote around the house, or for outdoor parties. Or even just impromptu kitchen dance-off parties while cooking dinner. {Don’t tell me I’m the only one?}


Then there’s this bad boy – the Definitive Technology W7. This is a seriously compact speaker, that plugs in, connects to all of your favorite music apps like Pandora, KKBOX, SiriusXM, Songza, and more. It wirelessly connects to your smartphone, tablet or computer – so you can either play back stored files or enjoy Internet radio. So what I’m saying is, it sort of does it all. And the sound quality is ROCKING. Seriously. I wish I could take a video of the music playing, to show you – but my phone can’t even record good enough quality to get close at all. Just trust me – you’ll LOVE this. Pinky Promise.

Still not sure which wireless speaker is best for YOU?  Visit, or visit your local Best Buy store to get expert advice and see and hear it all in person! 


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