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Toddler-Proof Solutions for Everyday Living: Nini Baby! #Mompact

Making life a little easier for parents, and fun for kids – Jenn Namazi knows what it’s like to have toddlers. Her family’s two youngest children, a girl and boy, are just 15 months apart. In early 2009, while toting around her then 1 and 2 year olds, she grew frustrated with the throwing game that brought such delight to her children’s faces. She had invested in quite a few straps and other devices to try and keep cups and toys ‘attached’ to the stroller. Her kids had grown to the age where they outsmarted them, undoing or opening the Velcro or snaps that secured the toys and cups in place. “Somebody needs to make a toddler proof strap” she said. And luckily for us – that somebody was her!

Nini Baby toddler solutions

Smart Toddler Solutions

Abby is just now reaching that stage where she thinks throwing her cup on the floor, then crying frantically that she wants it back RIGHT NOW, only to toss it to the ground again and laugh, is a good time. And I am realizing that I was crazy to think that caring for a baby was “hard” – Toddlers are exhausting! At least a baby stays in one place most of the time, lol. I haven’t had a chance to try out any of the Nini Baby products yet – but they are definitely on my “must-have” list now that Abby’s getting bigger. These are such smart solutions!

See the Toy Bungee in action

Instead of velcro straps like pacifier clips for babies, the Nini Baby products use a cool non-toxic set of straps to keep things more secure. As you can see above, they’re simple to use, and seriously smart – your back will thank you when you get to avoid that nightly “bending down a hundred times to pick things up that baby threw down again” routine you’ve been used to! And, if you’d like to hear more stories from real life moms using the products in their own homes, check out some great reviews online. Or read the Amazon reviews on her great line-up of smart solutions:

  • NiNi Paci Bungee: BPA and lead free, fits all size pacifiers, easy to clean.
  • NiNi Toy Bungee: Toddler proof button closure. Can leave the base attached to carseat or stroller, and easily swap out items to attach.
  • NiNi Crayon Bungee: Holds 3 crayons at a time, giving little ones enough options to have fun.

If you’d like to learn more about Nini Baby products, visit them on their website, and be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on new products and promotions.

Reviewer's Retreat connecting brands and bloggers


And speaking of connecting – You can learn more about the Nini Baby products from me, and Nicole, the mom-inventor behind the Buti-Bag – if you’ll be attending Reviewer’s Retreat this weekend! They are just one of the brands I’ll be helping to represent during the Sponsor Speedway portion of the events. I hope to see some of you there!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to partner with smart mom-invented brands like this, and working with some great bloggers on fun campaigns, you can learn more about how Mompact supports moms in business, and sign up to be part of the team at Question Moms.


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