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Bathroom Inspiration & DIY Ideas

A few months back, I told you guys about our plan to do a “Not-So-Extreme” makeover on our Master Bedroom space... It’s a huge room, but we were trying to divide it into a main bedroom, a playroom and sleeping area for Abby, and an office area for both me and Mike. Wow, that’s a lot of different uses for just one room, right? Well, as we got started on things, my brother found a new house – when he moved out last month, it freed up two more bedrooms in the house, meaning a lot more space for us to spread out! So we’ve modified our plans…. And now my home DIY project list is about twice as long, lol. One bedroom is kind of partitioned in two, so that one became Abby’s playroom in the front, and an office in the back. The second free bedroom is going to be a guest room, for when my dad or Mike’s daughters come to visit. All of those rooms are going to need a lot of work – but for now, I’m focusing on making our Master Bedroom and Bath into a really luxurious, calm, relaxing area. {Because with my crazy-busy life, I need at least a small piece of calm…} As I plan the Master Bath redo, I thought I’d share some fun ideas that I’ve come across, to inspire you too….

Ok, on this one… I’m not a fan of clear glass shower doors like this. I always feel really weird in them, and I prefer to have a shower curtain to hide the “clutter” in the shower – like shampoo, body wash, etc. But I LOVE the simplicity here. We have older {and kind of beat up} oak cabinets, and my plan for next year is to replace them with some more modern dark wood cabinetry like this. But with our jacuzzi tub, we have to have everything custom built, so it’s a big expense I’ve got to save for. {Bummer.} But this is just what I’m looking for when we’re ready to change those up.

I’m also a big fan of “His and Hers” style sinks. And man… Look at all that storage space underneath! I just adore the detailing on these cupboards – and like the previous room, I really like the contrast of the dark colored wood with the simple white countertop. So clean.

This one’s different, with the all white cabinetry. But what I love is the way that everything is built in – the whole wall of storage, the mirrors are framed in, and the crown molding along the top. This looks amazing – and wouldn’t be that tough for us to do, since we have to do everything custom eventually anyway. Very cool.

So yeah, I realize that this one is total dreaming, lol. But one thing that I’m pulling inspiration for our own bathroom from is the way that they do the dark cabinets, and then a sleek white around the tub. In our bathroom, we have the oak cabinets, and the oak wraps around the tub area too. I’d like to be able to eventually do something more like this – with the wall tiles around the tub instead. And I’m totally in love with those HUGE mirrors, and the cool lighting fixture.

And this is my total color pallet inspiration room. I am so in love with all of the different textures in this simple color scheme. I’m switching from some deep purple accents to just a clean dark grey, silver, and black theme. I love the way that they combine so many textures – from the frame of the mirror, to the shimmery back splash tiles, to the slightly more rugged counter top, and the smooth wood of the cabinets. Perfection.

How I’m using the inspiration from these photos

First, I did a little shopping spree. I bought a super cushy Memory Foam Bath Rug that will feel amazing when I step out of the shower each morning, a sparkly Sequined “Sinatra Silver” Shower Curtain to bring some new texture and glamour into the room, and added in quite a few of the accessories from this collection too. And I snagged a couple sets of the crazy-amazingly priced 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton 6-Piece Towel Sets, {normally $60, only $19.99, only at Amazon.} And, while these accessory type pieces are fun, the BIG game changers for the room will be the new hardware….

The first piece I got was this amazing Prince Two Handle Faucet in Brushed Nickle – then I shopped for pieces to go with it! We’re still searching for a new faucet for the jacuzzi tub {it’s leaking, and is an odd size to replace…} – but I did find all new knobs and hardware for my old cabinets, on sale at Home Depot, that match this new faucet so perfectly. This is SERIOUSLY going to make a huge difference in the room! I love the look of this finish, and everyone told me that Danze has the best quality gear that I can buy. {Learn more about them by following on Facebook and Twitter – to stay updated on new products, promotions, and cool project ideas.}

What’s Next?

Well, my Amazon order should be here by Thursday, just in time to do a mini-upgrade before we have guests over for a couple of parties this weekend. Then, within the next few months, I’ll be getting all of the hardware and that amazing faucet installed, and I’ll be painting the walls a medium gray color too. I’ll keep you updated as we go – and can’t WAIT to show you soon all of the progress that I’ve made on the Master Bedroom too! Lots of work to do, but lovin’ the changes so far.

Let’s Chat: Have you ever upgraded the faucets or showerheads in your bathroom? Were you amazed at what a difference it made? And have you ever shopped Danze before?

{Disclaimer: I received a thank you gift from Danze to help me with this post. I look forward to sharing our final makeover pics with you soon – so that you can see the Danze faucet in action!}



  1. I actually have that faucet in my downstairs bathroom! Cool!

    I love the bathroom with the slate blue walls! Nice ideas, and I really like sky lit tray ceilings!

  2. Could you tell me where you purchased the oil rubbed light fixture. Thanks

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