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Weekly Bloggertunities – 5/30



Do you ever suffer from “Blogger Burn-Out?” I’m sure most of us do from time to time – especially when you have a family that needs you, a house that’s looking rough around the edges, and the reviews are piled up in the dining room like you’re living in a FedEx warehouse. But all you wanna do is go sit outside with a Mojito and enjoy the sunshine, right? I understand. So – what do YOU do when you suffer that burn-out? I’d LOVE for you to share your best tips on my Facebook post, and possibly be featured in an upcoming post. Until then, use this extra big list of new opps and events and cool income generators to help you find some new people to work with, and maybe some new excitement and motivation for summer blogging.

Opportunties for Bloggers

  • Blogger Insider: Join this mailing list to get notified of new opportunities like sponsored posts, paid guest blogging, and more. You can let them know which options you are interested in, and what topics you prefer to write about. Blogger Insider Sign Up.
  • Question Moms: If you’re a business owner, you can get great feedback on your products or services. If you’re a blogger – you can earn incentives for sharing your feedback with the brands, and connect with them for product reviews too.
  • WOLF @ Best Buy Bloggers: Apply to join this cool blogging program – Get the opportunity to review new gadgets and products from Best Buy.
  • Kidstuff Public Relations: Email them to apply to be a partner blogger with them. You can read their terms, and what they expect – and they require a screenshot to give them information about your monthly page views. Learn more and see if you qualify: Kidstuff Blogger Inquiry.
  • Mommy Bloggers: Fill out this form to notify them that you would be interested in working with them on sponsored posts. I don’t have too much detail about it, but it might be a good option for some of you too.
  • WB Word: Sign up to get access to the hottest new DVD’s from shows like Chuck, Pretty Little Liars, and more – plus get paid to write about them. Learn more and apply for WB Word here.
  • You can submit your info here to apply, and it says – “Drive traffic to your blog, enjoy free activities and earn money through US Family Guide.”- I’ve heard good things about them!
  • Work from Home: Mommy Bag Marketing, Inc. is looking to hire Christian Moms in Metro areas across the United States! Please go here to see if this unique work from home job opportunity is right for you! {And for more work from home ideas,visit my directory.

Monetize Your Writing

  • Sponsored Tweets: Super easy way to earn a little extra cash by sharing cool stuff on Twitter. Sign up here.
  • Paper Coterie: This is my very favorite photo product company – gorgeous designs, and such amazing quality. Signing up as an affiliate is easy, and thesystem is set up just like Escalate, so it’s easy to use. They’re also easy to promote since they always have cool deals and freebies.
  • Deal Junkies: Do you love finding great deals and sharing them with your friends? Then you’ll LOVE zuuzs – you get rewarded with cash. Very cool – Learn more here on how you earn money with them. And – if you sign up, make sure to then to the Blogger Sign Up link too, so you can earn all of the extra perks!
  • Coupon Lovers: If you’re a total pro at couponing, and love sharing that knowledge with others – this might be a perfect fit for you. The Couponizer is adding new affiliates, where you earn a percentage of sales. And, they have another very cool opportunity – Become a Couponizer Coach. You buy a kit, get access to support and some cool programs, and earn money by reselling the Couponizers. If you teach coupon classes, this could be a money-maker for you!
  • Examiner: I have a Frugal Living column on Examiner, and was promoted to now being able to get media credentials, which is helping get me access to some cool new local events. I’ve connected with a lot of cool peeps locally, and enjoy sharing their news. Check it out, and see what categories are available in your town.
  • Blogvertise: Earn cash for posts. Fair warning – there is a lot of… Um, not so good offers here. But, I do find plenty that I can post too – and taking 20 minutes to write up a $10 paying post, once a day, equals almost $300 a month. {The highest paying offer I’ve gotten there was around $35 bucks} Plus – they just started some new services, to pay you for tweets and possibly Facebook activity. I’m anxious to see how those roll out…
  • BlogFrog: If you’re a member of Blog Frog, fill out their blogger partner form for a chance to partner with them on fun campaigns! Blogger Partner Sign Up.
  • Social Spark: This is one of my consistent streams of income – easy posts, and they allow no-follow links. Tip: Make sure to connect your analytics, to ensure you get the right pay for your posts!
  • SITS Girls: Fill out their application to get matched with exciting opportunities to partner with sponsors. Learn more and sign up – SITS Girls Blogging Opp.
  • ChaCha Affiliates: This is another new one that I’ve joined recently – you have quite a few options on how you’d like to share their content, and it’s super easy to get started with and use. Learn more and sign up here.

Tools for Busy Bloggers

  • Sendible: I am totally in love with this site, and wish I’d found it a year ago. It’s the best way I’ve found to manage ALL of my social media. Seriously amazing. You can try it for 30 days free – you don’t have to add a credit card or anything, they’ll give you the option to give payment info after your 30 days, IF you want to continue. But you will – it’s awesome.
  • PicMonkeyIf you need a replacement for Picnik, you will love PicMonkey. I actually might even like it better – which I never thought I’d say about anything else, lol. It’s built so similar to Picnik that you’ll catch on within seconds, the layout is really cool and kinda retro, and there are some really awesome tools available.
  • Shared Schedules: Whether you want to be able to coordinate events and schedules with a team for blogging events and conferences coming up, or just keep your “home team” on a schedule together, this is an awesome tool you can access right from your smart phone.
  • Pinterest 101: A pretty comprehensive guide to everything Pinterest – It’ll help show you how to get started if you’re a beginner – but it’s also got some cool new tricks and tips to learn if you’re more of an expert. Pinterest 101: Pin Like a Rockstar!
  • Peer Index: If you’re a blogger, enter your info here, learn what they think of your social media influence, and qualify for fun free perks – kind of similar to Klout. Peer Index Influencer Perk.

Good Reads this Week

  • Facebook Update: Yes, Facebook DOES now have an option {available on almost all pages by now} to pay an advertising fee to promote your post to more of your fans than would normally get to see it. But NO, it is not the end of the world. Learn the facts on the new Facebook Change here.
  • Pinterest Scam: I had NEVER heard of this before – but there is an incredibly sneaky scam going on, involving a fake Pinterest link, your own posts, and a spammy download. Check it out – and share it around. Pinterest Scam info.
  • Blogging What You Love: Why I think it’s important to define your niche – whether it’s a specific category like green living, or a overall theme like humor, it’s important to know who you are, and why you’re blogging.
  • 31 Days to Build a Better Blog: I’m working on through this book right now – and LOVE it! Totally recommend checking it out, to get your blog rockin’ this year. Click here to view more details.
  • 8 Wildly Effective Ways to Promote Yourself Today: Free ebook you can request from Grow with Stacy. Get your free guide to promoting your blog posts.

Events & Parties to Join

  • Blogathon: This sounds like so much fun! The Biannual Blogathon Bash is coming up in June – and you can sign up now. It’s a 72 hour bash to try to get as much work done on your blog as possible, with mini-challenges, a Twitter party, and more. Love this.
  • Reviewer’s Retreat: Are you going to be there? If so – I’ll be helping out during the second Sponsor Speedway session, and would LOVE to connect with you there! Learn more about the brands I’m representing there, and I drop me a note on my Facebook wall with your name and blog if I’ll be seeing you there! I’m excited to meet some new faces :)
  • Blogger LinkUp: Get guest posts, offer guest posts, connect with sources for interviews, and more. Very cool, and I’m really liking it so far – Join Blogger LinkUp.
  • Blogging Conferences for Women: Find lists of all the cool conferences coming up this year, and plan to attend your favorites! Women’s Blogging Conferences 2012 schedule lists.

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