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The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution!

No Cry Picker Eater Solution BookDo you struggle with getting a picky child to eat healthy foods?

Or is it a challenge just getting them to eat, period? As moms, we take our care-giving responsibility very seriously – and want so much to do the very best for our kids. When you’re trying so hard to find time to buy, prepare, and serve healthy meals packed with nutritious foods, only to be shot down every time by a picky-eater who refuses to even taste what you took so much care to make – well, frustration probably doesn’t even really cover it! Dinner time can be stressful enough when you’re a busy mom – when it turns into a battlefield full of pleading, fighting, or crying {from you both!} – something has got to be done. We all know that you can’t keep serving chicken nuggets forever….

Busy Mom Solution!

Elizabeth Pantley to the rescue! If you’re familiar with any of her other books, then you know that she has an amazing way of offering helpful tips, advice, and solutions – that are realistic and truly useful – in a way that is never critical, and very comforting. In The No-Cry Picky Eater Solution: Gentle Ways to Encourage Your Child to Eat – and Eat Healthy!, she gives you actions that you can use to make a real difference in mealtimes for your family! Make family dinners enjoyable again!

Say goodbye to the daily frustration of picky eating with these effective child-tested, parent-approved, No-Cry solutions plus healthy family-friendly recipes!

This book gives you so many great tools to use! Here are some of the great things that you’ll find inside:

  • Start by “hiding” healthier foods inside meals that they already love – and learn some great ideas on how to accomplish this.
  • Next, learn new ways to introduce healthy foods – They might not eat something at home, but will try it at a restaurant and love it, making it a new at-home dinnertime favorite too.
  • Use some of the super-fun recipes included to appeal to a child’s developing sense of taste, texture, and smell – making it more likely that they’ll give it a chance.
  • Learn how much of the different types of foods your child really needs at each age – you might even be doing better than you think!

Great advice, do-able solutions!

You can pick up a copy of Elizabeth’s book on Amazon for only $10.98 right now – and start making easy changes in your home today! This is the perfect time to begin using some of her ideas and tips – so that you can enjoy all of those great holiday dinners coming up soon! If you’re already using this book, I’d love to hear how it has helped YOUR family too – I know that it’s already making such a big difference in our home. I’ll give you an update soon too, on which tips are working best for us. I’d love to feature you too – let me know in the comments what new tricks from her book have made the biggest difference in your home!


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