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Moms Who Get Into Sticky Situations

Kids will be kids. Which is why moms have to be prepared for emergencies… Do you have kids? Are they messy? Hahahahahaha – That was funny, right? Of course they are. I mean, some moms get lucky, and have kids who are more drawn to quiet activities like reading, and coloring, and playing with blocks – versus mud wrestling, building dirt piles out of Folgers coffee for their trucks to haul around, or putting mommy’s expensive MAC make-up on the dog. But even those quiet kids will color on the walls occasionally, throw those blocks and books around – and get into sticky snacks and make messy diapers.

cleaning up after messy kids

Cleaning up after Messy Toddlers

This is my little cutie pie. She just turned two in late July, and boyohboy does she keep me busy. Yes, that’s her in the toilet. We were getting ready to head out to a formal holiday party, and she stripped down to a diaper and climbed on in to splash around. I found here there, happy as could be. Then, a week ago I found her in the kitchen, in a pile of broken eggs. I said, “Abby! What are you doing?!” She told me {with a happy smile} that she was looking for the baby chickens. Cracks another. “Nope, not in that one. Try again!” And that last photo? Yep, that’s her first tattoo. Not a butterfly or something sparkly. A pirate. {When you try to take her picture, she doesn’t say cheese. She says, “Arrrrgggh!” and makes a pirate face. Lovely photos I have of her, lol.} So, what I’m saying is – I’m a pro at cleaning up toddler messes.

Sticky Situations Contest

What is YOUR sticky situation? 

Share your favorite sticky situations with Wet Wipes on their Facebook page until December 28, 2012. One lucky grand prize winner will win a sweet new iPad, and some of the other favorites will be featured in a new ebook coming out next year. Fun, right? And if you’d like some extra help cleaning up those messy, sticky, stressful situations you face daily as a busy mom, visit, to learn more about my total mom multi-tasking product – Wet Ones! We use these for absolutely everything, and there is no way in the world I could live without them. {Every mom I encounter knows this too. I hand out little samples every day, even to strangers. But they are ALWAYS mucho appreciated.} My favorite? Get 99 uses for Wet Ones. Crazy-amazing list.

If you enter – Tell me, what “Sticky Situation” did you talk about in your entry? I love hearing your stories!

{Disclaimer: I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador Program for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Wet Ones and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.}



  1. That’s cute about the chickens in the eggs, and seeing her in the toilet! Wow! I haven’t had either of those things happen yet and I have two boys! LOL

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