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Top 10 Toddler Mealtime Rules for Healthy Eating

This list of top 10 toddler mealtime rules come to you from the amazing founder behind Mom Made Meals – an absolute must-have at my home since I was introduced to them! Abby loves to eat {have you seen the size of her chunky baby legs lately? Oh my…. Lol} – and I struggle sometimes with having enough time to make really good, healthy meals & snacks for her. When she was really little, we LOVED using the Baby Brezza {have you seen us in the new Baby Brezza Cookbook: 47 Mom-Tested Recipes and Tips?} But now that she’s out of that stage, and into eating “big girl foods”, it gets a bit tougher. I still use the Baby Brezza to make rice or steamed veggies quickly, and I’m lucky to have a big garden filled with fresh fruits and vegetables too. But there are nights where I’m tempted to throw in a frozen pizza because I’m short on time. Instead – I now turn to Mom Made meals for a quick, super healthy, and totally yummy dinner in just a couple of minutes!

Mom Made Meals Freezer Foods

Convenience Foods that are still super nutritious

How great is this? A freezer filled with simple meals to make in minutes, packed with good stuff for my fast-growing toddler – just as easy as a frozen pizza, but a heck of a lot better for you. A little more about where Mom Made started: “I created Mom Made Foods because I believe in convenient meals that do not sacrifice quality or nutrition, and that kids should be able to eat delicious foods without added junk. Inspired by kids and the familiar recipes they love, we use only the freshest quality ingredients, such as organic products and meats raised without antibiotics, all sourced in the USA.” Other than growing it fresh yourself, this is as good as it gets, right?

Top Ten “Rules” for Successful and Positive Mealtimes with Your Kids
  1. Keep meals and snack times consistent and regular.
  2. Eat as a family. Model good food habits and table manners. They will follow.
  3. Sit down to eat and drink – don’t take meals on the run!
  4. Keep a distraction-free eating area – no T.V., toys, or other distractions such as cell phones, laptops, or newspapers.
  5. Provide a balance and variety of foods to keep kids interested satisfied.
  6. Empower your child to make healthy choices about what to eat and how much. They will feel empowered, for example, if you offer them the option of healthy choice #1 or healthy choice #2, such as peas or carrots.
  7. Don’t pressure your child to eat – this will backfire!
  8. Respect your child’s choices and trust their natural ability to self regulate their food intake.
  9. Set limits on age appropriate behavior at the table and stick to your boundaries.
  10. Have fun! The less you stress at mealtimes, the more fun all of you will have!

Mom Made - the healthiest mac n cheese ever

The healthiest Mac n’ Cheese you’ll ever find

When I first made this Cheesy Mac for Abby, I was just impressed with the idea of adding peas – What a smart & simple way to add some veggies, right? But read more about what all is packed in there: Mom Made organic Cheesy Mac is packed with organic butternut squash, organic sweet potato, and fresh organic green peas. Honestly – I had tasted it, and didn’t even realize it wasn’t just a basic mac n’ cheese. This is one of our absolute favorites – but you’ll also find choices like Turkey Meatballs, Cheese Pizza Munchies, Fiesta Rice – and even a super yummy Apple Pie dessert Munchie!

Learn more and find them today

You can search on their site to find out where these great toddler meal options are available locally – But if you’re in an area like mine that doesn’t have any local stores to buy them at, no worries. You can also order Mom Made Foods on Amazon. And be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter – to stay updated on the newest products and promotions!

Mom Made takes the foods kid love, and makes it healthier!

{Disclaimer: I was provided with samples of this product from Mom Made Foods and RMD Advertising, so that I could evaluate and share with you – But only the best products for busy moms and their families make it onto this site! All photos and opinions are my own, as always.}



  1. Wow! These are great ideas! I can use these for my son.

  2. I so wish this was available when bub was little!

  3. Apparently toddler feeding is a hot topic on blogs recently. These are good tips. I wrote a post about things I am trying to do to get my son to eat better. Check it out if you want.

  4. These are really interesting, never considered these quick meals to be very healthy, but these are clearly proving otherwise. We could use a little extra convenience in our days. :)

  5. These look amazing! I’m going to have to look into getting some of these!

  6. I’ve never really considered these kind of meals for my kids since we don’t eat a lot of processed dinners, but it would sure be nice on nights where we want to eat something that’s not toddler-friendly like wings.

  7. Thanks for the great tips!!

  8. That mac and cheese looks delicious! These are great rules – rules we try to follow!

  9. Great tips and these meals sound great for kids!

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