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Goodbye 2013 – I’m Ready to Rock 2014! #GetMotivated

“A new year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.” – Unknown… I love the start of a new year. I’ve always loved the way it gives me that push to evaluate the previous year, figure out what worked, what didn’t, and what to work on in the coming year. I don’t make resolutions on January 1st though – I take the full month of January to really take a deep look at where I’m at, and what I want to accomplish. By January 31st I have a game plan for the upcoming year, and a new goal to work on each of the next 11 months. One big goal is to finally – finally! – get back into shape. {Well, I guess technically round is a shape. But not the shape I have in mind…} I’ve been making slow but steady progress for awhile, and now that I feel I’ve got a good base to build on, it’s time to ramp things up, and totally rock 2014.

I love this video. One, I love that it takes a look back at 2013 – not at politics, climate change, or other current events, but at what happened on the INTERNET during 2013. Because that’s kind of where I live my life, lol. I wasn’t sure what to think as I realized that I had seen almost every viral video that they parody here, and knew who most of the “YouTube celebrities” were that are featured throughout the video. Does that mean I’m totally cool, or that I need to spend less time on my laptop? Hmmm…. Either way, I love the mix of music – Macklemore, Blurred Lines, What Does the Fox Say – some of my favorite songs that kept me dancing and moving last year. Because – yes, it’ll sound cheesy – but music seriously does MOVE me. It’s what gets me dancing while cleaning the house, and it’s what makes me able to power through a workout or a walk around the neighborhood. The right mix of songs makes it impossible to sit still – which is why music is an absolute must when I exercise. {In fact, studies have shown that music can increase the intensity and duration of a workout by as much as 15%. Not to mention, make them more fun!}

Yurbuds at Best Buy - best workout earphones ever

So…. To make sure I can rock out during my workout, no matter when or where it is, I am a huge fan of yurbuds. There’s a reason that they are the #1 selling sports earphone company – they’re made by athletes, for athletes. Yurbuds was founded in 2008 by an Ironman Triathlete and a 24-time marathoner, and get continual feedback from their partner athletes to make sure they’re creating the most exceptionally cool products possible. And, during CES earlier this month {that’s the Consumer Electronics Show, a hugely awesome tradeshow every year that showcases the coolest new tech gadgets} – they launched their new Inspire Limited Edition Wireless earphones – the first-ever Stereo-Bluetooth® wireless earphones guaranteed to never hurt and never fall out. How cool is that, right?

“We’ve cut the cords so fitness enthusiasts have less in the way of achieving the perfect workout,” said Daniel DeVille, Director of Marketing for yurbuds. “Designed based on user feedback, we are excited to deliver best-in-class wireless earphones that solve the needs not currently met by other wireless earphones and meet the rigorous standards of even the top professional athletes.”

These wireless headphones partner perfectly with any compatible Bluetooth® devices, and even have a dedicated “Pairing Button” for simple 1-touch connection. And the sound is rockin’ – they do a great job of canceling out background noise {warning: you might find yourself singing “Eye of the Tiger” waaaaay too loudly on your afternoon run, since you can’t hear yourself… Just sayin’.} The package says they have “15 mm drivers” – and I’ll admit, I don’t know what that means. But I do know that it must mean something like, “totally awesome sound quality to make your eardrums jump up and dance.”

yurbuds review - best sports ear buds

Ready to run out and grab a pair of these for yourself? Well, you can find Best Buy’s super huge selection of yurbuds here: yurbuds on and Health & Fitness at Best Buy. Plus, because I love you, and Best Buy does too, we’re offering two sweet savings coupons for you –

Pink Nike shoes - #GetMotivated to lose weight this year with Best Buy!

Awesome, right? So, get up off the couch, get over to Best Buy, and get ready to get movin’ and groovin’ into the rest of the new year with yurbuds! You can follow along with other moms who are rockin’ their workouts too, by checking out the #GetMotivated hashtag on Twitter, and following @BestBuyWOLF for updates on new promotions. Be sure to tweet using the hashtag too, and tell us how you’re using music to #GetMotivated!


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