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Valentine’s Day Sausage & Cheese Appetizer Snacks

This is a super simple idea, that works perfect for either a cute Valentine’s Day kids snack, or as a fun Valentine’s party appetizer. Just switch up the ingredients and presentation a little, depending on what you want to use it for. Keep reading for a few quick tips on how to mix it up and make some fun bites…

Valentine's Day Recipe: Sausage and Cheese Appetizer Snacks

Valentine’s Day Recipe: Sausage and Cheese Appetizer Snacks

The basics of making this little snack are super simple – Cut your sausage type at an angle. You can cut a piece out of the middle if you have a longer sausage or a hot dog {like this example}, and the deeper the angle, you’ll get a different shaped heart. Then use a cheese to cut out a simple triangle and v-shape for the of the arrow. You can use a BBQ skewer stick to hold it together, or even an uncooked spaghetti or linguini noodle.

  • For a Valentine’s Day kids snack: Use a basic kid-friendly hot dog {we prefer the turkey ones}, and a sliced string cheese. Offer it up with some ketchup and mustard for dipping. 
  • For a Valentine’s Day party appetizer: Use a higher-end sausage, or even make tiny mini-hearts using little smokies. Pair them with a complimentary cheese, and some fancy dipping sauces. Put them on a pretty serving dish, and you’ve got a fun appetizer to serve that your guests will “love.”

Super simple, super verstatile. I got the inspiration for this from Pinterest – Heart Shaped Sausage. Which shows you how when you cut the angle of the sausage differently, you get a different shaped heart. There’s no right or wrong, so experiment with it!

Want more Valentine’s Day Inspiration? Check out my Valentine’s Day Ideas board on Pinterest.



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