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The Secret to Creating Awesome Frozen Cocktails

Thank you to Daily’s Cocktails for sending me a goodie bag filled with fun #DestinationDailys gear, and trusting me to share my opinion on their products with you awesome ladies…

“The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass.” – Martin Mull That quote pretty much sums up my approach to summer. I love lazy days, relaxing on the patio in my hammock {I just bought this portable Double Hammock and am in love.} I love watching the kids splash around in the pool while I sip a cool fruity drink, letting the day slip by slowly. Oh wait – that’s what I WOULD love to do if I had more time! And as a super over-scheduled work at home mom, with a toddler of my own, and two wild nephews all day – time is something that is in short supply around here. But, since this site is all about “Smart Solutions for Busy Moms” – I of course have found a couple of short-cuts that help me have a little more time to lounge in the hammock with a drink in hand. Keep reading to learn about the easiest way ever to make frozen cocktails.

Daily's Pouches - the easiest way to make frozen cocktails

Daily’s Pouches – The easiest way to make frozen cocktails

Seriously, these babies are uh-MAY-zing. I have a Magic Bullet Mixer that I had always used to make frozen drinks. It works good – but when you’re having a party, it can be time consuming to keep mixing up drink after drink. Simple solution? Daily’s frozen pouches! They carry traditional drinks like frozen Lemonade or Strawberry Daiquiri – plus super fun choices like Pomagranate Acai Margarita. You just put ’em in the freezer for a few hours – then when it’s party time I throw them all in a big bucket on ice, and let guests grab and go.

3 steps to simple frozen cocktails:

  • 1. Grab a Daily’s Pouch.
  • 2. Squish it up a bit to make it perfectly slushy.
  • 3. Tear off the top and enjoy!

You could stick a straw right in the pouch, all “Grown-Up-Juice-Pouch” style, or get classy with trendy drinkware. I also like making layered drinks {which I will have to get photos of next time to show you!} For the 4th of July we went on a huge camping trip – {where my phone got ZERO service, so I didn’t carry it. Which is why I didn’t get pictures}. While we were there, I made layered red, white, and blue drinks using the frozen Tropical pouches – Pina Colada, Blue Hawaiian, and the Hurricane. SOOOO good!

Frozen cocktails you can make anywhere

Frozen Cocktails You Make Anywhere

If you’re somewhere that bringing a blender is kind of not an option – camping, tailgaiting, picnic, friend’s backyard… This is a perfect way to still enjoy top-notch cocktails. When they’re frozen, they hold up great for an amazingly long time in a cooler, and you need zero supplies to put them together. Which makes them perfect at our pool parties!

Real men drink Daily's frozen drink pouches

Real Men Drink Daily’s

This is my brother. He doesn’t know yet that I am using this picture here, lol. But, as you can see, “Real Men Drink Daily’s.” :) There are so many options – Daily’s Product Line – that anyone can find their happy taste!

This summer – and all year! – The Destination is Daily’s!

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