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How a Busy Mom Can Use Tech to Get a Little “Me Time”

“Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going.” – Phyllis Diller… Of course I love my little girl. And of course I love my darling little nephews who spend their before-and-after school time at my house too. But – those little lovelies also are sometimes tiny terrors, lol. And as a work at home mom who doesn’t always get a lot of time to myself {remember the good ol’ days, before kids, where you could pee alone – whenever you wanted to?} – so I have to do my best to carve a little bit of “me time” out of each day, to keep me from going crazy. Because you know if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody gonna be happy, right?

Once Upon A Time

“It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.” – The Golden Girls

Many of you may know that I’m a wee bit tech challenged. {And by “wee” I mean that most new gadgets require me to ask for help – turning it from a ME project to a WE project…} So, when I had the chance to try out the super sweet Klipsch headphones from Best Buy, I honestly wondered what on earth I would even say. I mean – all headphones are the same, right? And what on earth would someone like me need them for? I don’t play games, don’t have an iPod, don’t do any cool stuff that even needs headphones. Which also meant that I’d never owned any either. Well, I am a changed woman. For reals. I opened up the Klipsch box to find a super small set of little earbuds – which I thought would annoy me in my ear. Then Mike made a suggestion that has rocked my world ever since – He said, “Why don’t you try watching all those shows you miss, at night while you’re trying to get Abby to sleep, while wearing the headphones so you don’t wake her up?”

The Mister had a great idea. One that benefits ME. I’m still kind of in shock…..

I never have time to watch TV, and don’t have much interest in it anyway. But, I have four shows now that I do really love – Once Upon A Time, Fringe, Homeland, and the new Revolution. So since I’m too busy to catch my shows when they air, I use Hulu to keep caught up on my faves. The speakers on my laptop aren’t that amazing, but they get the job done. But ohmyHECK ladies – Once I used the Klipsch headphones to watch tv online, I was blown away. I could hear so much detail that had been missing…. Water running in the background, the whispered dialogue was as clear as could be, it was amazing. I was seriously impressed, which I did not expect.

Pandora Radio

“Raising a kid is part joy and part guerilla warfare.” – Ed Asner

So, once I realized what an amazing difference these headphones made in the sound quality coming from my laptop, I decided to try them out on my other favorite online entertainment site – I must have music playing, all day, all the time. So since most of my time is spent working online, the majority of the songs I hear are played here. And the Klipsch didn’t disappoint – they made my favorite songs sound good again! And – they are amazing at blocking out all of the background noise in a room too, which is another surprise for such a small set of headphones. But what this means, is that I’m able to throw on my headphones when I need to work for a couple of hours. Mike can hang out in the living room with Abby – she can chase the dog with a Nerf sword around the couch 17 times, screaming while he barks and howls – and I {blessedly!!} don’t hear a thing. I can also use the headphones to just zone out for a bit – listening to more Pandora on my iPhone while I do the laundry, or other chores. Or I can head out to the patio to read a book and listen to music, without hearing the commotion going on inside. I’m hooked.

Find the Klipsch on, or look for them in-store. And for more Smart Mom Tech, check out my Best Buy WOLF Pinterest board.

Let’s Chat: What tech helps you unwind as a busy mom? What do you shop at Best Buy for? Leave some comment love….




  1. You had me at the pic of Dierks Bentley….

    Where do I sign up for a few??? :)

  2. I Pinterest!

  3. I’m all about me time. My only ‘me’ time is when I shower at night. I lock the door, turn on some music and take my time.

  4. I LOVE Pandora. I listen to it while I work. I homeschool, so while my kids are working on school I rock out. It keeps me “sane”.

  5. Great idea! I also need some alone time…hard to get it these days!

  6. I need to get a pair! I watch a lot of shows online and these would be great!

  7. Love it!

    Music is always a great way to get “me time”.

  8. Great! Now I know what I want for Christmas! lol

  9. I will have to go check these out…Thank you for the post..

  10. I WANT THESE!!! <3

  11. First, I LOVE your quotes!! And I NEED these for when I get to take a relaxing bath (hahaha, like that will happen any time soon!).

  12. Love Hulu an Pinterest! Gotta keep up, but on my time! LOL!

  13. I love this idea, as I’ve been trying it as well. I just need some more comfy headphones!!

  14. I use my earphones to watch TV episodes on my ipad when the husband is hogging the TV.

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