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Target Gift Card Weekend Give away!

Welcome to the Target Gift Card Flash Giveaway! …This giveaway is co-hosted by Oh My Gosh Beck!For Him And My FamilyShopaholic Mommy and a bunch of other awesome blogs – Including me! Because come on, who doesn’t looooove Target, right?

free target gift card

One lucky winner will get one of these bright red bad boys – a $50 Target gift card just in time for some back-to-school or late summer shopping. Could you be the lucky winner? You sure could – but only if you enter on the form below!!

Official Stuff:

Giveaway Starts: 8/17 @ 3:00 PM EST (12:00 PM PST) and Giveaway Ends: 8/20 @ 3:00 PM EST (12:00 PM PST). Use the easy peasy Rafflecopter form below to get your entries in – you can complete as few, or as many, as you want. The more entries you do, the more chances you’ll have to WIN! {And, if you’re feelin’ lucky, enter to win all of the other great prizes I’m giving away this month too – You’ll find them listed together in the sidebar!

Come back every day for a new bonus word for extra entries! Giveaway is open worldwide. Good luck!

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  1. crystal wood says

    I would probably buy my daughters more clothes or start my christmas shopping if I won this card :)

  2. Thanks

  3. I buy groceries at Target! But if I win, i might let my kids get a new Wii game!

  4. Christina Blair says

    Love one!

  5. Everything if I could! But I would have to say I would buy diapers and formula :)

  6. I need new sheets! And I’m sure my kids would appreciate a toy!

  7. ericka coello says

    I’d buy lots of diapers

  8. Hmm clothes I suppose

  9. I would buy clothes for the kids. Thanks for the chance!

  10. Mary Peters says

    Perfect for back-to-school!

  11. Toiletries

  12. The better question is what don’t I buy at Target?! Lol I would stock up on diapers or get some birthday gifts to put back for the kids

  13. I love Target go there every week and you can always find something on sale.

  14. Lacey Fontenot says

    I love shopping at Target for just about everything but a gift card for me!!!…I just moved in a new home so as my husband calls it “home pretties!

  15. Baby supplies/things! Due in December :)

  16. Tabitha Pyle says

    i’d get clothes for my daughter.

  17. I would buy groceries and household supplies.

  18. I would do some early Christmas shopping for my son.

  19. Robin Quick says

    I would buy my son some jeans.

  20. I would probably start my Christmas shopping :)

  21. Amy Austin says

    Christmas presents :)

  22. Camping Gear for next year!

  23. I would buy laundry supplies and toilet paper….never seem to have enough of either :)

  24. I would start my Christmas shopping.

  25. Penny Snyder says

    Health & beauty products!

  26. i would buy school supplies and stuff for my kids :)

  27. carol stoddard says

    I would use this on my grandson for back to school clothes

  28. Melody Counts says

    I would buy Melissa and Doug food toys for my daughter.

  29. I would replace some of our towels.

  30. carol gentry says

    New bath towels

  31. Kerrie Mayans says

    I would buy more school supplies.

  32. Elisabeth Benjamin says

    My school uniforms.

  33. Clothes for my kids.

  34. I would buy groceries.

  35. Leanne Johnson says

    sodastream machine!

  36. I would buy school supplies.

  37. I would get some school clothes for the kids.

  38. I would buy school supplies and a pair of shoes for my daughter.

  39. Danielle D says


  40. I would buy toddler snacks for my grandson!

  41. I’d put it toward a baby swing for my son due next week.

  42. I would buy groceries and maybe a new book

  43. I would buy some clothes at Target.

  44. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    Diapers Diapers Diapers Lol with two kids in diapers it gets expensive

  45. I would use it for groceries.

  46. i would get something for my grandchild

  47. Helen Stockwell says


  48. groceries

  49. susan wiener says

    i’d buy jewelry.

  50. I would use it for groceries.

  51. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    I would buy something special for myself since I have been doing very well on my diet, I deserve a treat~!!

  52. My son desparately needs new shoes, this would help me provide them. :-) Thank you.

  53. Sara Zielinski says

    I would buy groceries for my family.

  54. I’d use this towards home decor.

  55. Teresa Turner says

    I would help buy my grandsons school clothes

  56. Ashley Tucker says

    I’d buy clothes

  57. jose benavides says

    i would buy stuff for the house..

