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San Diego Fireworks Glitch Sets them all Off at Once

San Diego Fireworks Accident

San Diego 4th of July: Glitch sets off all their fireworks at once

I read this story today on The Atlantic Wire, and it was SO crazy that I had to come and share it with you guys! This was supposed to be the big annual fireworks display, and was planned to last about 18 minutes. Instead, in the biggest epic fail in fireworks history, an unknown technical glitch caused ALL of the fireworks to be set off at the same time! It happened 5 minutes before the show was scheduled to start -and as you can see in this amazing Instagram photo, it was pretty incredible to see that 18 minutes worth of sparkly explosions get packed into one 15 second accidental display. Check it out here…

How was YOUR 4th of July Celebration this year?

I’m guessing it wasn’t as crazy as this 15 second fireworks extravaganza in San Diego! Have you ever seen a fireworks display go wrong before? Share some stories in the comments…

{Disclaimer: I was notified by a comment here that some are offended by the end of this video. I actually didn’t even watch past the firework display the first time – but just viewed it all now. I don’t see the end of the video as offensive to our former president – he’s just sorta being offensive to the rest of the world maybe? :) But – there is a pic of the pres flipping the bird, saying he doesn’t care what others think – set to the music of God Bless the USA. If you’re easily offended please skip that part of the video!}

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  1. This looks scary too! And all that smoke all at once. I’m so glad I wasn’t there. Thanks for the video. I only saw a glimpse on the news. CRAZY.

  2. It was scary! We were gearing up to watch the show in Ocean Beach (a little farther from the Big Bay show) and heard the loud boom and saw the huge firework before our show began. Many were disappointed and sad that it happened but I am just shocked! I didn’t realize it was all over the news but should have expected it, right?

  3. The fireworks at our golf club set a 30′ fir tree on fire! It was during the finale and we actually assumed they were finished but once they got the fire under control (the tree LIT up), they blew off the last 20 or so fireworks! It added a little excitement to the night ;) but nothing like blowing them all off at once…oops!

  4. Suzanne Drews says

    Was there NO way you could have removed the last frame of our former President giving the finger. REALLY! If we are proud to be AMERICANS we should support and pray for our country and President no matter what party we support. Dissappointed!

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      I added a disclaimer to the post… Super sorry that offended you Suzanne. I actually hadn’t even watched the whole thing – just the fireworks part. But – I don’t see that frame at all as disrespectful to the president? It’s a photo of him saying that he doesn’t care what others think, to the tune of Proud to Be an American? Either way – sorry it offended you. I’m not able to edit videos from YouTube, so I can’t change it. And I think it’s worth keeping it, so people can see the show that happened…..

  5. That is so scary! We actually had an incident here where the lawn caught on fire. they quickly used the fire extinguisher. Fireworks are fun but you have to be super careful!

  6. That’s just CRAZY!! I feel bad for the kids who were watching too. My son made it through the fireworks holding onto me tightly, but when the end came and several were going at once he didn’t care for that!

  7. Well that’s a big whoopsie!! Yikes, fireworks are so dangerous!!

  8. That’s just crazy! And that first picture is amazing!

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