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The Best Way to Buy Chicken

This post includes a referral link. But I’m sharing because I am totally in love with this company!

I don’t eat a lot of red meat – but I do LOVE me some chicken. We’re trying to cut down our expenses, and also trying to eat healthier this year. {The Mister quit drinking soda around Christmas, and has lost a ton of weight from just that change alone!} We buy our beef from a local farmer – we bought half a cow, and he portioned it just how we wanted it, and it was a great deal. We just ordered half a pig, which will be coming soon too. I love knowing that the meat I’m buying is free of yucky hormones and artificial junk.  But, I hadn’t found anywhere local to buy good quality chicken, in bulk, at a great price. Until we found Zaycon Foods. Seriously – I cannot believe I didn’t find out about them sooner!

Healthier kickin chicken recipe

{This is my Healthier Homemade Kickin’ Chicken Recipe, using Zaycon Foods chicken breasts!}

Zaycon Foods travels all around the country, bringing a ton of different products. You can get basics like their amazing chicken breasts, or more specialty items like Tomato Basil Mozzarella Chicken Sausage. My first order was for the chicken breasts, which is kind of their signature item. Seriously – there is a HUGE difference between their chicken and what I’ve always bought from the grocery store! Here are a few facts:

  • Their chicken is 100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.
  • Their chicken comes fresh directly from the farm to our sales event and has never been frozen.
  • Their chicken breasts cost just $1.89 per pound – which is an amazing deal!!

So, is there a catch? No. But, you do have to put in a little bit of work. Ordering is super simple – go to their website, enter your zipcode, and see what events are coming up in your area. Since I haven’t ordered other products yet, I’ll just describe my experience ordering chicken: You buy it by the case, which is 40 lbs of chicken, for $75.60. That feels like a big investment – but you save SO much over the long run. And you can buy more cases if you want. Then, they tell you what day and time they’ll be in your area. You just pull up to the site {ours are usually in church parking lots} and they come right to your door, check your info, and load the case right into your car for you! Once you get home, you’ll have to repackage them into smaller bags, to freeze, since I doubt you’re going to use 40 lbs of chicken in a few days :) And that’s it! Easy peasy. And it seriously is SO much better than any other chicken we’ve bought. I won’t buy chicken any other way now!

Check them out online – I seriously can’t recommend them enough! I mean, even if the chicken was just good, and not GOOD {which it is, have I mentioned that? Lol} – it would still be worth it to get meat at that price. Visit today to see what’s available and get your order in!



  1. This sounds good, and I never heard of Zaycon before. I want to tell a relative who buys in bulk, I know she doesn’t yet buy chicken that way, the chicken sounds superb.

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