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3 Creative Ways to Make Sandwiches More Fun

November is National Bread Month!Did you know that over 60% of Americans eat a sandwich at least once a week? Yep, it’s true. So this month, renew your passion for truly good bread – not only is it National Bread Month, it’s also the 250th anniversary of the sandwich!

Ok, I admit it. On first glance, that doesn’t sound like the most exciting month out there to celebrate. I mean, we just got over the massively promoted Breast Cancer Awareness month, where everything in your life is turned pink – it seems hard to build a ton of hype about bread, right? Wrong! Bread is a total must-have at most holiday meals, is a pretty big staple in most of our diets, and is super healthy if you’re buying the right kinds. And if you’re like our family, sandwiches make up a big  part of your weekly meal plan- so to make sure things don’t get boring, check out these 3 tips on making your sandwiches more fun, to celebrate National Bread Month…

Heart shaped sandwich - creative lunch ideas for kids

Tip One: Prepare Sandwiches in Creative New Ways {Photo Credit}

I mean, how great is this? This is from an awesome site called Lunch in a Box, and is from a post about super cool sandwich ideas you can make ahead for the kids and freeze. It’s got big lists of things that do and don’t freeze well, so you can make sandwiches ahead of time – then grab one each morning for the kid’s lunch boxes, toss it in, and let it thaw by lunch time. Love it, right? Get the tips here: Speed bento technique: Freezing sandwiches. I told ya bread can be fun!

BLT with Doritos Sandwich

Tip Two: Use unexpected ingredients! {Photo Credit}

Ok, so this one isn’t exactly the healthiest option out there – but it’s definitely a great example of how you can make a basic sandwich much more fun! It’s called The Over Embellished BLT – a BLT with mayo, pickles, squeeze cheese, Doritos and ham. The Mister of my house would clean the house for a week if I made these for his lunches, lol. And – if you use some great whole grain bread, low fat mayo, and go light on those Doritos and Cheese – it really wouldn’t be too much of a dietary splurge.

Leftover turkey sandwich

 Tip Three: Jazz Up Those Leftovers! {Photo Credit}

One problem that we used to have in my house was that no one ever wanted to eat leftovers. I’d clean our the fridge once a week, and find soooo much wasted food – which is a huge blow, since I’m on a very tight budget. I don’t want to spend an hour clipping coupons just to throw half of that food out! {Tips on how to stretch your grocery budget by wasting less food.} One switch that’s made a BIG difference for me is to start using leftovers in sandwiches – meatloaf, chicken breast, ham, or leftover turkey all make awesome sandwiches. Leftovers from pasta night? Make meatball subs. Thanksgiving goodies make awesome hot turkey sandwiches with gravy – or this great idea, Turkey Sandwich with Pesto and Lettuce. Mmmmm, leftovers never tasted so good!

National Bread Month

Did you know?

There are a lot of misconceptions these days about bread – once the Atkins diet was introduced, people started seeing breads and other carbs as bad things. And, simple carbs like white overly-processed bread aren’t a very good choice. But whole grain breads are a super important part of eating healthy! Learn why:

  • Whole grains contain a ton of fiber, which most Americans don’t get enough of. They also contain complex carbs, which your body breaks down more slowly, which helps you feel full longer – and are naturally low in fat.
  • Enriched grains are the primary source of folic acid in most women’s diets – and have led to a 36% reduction in birth defects since the FDA mandated that they be added in 1998. And that is an amazing thing.
  • They’re also a major source of iron,  and provide our bodies with essential B vitamins (niacin, thiamine and riboflavin), which collectively help maintain a healthy nervous system and increase energy production. What mom doesn’t need help in the energy production department, right?

And there are a ton more health benefits to adding whole grains to your diet too – visit to learn more. It’s recommended that adults get 6 servings of whole grains a day – and a great sandwich for dinner or lunch is a perfect way to get those servings in easily. Want more awesome sandwich recipes? Get some great ideas from Celebrity Chef Bryan Voltaggio – My fave was The Pilgrim. {Perfect for Thanksgiving leftovers.}

 Let’s Chat: What’s your favorite sandwich? Do you have fun ideas for creative sandwich making? Share them in the comments below! I love hearing from you ladies…

{Disclaimer: Photo One Credit: Biggie. Photo Two Credit: D Sharon Pruitt at Pink Sherbet Photography. Photo Three Credit:  totoro_friend. I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the Grain Foods Foundation. I received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.}



  1. Saw this on Triberr and had to stop by. Cute ideas for lunches!

  2. Tiffany C (@sweetmatcha) says

    I got really hungry reading this post – Thanks a lot! ;) I love the heart sandwich idea, such a cute lunchbox, I’ll have to make this for dd in the fall! Going to check out the speed freezing link too, thanks for posting!

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