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You Don’t Have to be a Domestic Goddess to Take Control of Your Life

Doesn’t that feel good to hear? Let me say it again, “You Don’t Have to be a Domestic Goddess to Take Control of Your Life.” And it’s not me saying that – it’s the crazy-smart experts over at Modern Parents, Messy Kids. This is one of my absolute favorite sites -so full of creatively genius ideas for simplifying life, while keeping it fun. And now, she has a super awesome new ebook. I bought it yesterday, and love it so much I wanted to share it with you guys!

Project Organize Your Entire Life - ebook

How to Organize Your Entire Life

Ok, this all started quite a while back, with a post that she wrote called, How I Organized My Entire Life. I read this early in 2012 for the first time – and as I read it, thought, this lady is so full of it. Or so fully perfect. Either way, I totally hate her. Then as I continued to read, at the bottom, she announces that all of the beautifully organized life she just described was a dream, lol. Evidently, she’d been spending some time browsing Pinterest, and being frustrated by the way all of these other moms seemed to have it all together – homes that were clean and amazingly put together, meals that were totally magazine worthy, routines and systems and perfectly executed plans – you know how it goes. But as a busy blogger, she had so little time to actually do any of those things. So she wrote a tounge-in-cheek post about her newly perfect life, and it got a huge response. So many other moms felt that same frustration, and the main problem was that no one really knew where to get started.

Project Organize Your Entire Life {POYEL} Was born!

Since it was clear that so many people needed help – realistic help – she started working on a new series, Project: Organize Your Entire Life. {POYEL, for short.} It was such an amazing success, that it led to the creation of this new ebook. There are topics like, Your Cleaning Personality, and Creating a Cleaning Plan. Meal planning and tips on when is the best time to shop. So many tips that you can put into action right away. And she’s funny. I read through almost the WHOLE book last night, and just love it. And it’s at a really low price since it just launched – only $6.99!! Learn more about it on her site.

Buy Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life: The Quick Start Guide – and take control of your life today!



  1. Thanks so much for sharing my eBook with your readers Meagan – so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Well I’m glad to know all you guys are not really as perfect as you seem from some of your posts.

    I find it hard to believe that my life can be organized. Not without more effort than I want to put in.

    That’s my problem. I don’t want to do all the scrubbing to have a spotless house…besides with my dogs I’m not sure it is even possible.

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