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3 Simple Steps to Big Energy Bill Savings

“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you prove that you don’t need it.” – Bob Hope… We all hate bills, right? I mean, the credit card bill is a bummer – but at least your paying for fun stuff that you bought and enjoyed. But things like utility bills are the worst – who wants to part with their families cash for things like how many light bulbs you had turned on last month? As the kids would say – “Bo-ring!” So, to help you guys save a ton more money on your own families monthly utility bills, I’m going to share my secret trick to saving BIG bucks on our energy bills. {Hint: It involves crazy-cool light bulbs.}

how to save money on energy bills

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where shop.” – Bo Derek

Step One: Shop for new light bulbs! Switching all of your traditional light bulbs to new #GELighting Energy Efficient bulbs can save you boatloads of money. Seriously. I had really thought that CFL bulbs only came in a couple of types, and that they were all those spiral type bulbs, and that they light they would put off would be too dim, too flickery, or just … I don’t know, weird? But I was super excited to be proved wrong when I tried these bad boys out in my own home. They rock! But, since there are so many different types of bulbs, the best way to figure out which ones are right for your home is to use a sweet tool like the free lightsmart app. It makes it way easier to determine which bulbs to get, when your in the middle of that huge selection!

do cfl bulbs really save money?

“Money is something you have to make in case you don’t die.” – Max Asnas

Step Two: Now that you have figured out which varieties of super saver bulbs are the right ones for your household lighting needs, it’s time to stock up. My favorites were the Energy Smart Bright from the Start CFL and Energy Efficient Soft White from GE – I was lucky enough that my local power company partners with Walmart to offer some of these bulbs at a sweet discount to encourage people to conserve energy – and they were the best choices available for making my home bright and cheerful. Energy efficiency is super important to me, since it’s a great way to save cash AND a great way to save resources for the world my daughter will live in when she grows up. If you’re ready to make some great changes too, switching your bulbs is a super simple thing to do!

switching to cfl bulbs to save money

“Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?” – John Barrymore

Step Three: Do a super sweet lighting makeover in your own home. As you can see – I switched my bathroom from traditional bulbs {which if you notice, half were burned out! And with these new energy efficient bulbs from GE you get sooooo much time in between bulb changes – ohmyheck.} to new CFL bulbs. And I could not BELIEVE how bright and elegant it makes the bathroom now. Seriously – amazing. If you remember my first post when I went shopping for this lighting makeover, you’ll remember that I hadn’t even ever heard of CFL bulbs that came in a traditional type of look. I hated how much energy our bathroom vanity lighting used up, but didn’t think there could be a better option – but I’m not in love with these GE bulbs!

So….. Time for the Big Reveal!!

After switching to new #GELighting energy efficient bulbs for just one month, I wasn’t sure if I’d see any savings yet, or if it would take awhile. My utility bills are all paperless {remember how I said I care about being eco-friendly?} so when my newest bill showed up in my email, I was anxious to check it out and see if there was any type of difference….. Drum roll please? Duh duh duh duh…. My bill this month was almost $35 bucks LESS than this same month last year!!!! I know that the packaging had said that I would see some big savings, but I honestly wasn’t convinced. But – I sure as heck am now!

Ready to make the switch?

First, find out the savings to expect using the online energy savings calculator. Read more about what’s available, and why GE is the best choice in Energy Smart lighting. And grab the LightSmart app too if you’ve got a smartphone.

For more tips and tricks on saving money on your energy bills – follow GE Lighting on Twitter & Facebook – and follow #GELighting on Twitter!

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  1. Elizabeth P. says

    We have those same lights in our bathrooms – so not energy efficient. We’ll have to switch our bulbs!

  2. These bulbs are definitely worth the investment!

  3. WOO HOO!! I’d be thrilled with $35!!

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