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Social Media 101: Facebook Fundamentals

Facebook may seem complicated to the novice user, but in reality it’s a relatively straightforward experience. Find out about Facebook fundamentals with help from my fave personal tech expert – Carley from Digitwirl!

facebook fundamentals

Can anyone remember a time before Facebook?

The ubiquitous social network has half a billion members and counting, and it’s become the way to share photos, updates and videos with family and friends. But if you haven’t ventured in yet, it can feel like the Facebook phenomenon is passing you by. Well, I’m going back to basics and starting from the beginning in my new series for eHow called Socially Connected. We’ll break this social media juggernaut down step-by-step, and you’ll be “liking” it before you know it.

Facebook Tips for Newbies

Whether you’re a business owner who is just now realizing the power that social media can have to boost your business, a mom or grandma who mistakenly thought Facebook was just for the “kids” – or anyone else who is a little late to the game changing media platform that is – This video should help you jump in with both feet, and quickly learn why for most of us, Facebook is a totally necessary part of our everyday routines. I mean – what other site allows me to hear the latest news about a wildfire burning across town, a power outage on the other side of town, see pics of a friend’s new baby, hear updates on my cousins Hawaiian vacation, and see great deals from my fave brands – all in ONE place?? {Yep, those are all things that I found in my Facebook feed today.} One stop shop for all my news, entertainment, family and friend updates, and fun tidbits of knowledge. Love it.

Tell me – are you already using Facebook? Did you learn anything new in this new video?

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