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Busy Mom Solution: Tricycoo is Stylish, Affordable, and Fun!

Tricycoo from Joovy

This is what happiness looks like…

As moms, we always want to find the best and brightest products for our children – from healthy snacks, to the coolest toys – we want them to have the best. But sometimes we settle for lower quality in toys and gear due to tight budgets. Well, I have found a new “Busy Mom Solution” product to solve this problem – The Tricycoo from Joovy is made by a family owned company, with factories right here in the US. Like all Joovy gear, it’s made from only the best quality components – plus they offer the greatest customer care and support you’ll find. And best of all – this is one of those rare toys that can really grow with your child. Not only does it have awesome features that adjust to your growing child’s needs, but it’s such great quality that it will actually LAST long enough to make it through several stages! It’s hard to find well-built quality kids toys these days at affordable prices – but you’ll find some amazing choices on!

Bell on Joovy Scooter

“Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music.” – William Stafford

Every detail has been thought of on the Tricycoo – and they are so much fun! This little bell on the handlebars delights Abby so much – she laughs and claps every time she gets it to ring! And it has a great retro type of sound – it reminds me of riding my bike around the neighborhood when I was a little girl.

Joovy Tricycoo


Another super great feature of the Tricycoo is the fun basket in the back – perfect to carry a mid-size diaper bag when we go on walks or on a trip to the park. And when we use the Joovy inside, Abby loves to fill the basket up with her “babies” – a random assortment of stuffed cats, dogs, or maybe even reindeer! It’s not big enough to be bulky or in the way – but definitely big enough to store all of your stuff. Super helpful.

Joovy Tricycoo Scooter


Kids never stay the same size for more than a few minutes – Everyone said that it would go by so quickly, and you know that it’s true. But you don’t really know it until you watch it happen to your own little one! It can be hard on a momma to realize they’re not a baby anymore – and sometimes it’s hard on the wallet to keep up with buying new toys and new gear for those fast-growing kiddo’s! That is what I love most about the Tricycoo – it’s meant as a beginner tricycle for kids as young as 18 months, {although Abby got hers last month at 16 months, and she fits perfectly!} – and it totally adjusts through each stage to fit your child as they grow. In the beginning, there are While your child is a beginner, there are “baby surround arms” to keep them safe while they learn balance. There is a little footrest that works perfectly while they get used to riding on it. As they grow, they can first use the pedals “unlocked”, so that they spin freely – then “lock” them and they can use their own push-power and ride like a big kid! While they’re learning, you get to control the bike by pushing and steering with the Parent Push Handle – It is SO cool that I can steer her around while we go on walks – Love this feature.

Joovy Tricycoo Collection

Learn More

As you can see – the Tricycoo comes in four super cheerful colors, and adjust from a beginner tricycle to a big kid bike! {Suggested for 18 months to 44 pounds}. To learn more about the Tricycoo, and all of the other totally amazing Joovy products – check them out online at

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And check out my album on Google+ to see more pic’s of this great kids tricycle – We had an incredible time trying it out and taking pictures, and it is definitely one of my very favorite kids products that I’ve seen this year!

{Disclaimer: We were provided with a complimentary Tricycoo from Joovy to review and share with you – but all photos, opinions, and overuse of exclamation points are my own – I love the Tricycoo!}



  1. That’s an amazing bike! Your daughter looks so happy riding it.

  2. Jennifer Hedden says

    That looks really neat. Have a Happy New Year!

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