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Weekly Bloggertunities – 3/8

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Weekly Opportunities to Boost Your Blog

Welcome to another edition of Bloggertunities! I hope everyone’s new month is off to a rockin’ start – I know I’m about as busy as I can be. Woah boy! {When I finally figure out this whole “Clone-a-Blogger 5000” invention, I’m going to be rich. Right??} – Anyway…. As usual, if you have a great opp to share, linky to join, or event in need of new sign-ups – Share the info and link in the comments here, so everyone has more great stuff to check out. And – all contacts and opps in this post are always things that I have permission to share, which means you can share them too – feel free to post this link in any groups or networks you’re in. Blogging isn’t a race – there’s room for us all to be awesome. This week’s motivation for ya… “12 Stressful Things to Stop Tolerating” – By one of my all time favorite sites, Marc and Angel Hack Life.

Monetize Your Blog

The perks of blogging are great, right? But momma also needs to pay the bills. Here are a few of the ways that I’ve been earning cash this week – I have received at least one payment from every one of these sites, so they’re all legit.

  1. BlogServicesInc: I don’t have a lot to share on them yet. I just signed up, and have heard good things from other bloggers. Learn more about monetizing your site.
  2. SocialSpark: Love this site. Super fast payouts, easy to write posts, and fair compensation – I earn from $60-$200 per post. Tip: If you apply, and get denied – Email back and ask why. I was denied twice in the beginning, due to errors on their end. Many times if you contact them, you WILL be approved – worst that can happen is they give you tips to improve, and you can apply again! Join SocialSpark.
  3. INFOstable: This is a new affiliate network – and if you’re a member of Escalate, you’ll recognize the structure right away, it’s exactly the same. There aren’t a ton of offers, as it’s very new. But there are some great baby product giveaway offers, and it’s converting great for me. Learn more and sign up.
  4. Blogvertise: Earn cash for posts. Fair warning – there is a lot of… Um, not so good offers here. But, I do find plenty that I can post too – and taking 20 minutes to write up a $10 paying post, once a day, equals almost $300 a month. If you check in often for the grab bag tasks, it can be worth it. Just be careful, and make sure you’re only posting things that your readers will really like.
  5. YaySave: Are you signed up with them yet? I joined almost a year ago now, and love it. You can stock up on household products like cleaning supplies or beauty products, and they compare all prices to both Walmart & Amazon, to make sure you find the best price. You also earn SwagBucks with your purchases. And now, to sweeten the deal even more – they just launched a referral program! Earn up to $100 for each person you refer. Wow, right?

What sites do you do best with to earn cash payments? Great affiliates you want to share? If so, feel free to leave your own sign up link in the comments. If I’m going to join something new – I want one of YOU to benefit from it too!

Reviews & Giveaways

We all love getting to try the best new family-friendly products on the market, and sharing some insider info with our readers to help them make the best buying decisions. And being able to reward readers with some fun prizes is always a good day!

  1. Maggies Direct: Sign up to be a member of their Blogger Network for some great opportunities. I was approved as a member today, and the program looks really amazing. Learn more and Sign Up – Join Maggies Direct. You get certificate each month to choose a review product, have opps to do giveaways, and more.
  2. Influential Media: Sign up to be a part of this new network. You can indicate which opportunities you are interested in, from reviews and giveaways, to sponsored posts and ads.
  3. Kidstuff Public Relations: Email them to apply to be a partner blogger with them. You can read their terms, and what they expect – and they require a screenshot to give them information about your monthly page views. Learn more and see if you qualify: Kidstuff Blogger Inquiry.
  4. Mom Central: One of my favorite places to work with for reviews – they’re super organized, and make it really easy to complete their campaigns. Sign up as a Mom Central Blogger.

How do you get products for reviews and giveaways? Do you pitch companies yourself – any tips to share? Or do you have a favorite network not on this list? Share your great info in the comments!

Writing Jobs & Guest Posting

If you’re a blogger, my guess is that you like to write. If you do – there are SO many places to share your writing on the web. {FYI: I’m going to be opening up a guest blogging program next month – watch for the form to fill out, and share your great posts on my site!}

  1. The Mommies Network: There are a ton of different opportunities here if you’d like to expand the places that your writing is published. Check it out – Learn more and apply to post.
  2. If you’re an expert in your town – find your favorite topic on and apply to write your own column today! I’m working on getting more active with this – it’s a really fun way to get new exposure and experience as a writer, while earning a consistent income too!
You can also check out the great tips on in their freelance writing section for more great ideas on getting started.


More Great Stuff

Here are a few more random things that didn’t fit into the other categories – but that I thought you guys might like. You can also check out my boards on Pinterest for Blogging & Social Media Tips, and Tech Made Simple.

  1. Giving Back: Join Mom Bloggers for Social Good! No, this doesn’t monetize your blog or get you free stuff. But it’s a great way to use the huge influence and trusted voice you have to push for great changes in the world. I joined, and it’s a wonderful group of women – I’d love to have you join us too!
  2. StumbleUpon: Join a great, free, linky event and increase your traffic with StumbleUpon – I get over 10,000 page views each month from SU, and I find a lot of new pages to follow myself when I use it just for fun. Love it.
  3. Pinterest 101: A pretty comprehensive guide to everything Pinterest – It’ll help show you how to get started if you’re a beginner – but it’s also got some cool new tricks and tips to learn if you’re more of an expert. Pinterest 101: Pin Like a Rockstar!
  4. FREE Giveaway: This is a free giveaway event that you can join – Plus, you can purchase additional links if you want to really boost your blog. Check it out, learn more, and join this sweet new event I’m co-hosting!

Any other cool articles, ebooks, websites – anything you’ve found helpful this week – share it with me and the other amazing ladies reading this, in the comments below. You’re awesome!



  1. Love it!! There are a TON of opps here that I didn’t know about…off to join them all!! Thanks, Meagan, for what you do. :)

  2. Thanks, Meagan! Great opps as always :)

  3. Thanks! This is great!

  4. lots of great ideas :)

  5. Wow! Great and comprehensive info! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great list! Thanks for putting it all together! There are a few I’ve never heard of, so I’m off to check them out.

  7. Great list thanks! I’ve not had any luck with Blogvertise, only ones that don’t want you to disclose that it’s paid.

    It’s last minute but you said we could mention other things. This weekend is the Biannual Blogathon Bash. Get to your blogging to do list. Win Prizes. Have Fun. Be Productive. Info and Sign up here:

  8. I always learn of a new program from reading your posts. Thank you so much!

  9. Great resources! I will have to check out Examiner!

  10. Totally clipped it – so much info, I have to come back and work through it

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      I’m so glad to know that it helps you guys! I used to always find good stuff during the week, and wanted to share it around, but didn’t always have time to email a bunch of people. I figure this is an easy way for me to share the love :)

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