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How to Make Jingle Juice Punch

This week I made my Sweet’N Low Cran-Pink Grapefruit Punch Recipe as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #SweetNLowStars You guys know I love to party. I’ve told ya many a time. Which is why I love coming up with fun new party drinks for all of our events! We have a super huge, super awesome, super, super festive Christmas party coming up next weekend, so I created a new drink especially for that. I wanted something low-cal, diabetic-friendly, and waist-line appropriate :) I think you’ll love this Cranberry and Pink Grapefruit Juice Punch Recipe. I call it Jingle Juice. Check it, yo:

Cranberry and Pink Grapefruit Juice Punch Recipe

So, this is seriously easy to make. First, you start with some basic ingredients – All stuff you can find super easily in any local grocery store.


You’ll need some diet cranberry juice, only 5 calories per serving, which rocks. Some SkinnyGirl Pink Grapfruit juice, which is also low cal. Sprite Cranberry. And some assorted fresh fruits like sliced lemon, orange, lime, and cranberries. Whatever – as my new favorite phrase goes, “tickles your fancy.”


And since we’re making this drink super low-cal and low-sugar, we want to sweeten it up just a bit, in a healthy way, by adding some Sweet ‘N Low. One pack per drink is a perfect addition!

Drink with extra

To make your drink, you just use equal parts of the cranberry juice, Sprite, and pink grapefruit juice. Pour them all over ice. Add a packet of Sweet ‘N Low, and your delish fruit slices. Stir again. And enjoy! You can also make a big batch in a punch bowl for parties, if you want to. And if you want to create more a cocktail drink, add a splash of your favorite vodka on top. Enjoy responsibly!

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