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How to Create a Cinderella Princess Party – #DisneyPrincessWMT

“Oh, that clock! Old killjoy. I hear you. ‘Come on, get up, you say, Time to start another day.’ Even he orders me around. Well, there’s one thing. They can’t order me to stop dreaming.” – Cinderella… I loved Cinderella as a little girl, but we only had it on an old VHS, so Abby hadn’t seen it yet. Which means that you know I was ALL over it when I heard that it was being released on BluRay, and started planning a fun party to get some of Abby’s friends over to watch it. If you’ve been reading here for awhile, you probably remember that a few months ago Abby had a seizure. It was the scariest thing that I’d ever been through in my entire life. Ever. Full-on Grand Mal seizure, and she wasn’t even two yet. They had hoped that it was just a febrile seizure – related to a fever. Well, I haven’t posted about it here yet, but I’ve talked to some of you on Facebook about it… She’s had more. We’ve been driving a few hours both ways to Seattle Children’s Hospital for appointments, since the doctors here in town aren’t sure what’s wrong. So – saying that life has been a little stressful is an understatement. And it also means that we were in definite need of some fun times. So momma got to work putting a Cinderella party together to help Abby shake things off and have a fun day!

Cinderella toys at Walmart

The first party-planning step was to head to Walmart and pick up a bunch of party supplies, favors and prizes for the little girls, and of course – a Cinderella princess dress for Abby. {See more about the Cinderella selection at Walmart, and read about our party shopping trip.}Well, while we were there we learned about a super fun “retailtainment” event that was coming up, with fun activities for the kids to help promote the movie release. Um, can you say, “we’re totally there??!!” So that day, we got dressed up in Princess gear and headed to the store. {If you look close, you can see that this was two days after her EEG appointment, and she still has yucky marks where those sticky electrodes were on her chest, neck, and head – Poor girl.}  It was pretty low-key, but there was an amazingly decorated Cinderella cake, fun pumpkin decorations and coloring sheets to take home, and it gave us an excuse to shop for a few more party goodies. How fun is this princess mirror? It’s on my list of Christmas presents for Abby. Perfect for her dress-up nook.

Princess pumpkin idea - perfect for a Cinderella party

A few days before the party, Abby and I started making some decorations. I had really wanted to go over-the-top with this party… You can see a TON of amazing princess party ideas on my Pirates and Princess party board on Pinterest, and find more cool inspiration on too. I love getting crafty and creative with our parties {we entertain a lot} – and I so enjoy making things fun for the kids. But, with all the craziness of coordinating doctors appointments, and the stress I’ve been under as I tried to keep up with blog projects too – I just didn’t end up with too much time to devote to this. But – Abby giggled and clapped and said, “gooooood joooooob mommy” when she saw this Princess Pumpkin I made for her. And that’s priceless, right?

Cinderella party favors

The morning of the party – I was a busy, busy bee. I put together 7 little princess goodie bags for each of the little girls who would be joining us to party the day away. I made sure that Cinderella herself was greeting the girls as they arrived – with a big bunch of fun favors and accessories to grab as they showed up, all set up around Abby’s favorite princess castle. So fun.

Cinderella goodie bags

All of these goodies for the bags are available in the party section at Walmart. Cinderella stickers and fun accessories come in a big party pack, and I added more jewelry, some fun shades and candy necklaces, fairy wands, and more. The girls were SO excited when they got these – and I wish I’d snapped better photos of them piling on the rings and necklaces. So adorable.

Pumpkin cupcakes for Cinderella party

It’s so fun that this movie came out during Halloween season – since Pumpkins and Cinderella are a perfect match for each other. I baked up a set of princess cupcakes too that were soooo pretty. So of course, what happens? An hour before the party was scheduled to start, she got a hold of the edge of the containers that they were in, and pulled them down to show Grandma. Totally squished all of my frosting and sprinkles. Good thing I had a bag of them that were still unfrosted {the way daddy likes to eat ’em} – so I quickly threw some toppings on ’em for the girls. Not perfect, but they tasted great. {I love funfetti cupcakes!}

A Cinderella Party

Here’s a little taste of our party… The girls loved playing with the Disney Princess castle that I brought out from the playroom. And even though the cupcakes were decorated on the fly, as you can see from the big grins on Abby’s friends faces – they were still a hit. And no Princess party is complete without a few little princes too, right? I love that they started an impromptu dance party with some of the girls – we were listening to a Disney Princess soundtrack, so it was really cute.

 Cinderella on BluRay - and Disney Princesses on the Wii

While I was at Walmart picking up the new Cinderella Blu-Ray combo pack for the party – I thought it would be fun to add a Disney Princess game for the Wii too. And I was so right – it is adorable. The girls have to twirl and swirl with the remote, like it’s a wand – to do magic and save the kingdoms. And while you’re out shopping for fun princess gear at Walmart, make sure to check out the Royal Ball AR 2.0 app for iPhone or Android. OhmyHECK ladies – it is so much fun. For starters, you can use it to take seriously adorable pics of your kids – it adds a princess tiara and dress to them, and frames it with princess designs. {Then, can I suggest later on using it to take pics of your husband to post to Facebook? Hilarious. For you…. Not really for him, lol.} And, as you shop through the store, let the kids use the app to scan the princess signs, to unlock cool stuff. Abby’s only two, but had a great time with this.

 If you’re a princess lover too, make sure to take just a minute to follow Disney on Twitter and check out the  #DisneyPrincessWMT hashtag – plus Cinderella and the Disney Princesses on Facebook – for fun updates on new products and promotions.

Let’s Chat: Are you a Disney Princess fan too? Who’s your favorite princess? Did you check out the Cinderella event at your local Walmart too? Leave some comments….

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  1. I was super excited to add Cinderella to our movie collection!! My little monkey and her friends had a blast watching the movie and dressing up ;)

  2. Karen Medlin says

    I agree with you on Pumpkins and Princess go together with Halloween, Going to try that app out, I know my gals will be tickled with their photos.
    Thanks for sharingl

  3. I am so glad to see your adorable daughter smiling and enjoying herself; with everything she has had to deal with lately it was even more beautiful! Plus cupcakes are cupcakes, kids love them no matter what :)

  4. hi where can I get the princesses? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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