  58. A good book to read and something for my mom.

  59. Michelle L says

    I would buy some kitchen utensils if I won

  60. Probably some stuff to set up a picnic for my family, we’ve been meaning to do that lately.

  61. Colder weather clothing for my kids. We just moved from VA to OH and the temps get much, much colder!

  62. I would buy baby stuff

  63. I would buy a few pieces of Fall clothing for my kids, I can’t believe it’s almost that time of year again! :)

  64. I would by some outfits for my boys or some much needed yard furniture!

  65. Michelle H. says

    Socks for my daughter and a new hair straightener for me

  66. i like shopping there.

  67. I’d buy shampoo, conditioner, probably some food, and maybe something fun like a new bowl.

  68. Lucy Schwartz says

    I could use some new curtain in the bathroom . the ones I have are a little threadbare.

  69. probably some pillows.

  70. i would buy some stuff for my bathroom, i need a new shower curtain and some new towels.

  71. dani marie says

    i need stuff for my new room. im moving :(

  72. Steve Stone says

    id buy some things for my dogs

  73. Angela Cisco says

    I’d need school supplies

  74. Linda Ellis says

    School clothes

  75. Susan King says

    I’d buy food and give it all to the local food bank.

  76. Angela Neynaber says

    I would buy some back to school clothes for my kids.

  77. I would use it on some toys for my boys

  78. Clearance video games!

  79. Kathy Bose says

    I would buy some new jeans for myself.

  80. Id buy back to school supplies

  81. I’d probably get a new blu-ray

  82. kathy pease says

    id get my son school supplies

  83. I would get a new bathroom scale.

  84. I’d save it for Christmas gifts for my boys!

  85. I’d buy school supplies.

  86. Kellie Rose Wilson says

    fall clothes! :)

  87. Some clothes for my kids.

  88. amy deeter says

    school clothes

  89. Stephen Saunders says

    I’d get some new cookware. :)

  90. Charlotte Padgett says

    I would probably buy clothes.

  91. Jennifer J says

    I would buy a new dress. Thanks~!

  92. Jennifer M says

    School supplies.

  93. Michelle W says

    I would buy pet food

  94. I’d buy Christmas toys for my granddaughters!

  95. I will buy clothes for my daughter.

  96. I would buy diapers


  97. I would buy household items. :)

  98. Belinda Shaw says

    Barbie Dolls and Nerf blaster gun for my grandkids

  99. Robert Pyszk says

    I would buy a couple things from the Starbucks inside Target

  100. Jessica hays says

    I would get a head start on christmas!

    jessicaahays at hotmail dot com

  101. I would save it for Christmas shopping.

  102. LOIS PAYTON says

    this would be a start to christmas, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YA’LL SAFE IN HIS LOVING ARMS.

  103. Carol Foster says

    I would buy college dorm supplies for my daughter

  104. I would start Christmas shopping


  106. Groceries!

  107. i would get my son some new clothes for schools

  108. School clothes for the kids! They grow out of their clothes so fast! :)

  109. Susan Ladd says

    I would use it for groceries. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win :) Thanks !!!!!!

  110. I would buy food items. We’ve been doing a great deal of that at Target lately.

  111. We love Target

  112. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    thanks for the giveaway

  113. I would stock up on extra school supplies!

  114. elven johnson says

    New sheets.

  115. would like to buy some baseball cards!

  116. I would get some much needed school supplies!

  117. alicia wallace says

    I would buy a new video game

  118. groceries!

  119. Annemarie Z. says

    I would buy clothes!

  120. I would buy some household supplies.

  121. Melodic Mom says

    I would get some new gym clothes. The big baggy T-shirts from college (10 years ago) aren’t cutting it anymore!

  122. Jennifer Wasson says

    ooooh! There are so many great options! Scrapbook paper, shoes, makeup, organization tubs! I’ll have to go shopping to figure it out!

  123. I would buy some new clothes!

  124. School clothes for my daughter

  125. A new bedspread!

  126. John Stetson says

    I’d use it for groceries.

  127. Aimee Fontenot says

    I would buy a set of pots and pans!

