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Semi-Perfect Homemakers LOVE this Stuff…

My home is anything but ordinary…. As many of you know, my household has changed dramatically in the past few years. I used to have a perfectly organized, spotlessly clean, and totally quiet home when I lived alone – just me and the cat.{Really, it was that good.} That was almost 3 years ago. These days, my home is filled with family – grandma, uncle James, my wild nephews, my Mister, and my little girl. Plus FIVE dogs. They’re small, but still. And of course, since I’m at home all day, and no one realizes that I really do work online all day, they think I’m just here bored all day anxiously awaiting the chance to do everyone’s laundry and dishes. Ah, the joys of motherhood, right? {Learn why Bloggers Have Messy Homes…} Are you a semi-perfect homemaker too? Get my tips on how to keep the house fresh and bright – even when you’re too busy to always do everything right!

Mom Humor - laundry humor

“Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.” – Phyllis Diller

The thing is, I actually don’t mind housework that much. I would have fit right in back in the 50’s – if my only job was to keep the house perfectly clean, cook amazing meals, and wear retro style aprons, I would be a happy momma. Seriously. Well, I’d probably end up a little more like this bored mom… Lol.} But what I’m saying is – I love that accomplished feeling of looking around at a clean home. I am a bit OCD, and love to have every cupboard and drawer and closet perfectly organized. It’s a little crazy to admit, but I do actually get excited over new cleaning products too. I mean heck, if you’re going to be cleaning, you might as well have great supplies, right? So – while I don’t get as much time to keep up with the house – at all! – as I’d like, I do give it my best effort. In between all the kids, the dogs, and the blog, I’m crazy-busy all the darn time. But I like the house to be {mostly} clean, bright, and fresh. Which is why I’m a little excited about a new laundry goodie I’ve found. My home isn’t ordinary, so I don’t like my homemaking products to be ordinary either…

sunflower and sunshine laundry

“I’m not going to vacuum until Sears makes one you can ride on.” – Roseanne Barr

Yep – you know that this would totally catch my attention at the grocery store, right? Sunflower & Sunshine scented laundry detergent… Because you know that sunshine is one of my favorite things. Plus – the Febreze air fresheners in this scent were already a BIG favorite of mine. I know it sounds weird, but they really do smell like sunshine, lol. You know – that light, fresh, clean and happy type of scent. I seriously love it. So now that I can bring that bright cheerfulness to laundry day too, well – that’s awesome. And, it reminds me of one of my favorite songs… Sunflower Sunshine by Crystal Bowersox. {Remember here, from American Idol? Such a doll.} So, while my home might not be as clean as I’d like – washing all of our bedding, linens, towels, and piles of clothes with this great scented wonder-detergent helps it seem a little brighter and cleaner. And THAT is worth a million to me.

Find Your Perfect Match

Visit I Love Gain online to use the Matchmaker tool to find your families perfect scent – then grab some sweet coupons to save on your pick! Make sure to “Like” Gain on Facebook too – Totally fun stuff going on there all the time! And, you can even join the I Love Gain fan club {I did!} to get coupons and samples delivered to you from time to time.

What is YOUR favorite cleaning product that makes you feel like a perfect homemaker?

{Disclaimer: The awesome peeps at One2One Network sent me a complimentary Gain Detergent in my favorite scent, so that I could share some honest feedback with you ladies. Only the best products make it onto this site – things that I honestly love. So you know this stuff is gooooood.}



  1. So what do you call me? I love a clean house and wish everything was clean and organized but my house is always a mess. I just can’t seem to keep anything clean :(

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