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What the Best Buy Geek Squad and Ghostbusters Have in Common

If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood – Who ya gonna call? If it’s somethin’ weird and it won’t look good – Who ya gonna call?… Nope, I’m not talkin’ Ghostbusters here ladies. I’m talking Geek Squad!! Just like the Ghostbusters are a quick phone call away when you need help – your friendly Geek Squad team will come to your rescue any time your gadgets start acting suspiciously. Get help the instant you need it – in store, online or on the phone.

How to get started with Geek Squad at Best Buy

How Geek Squad Tech Support from Best Buy Works

You would think that I was pretty tech-savvy, right? I’m a social media junkie, I completed my entire college degree online, and now I make a living online – which means for the past 4+ years I’ve pretty much LIVED online. But still, when it comes to trouble shooting when my computer crashes, I am totally clueless. And since working online is my job, I can’t afford for things to go down. Usually, when I would run into a problem, I would just fall back on my usual plan – Panic, smack the keyboard a few times, turn it off, turn it back on, then cry when the problem was still there. Not super effective. But just like when you see something weird in the neighborhood and the Ghostbusters show up and quickly clean things up – Geek Squad is just as fast at saving you from equally scary viruses and crashes. After purchasing your Geek Squad Tech Support Plan {Get Geek Squad plans and rates here.} – you simply log-in on the main screen, and wait a minute while you get connnected.

Using Geek Squad

How the Geek Squad Magic Happens

Now, Geek Squad reps don’t use ghost-blasting plasma guns, but they are just as effective at making your life stress-free again. After logging in, you’ll be connected with an agent. They’re super friendly, and lucky for me – totally not intimidating. It seems like most of the time you deal with any type of tech support stuff, you get either people who totally talk in that secret-geek-computer code that I don’t understand, or they talk to me like I’m a child, and overly dumb it down for me. Either way makes me feel totally stupid, you know? But with Geek Squad, these peeps are totally awesome – they explain things in a way that’s easy to understand – enough info that you get what they’re doing, without overwhelming you. If you can read the pic – you’ll see that after introducing himself, my rep tells me he’ll need me to do just a few simple steps. I had to digitally sign a form giving them permission to get to work, make sure my laptop was plugged into the wall so it stayed powered up, and put my password into a little box, so he could restart when needed. After that – I was free to grab a glass {or three} of wine while he remotely worked on my computer. Easy peasy – and totally NOT stressful like I’d worried it might be!

Did Geek Squad work

Things got spooky – but still no need for the Ghostbusters

Now, this is where the magic happens. It might LOOK like a ghost has taken over your computer – you’ll see the curser moving around the screen, opening and closing programs, running scans, and more stuff that I was clueless about. But you still don’t need to call those Ghostbusters – it’s just the Geek Squad support rep working on your system from their office in some magical land of tech-savviness. I would peek in once in a while, and after about an hour and a half, I saw that he was done, and had left me a friendly message letting me know that there was an email in my inbox waiting for me, letting me know what he’d found during my laptop clean up and repair. Awesome. That email detailed any little changes or repairs made, let me know he’d added a really great antivirus program for me, and included this form to give feedback on how I felt about my experience. I love that they really stand behind their work like that!

 Get Geek Squad Tech Support Today

This is a perfect last minute gift for ANYONE that you know this year. You can purchase it online – Geek Squad – Tech Support Membership (1 Year), and it’s super simple to set up. A couple cool other reasons why this rocks –

  • You can register and use the service to fix up to three devices: Including tablets, iPad, PCs or Mac, even if you bought them somewhere else. So in my house I can call to fix any problems on either of the desktops, or my laptop – which is awesome.
  • Virus removal – If your device catches a bug, we’ll eradicate it.
  • System tune-ups Keep your computer running smooth and resolve any computer slowness issues.
  • On-demand access to thousands of how-to videos online – Including step-by-step Windows 8 guides, tutorials on using Photoshop and creating Flash videos, and much more. {This is one of my favorite features!}

This makes it perfect for so many people – Can you imagine how much Grandma and Grandpa would love having someone that can help them remotely, so you don’t have to try – over and over – to walk them through things over the phone. {Geek Squad can even help them reset passwords, and help with things like hooking up their printer.} You could get this for a kid away at college, to make sure they can always study when needed. Any family would love it – and you definitely need it for your own house too!

To learn more about what other real moms think about the awesome services and products at Best Buy – Check out my Best Buy WOLF Ambassador board on Pinterest!

{Disclaimer: As a Best Buy Blogging Ambassador, I received a complimentary Geek Squad Membership to try out in my house for a year. But, as always, I share only my honest opinions and experience with you guys, to help you figure out which products and services are right for you. But I LOVE this, and totally know you will too!}


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