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Why Choose a Memory Foam Mattress?

This past week, magic happened in my bedroom… Something happened that totally knocked my socks off, blew me away, gave me feelings I’d never had before. No – I’m not about talking hanky panky here ladies. I’m talking about my new Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattress arriving. From the crazy way they ship it to you, to the way it magically transforms into the best sleep you’ve ever had in your life – you absolutely must check this out. Since I’ve already made every one of my friends and family come lay on it and check it out at my house, it’s time to virtually share it with my favorite people on the internet – you guys! Watch the video below to get a look at how it works…

Why choose a memory foam mattress from Nature’s Sleep?

Ok, I have to admit… I’m a skeptic. About everything. Before making any purchase I do a ton of research, read a million reviews, and ask everyone I know for feedback. The Mister and I have been needing a new mattress for awhile now, and as part of our major makeover projects this fall we’re finishing the Master Bedroom, so I definitely needed to upgrade our sleeping station. I’d thought about getting a memory foam mattress, but wasn’t sure if I’d really like it… The reviews were amazing, but it just seemed… Well, weird? It’s just foam. No springs or pillow top or other things I’m used to. So I put off making a decision. Then I got super duper crazy-lucky to get the opportunity to work as a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador for the year, and try out a brand spankin’ new memory foam mattress of my choice. Say whaaaaaa? I was so excited to get to see what all the hype was about!

Memory foam mattress - it fits in a box?!

Seriously – how crazy is this?

When my Nature’s Sleep 12″ Cayman Gel Memory Foam mattress arrived, it came in this box. Crazy, right? I could not believe they could fit a queen size mattress into a box like this – and started feeling worried. Was it just going to feel like a thin futon mattress or something? How could a mattress that fits into a small box like this even be comfortable?

What a memory foam mattress looks like out of the box

What a memory foam mattress looks like out of the box

As you saw in the video above, we opened up the box and found the Nature’s Sleep mattress all rolled up like a jelly roll, waiting to be opened up and stretched out. We cut off the plastic wrapper that was keeping it so tightly squished up, and let it naturally expand and unfold onto the floor. It takes between 12-24 hours to reach it’s full size, so I didn’t want to put it on the bed that first night – obviously.

Nature's Sleep memory foam mattress

Nature’s Sleep memory foam mattress rocks

This is my Nature’s Sleep Cayman Gel mattress after about 12 hours – fully expanded, and finally looking like a “real” bed. I was getting SO super duper excited to try this baby out! I love that it comes with a seriously soft zip-off cover… Feels like a buttery velvet. You don’t even have to cover it with a sheet since it comes off and is washable. We put the memory foam mattress on the bed, and the Mister and I both climbed on to see how it felt.


I don’t even really know how to describe it. It’s firm and supportive… Yet also amazingly soft, and you just sink right in and feel all snuggled into it. And – since it doesn’t have all the springs and stuff in a traditional mattress, when I toss and turn in the bed, he can’t even feel any movement on his side. Here are a few of the technical details, for those of you who want the nitty gritty:

  • Quilted into the top sleeping surface is memory foam giving you superior comfort and support right where you want it.
  • The Gel Memory layer contours to your body without allowing any heat build-up.
  • Embroidered allergen-resistant cover is removable and can be dry cleaned.
  • Cover is anti-microbial with a non-skid bottom.

To read all of the information on the Nature’s Sleep Cayman Memory Foam Mattress, or check out the other amazing choices available on their site, see more on

I haven’t slept this comfortably in years. I didn’t even realize how in need of a new mattress we were until we got this one. And I am definitely a full believer of memory foam now… I mean, I did fall in love with the memory foam pillow we tried out a month ago. But I never imagined that a full mattress of the same type of material could be so life changing. I suffer from major back pain – a few crazy injuries in my life have led to a lot of random back problems. And you know how sometimes you lay on a new bed – in a hotel, a friend’s house, a showroom – and it feels amazing at first, but not after actually sleeping on it? Well, this is NOT like that. It just conforms right to me, adjusting and perfecting everything to give me the perfect support.

I’m not afraid to say it – Nature’s Sleep, I love you. #justsayin

{I’m a Nature’s Sleep ambassador, and like I mentioned above, I received a complimentary memory foam mattress to try out, and share my honest opinions with you guys. Only the best products get featured here – I truly love the Cayman Memory Foam Mattress and know you’ll love any of the Nature’s Sleep products too!}




  1. My sister has one and also says it’s amazing. I guess I better put this on my list when it’s time to replace our current mattress.

  2. Rosie Britton says

    that looks soo comfy!!

  3. I like the support and that it conturs to your body!

  4. BlackAsphodel says

    It really is amazing how they can stuff a queen size mattress into that box.

  5. I thnk this matress would help my back.

  6. It looks so comfortable I can just imagine myself dozing off on it!

  7. The mattress sounds amazing!!

  8. It’s amazing how compact it is!

  9. This mattress looks and must feel great!

  10. md kennedy says

    Oh. Em. Gee. is right! How cool is that!? You don’t have to pay someone to lug a huge mattress up the stairs AND it is a great mattress? I’ll have to try one…

  11. Looks great! Cant believe how comps t they pack them though :-)

  12. Wow! This looks FANTASTIC!! I would so love to own one of these! Great review!

  13. That looks amazing!

  14. I like that the cover is anti-microbial since I’m allergic to dust mites

  15. DENISE SMITH says


  16. Would love the non skid bottom so it doesn’t slide around

  17. md kennedy says

    On a recent shopping outing my husband and I stopped by one of the mattress stores and tried out a memory foam one – what a dream! And the one we tried was even less expensive than the Nature’s Sleep, although we would have had to lug it home ourselves to keep the price down. Having the Nature’s Sleep delivered is awesome!

  18. That is pretty crazy the way they ship it to you. It looks really comfortable.

  19. DENISE SMITH says

    i have been wanting one of these

  20. Love my shoe! Thank you!

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