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How to Bathe a Toddler in 3 Simple Steps – #MomHumor

“Having a two-year-old is like having a blender without a lid.” – Jerry Seinfeld… Have you ever struggled with bathing a baby? I remember the first time I had to give Abby a bath – she was so tiny, so fragile, and I was so nervous. I got the brand new little baby bathtub out, filled it with water, decided it was too hot so I added cold water, then decided it was too cold – so I dumped it out and started again, lol. I had thought that bathing a newborn was nerve-wracking, but little did I know – a toddler is a WAY bigger challenge! So, here are my tips on how to bath a toddler in 3 simple steps….

Toddlers make messes

{Step One:} Find Your Toddler

This sounds easy enough, right? Oh no, not in my house. My 2 year old is like one of those crazy extreme sports type guys – you don’t know what kind of adventures she’s up to around the house. She might be inside the pantry cupboard with the dog, sharing a potato. She could be stacking up my Tupperware next to the kitchen counter to climb up and try to reach the cookies, or maybe taking the carton of eggs out of the fridge, to break each one open on the floor, looking for the baby chickens. {Yes, these all happened, in my house, just this past week.} So, search high, search low, over mountains of laundry and under unmade beds. Once you find her, say the words “bath time!” – most toddlers will now cooperate, since they know some good times are on the way….

how to give a toddler a bath

{Step Two:} Get them into the tub

Now, you’ve got a toddler. And even if you already gave her a bath recently – even if she had a bath 5 minutes ago – she needs another one. Toddlers are always sticky. You never know exactly what that goop is in their hair, or how on earth they’ve gotten that much dirt under their nails. That’s the joy of mothering a 2 year-old. The neighbors frown if you bring them out into the yard and spray them down with a garden hose, so you’ll need to find a bathtub. When Abby was little, I used to let her have a bath in our hugely oversized kitchen sink. She’s doubled in size since those days, and the lucky little lady gets to take her baths in mommy’s big Jacuzzi tub. Those jets create some serious bubble action! She loves to lay on her belly and swim like a fish – she’ll yell, “Looka meeeeee!!! I’m a fishy momma!!!” Priceless.

Baby Magic products, bath time

{Step Three:} Pick the Perfect Products

With all of the challenges that come along with motherhood, there’s one part that doesn’t have to be hard – picking the perfect bathtime products. Whether you’ve got a brand new baby, a toddler, or a big kid – Baby Magic products are the best. All Baby Magic Hair and Body Washes and Baby Magic Gentle Baby Lotions are gluten-free, Paraben-free, and hypoallergenic. They are good guys, and  never test their products on animals – even the Glycerin used in Baby Magic is from an all vegetable source, not animal. And, their products are even manufactured right here in the US – how often do you see that these days? {Definitely feels safer to me than products imported from oversees, you know?} And the best part? They’re affordable, work great, and smell sooooo good! I always catch Abby trying to eat the bubbles, so it’s seriously important to me that the products I use on her are as safe as possible, which is why these are a must-have in our home.

What about you? What is bath time like in your house? Share your stories below to enter to win a bottle of Baby Magic Hair and Body Wash and Baby Magic Gentle Baby Lotion!!

Baby Magic Ambassador: Magical Madness Moms

I’m a part of the Baby Magic Brand Ambassador team – the Magical Madness Moms. Because being a real mom isn’t about being perfect – it’s about enjoying the chaos and madness of motherhood, while finding and enjoying the magical moments that each day brings. Next month I’ll be sharing more stories with you guys – and encourage you to share yours too!



  1. I always loved the Baby Magic products! When my kids were little I always bathed them in the sink – so much more convenient!

  2. bath time with my daughter is a lot of fun! She actually doesn’t fight us to get into the tub. All we have to say is “you want a bath?” and she is THERE! lol.

    The hard part is getting her OUT. She loves to play in the water and make faces at herself in her reflection on the reflective faucet. Yeah, it’s a cherished time in our house.

  3. I’ve never used Baby Magic on my son. But I’ll check the prices and ingredients next time I’m in the store.
    But bathing my son is always an adventure. He’d stay in the tub forever if I let him!

  4. Cute! The only thing I dislike about bathing the toddler is the amount of water that ends up on the floor!

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