  128. I’d save it for whichever boy wears out their school shoes/pants/shirts first!

    beckytag618 at gmail dot com

  129. Katharine D says

    clothes and groceries

  130. More baby formula!

  131. I need new bedding!!

  132. I would love to have a food sealer. While I’m there I’ll pick up a few goodies to seal!

  133. Cheri Anne says

    I would buy new beauty products such as conditioners, facial cleansers, lotions, etc. Target always has a great selection.

  134. I’d buy an area rug

  135. I’d love to buy some new bedding for my dream bedroom!

  136. groceries!!!

  137. Alice Abbitt says


  138. Susan Smith says

    I’d buy school supplies

  139. julie hawkins says

    I’d buy toys for my kids

  140. definitely groceries

  141. I want to buy a play kitchen for my girls… This would help cover costs

  142. jennifer cecil says

    I would buy groceries.

  143. Carolyn Daley says

    Groceries: Milk, bread, lunchmeat
    Stock up: Toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo

  144. tamatha hunter says

    I would put it toward a scanner

  145. put it towards a wall graphic

  146. I’d buy back-to-school clothes.

  147. School supplies for my son.

  148. New shoes and diapers!

  149. I would probably buy some boring stuff like groceries and laundry detergent.

  150. I would get winter clothes for my daughter!

  151. Clothes for the kids

  152. Christina Brundick says

    diapers,and maybe some of their brand of chocolates for me!

  153. I would start some fall clothes shopping

  154. Back to school clothes for the kids!

  155. I would buy a few DVD’s

  156. michelle colon says

    i would hit the clearance in all the departments!

  157. Trisha McKee says

    School supplies for my daughter and maybe a shirt or two.

  158. I’d get a piece of clothing for myself.
    Thanks for making this open to Canadians.

    Besos, Sarah
    Zookeeper at Journeys of The Zoo

  159. Kristina Sullins says

    i need laundry soap

  160. Rebecca Graham says

    I would buy ink for my printer.

  161. An area rug

  162. School supplies & new undies for the kids!

  163. I would buy books. Thanks for the giveaway.

  164. Christy Weller says

    I would buy a couple more school outfits for my daughter

  165. I’d buy groceries and household items

  166. Books & school supplies

  167. Inez Cegelis says

    I would get my husband some new khakis

  168. Some new sheets

  169. maybe something like Prevacid, snacks and beverages

  170. A new shower curtain

  171. I would get some winter clothes for my girls. thank you!!

  172. Amy DeLong says

    would save it for christmas!

  173. tracey byram says

    I’d use the card on groceries.

  174. Elizabeth Johnson says

    I think I would save the gift card for Christmas presents

  175. Heather Gragg says


  176. Marina Moore says

    I would go grocery shopping at my Target, if I won!

  177. DEBBIE REICH says

    I would buy toys for the daycare center I own.

  178. I’d get a new pair of jeans!


  179. Running shirts and shorts.

  180. Brenda Elsner says

    My kids need some new shoes.

  181. susan smoaks says

    i would get toner for our printer, we are out

  182. Sarah Yurga says

    Diapers and back to school clothes (must split between both girls!)

  183. Kathleen Downes says

    I would buy toys for Christmas.

  184. i would buy some clothes

  185. Tanya White says

    I would finish my back to school shopping
    tanyajoshanti81 at gmail dot com

  186. Jeanette H. says

    Christmas gifts for my kids (:

  187. Sarah Hirsch says

    i’d buy groceries

  188. crystle tellerday says

    stuff we need

  189. jules mcnubbin says

    school clothes for the kid

  190. shoes

  191. I would get my girls some new shoes!

  192. I’d get new pajamas for the kids

  193. Nicole Gingery says


  194. school suppies target has somany good deals everyone should go there.

  195. Jennifer Peaslee says

    I would save this for Christmas…it would really come in handy.

  196. I need new clothes!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  197. jessica schueler says

    Anything to help with back to school

  198. Linda Peavy says

    I would buy school clothes.

  199. Beth Stephens says

    Probably some clothes for my twin boys!

  200. Beverly Metcalf says

    If I won the Target gift card I would start my Christmas shopping early this year. Thanks for this contest!

  201. Gemma Woodhouse says

    I would purchase back to school supplies!

  202. i’d get hair products

  203. Christopher says

    I would buy all my school supplies to keep myself organized! haha!

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