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Busy Mom Solution: 5 Reasons I’m Letting Santa Handle My Christmas Lists

santashideout.comHere Comes Santa Clause, Here Comes Santa Clause….

Yep, it’s that time of year. Take a peek over on my sidebar – see the Christmas Countdown gadget? Only 32 more days until Santa gets here! That’s only about a month, ladies. Are you ready yet? It seems so early to plan for Christmas shopping when it’s not even Thanksgiving yet… But we all know – the longer you wait, the more hectic it will be! But, no worries. This year will be different. This year you will have your shopping lists totally under control. You will be organized and worry free. You will be relaxed and jolly and fully enjoying your holiday season. Why? Because I’m here to bring you a totally amazing new Busy Mom Solution – Santa’s Hideout!!

How Cool is This, right??

The video explains most of the basic details really well, but here’s a quick recap – Log in and set up an account at Add a bit of family info – nothing invasive, just basic names and birthdays. Then, you can even set parameters for each child. Maybe Johnny is allowed to add 20 items to his list, and the toys have to be under $50 bucks. These limits help keep the lists realistic.

Visit Santa’s Hideout today!!

Santa’s Desk

We all know about the North Pole, and Santa’s Workshop… But you might not know about Santa’s Desk. This is where all of Santa’s mail passes in and out – and once you’ve set up your account in Santa’s Hideaway, you get access to this desk too! The first task you’ll want to get checked off is to send out an invite to each of your children, from Santa himself, inviting them to start adding toys to their list. It’s easy peasy for them to click the link and get started, and I can guarantee even the “too cool” teenagers will secretly get a kick out of receiving an email directly from Santa Claus. You can also send out letters from “Santa” to the kids anytime you need to, with pre-written reminders encouraging good behavior, or your own message letting them know that Santa is watching. Love it! {Because yes, even good moms pull the Santa card this time of year. “You better finish up your veggies – Santa’s watching you!”}

Making a list, and checking it twice…

Once the kiddo’s get their invitation from Santa, they can use the simple drag and drop function to choose their favorite toys and add them to their Christmas list. {The site searches through the Amazon list of toys, so they have a HUGE selection to choose from!} Once the kids save their lists, you can edit them if needed. {No, Johnny, you don’t need 27 Nerf guns….}, and you can share the lists with friends and family. It works similar to a gift registry – but more fun! Your guests can notify when they’ve made a purchase from the Christmas lists, you can pick items to “Add to Santa’s Sleigh” that you want to purchase yourself, and set up Group gifts too.

5 Reasons I’m Letting Santa Handle My Christmas Lists This Year:

  • 1. This site is easy peasy to use, and even with all of the amazing tips, tools, and features – it’s still 100% totally FREE! Finally something that fits into my budget this season!
  • 2. It’s fun! Sending emails to the little ones from Santa isn’t the only fun thing to check out on this site – There’s also a Tips & Ideas section, filled with yummy cookie recipes, gift ideas, and more. Look forward to tons of new stuff coming soon too – the site just went live, and they’re adding great new content all of the time!
  • 3. It does the work for me! Anything that can save me time during the Holidays is much appreciated. Instead of answering the same question a million times, “What do the kids want for Christmas this year?” – I can simply email the link to all of my family and friends, so they can check it all out for themselves.
  • 4. It guarantees a happy Christmas morning! Ok, not quite. There is still the chance that your youngest will pull his sisters hair, or someone will knock over the tree. {What? Am I the only one who’s family knocks the tree down at least once every year?} But – since everyone had a great list of specific items that the kids wanted most, you know you’ll get to see a ton of huge smiles, and hear, “YES!! This is JUST what I wanted!!” all morning long. And what’s better than that?
  • 5. It’s safe. Your lists are password protected, they will NEVER use your kids email addresses for anything other than the lists that you send out, and the site will never spam you. Santa’s Hideout is brought to you by the amazing folks at Conde Nast {you know, the company that publishes ALL of your favorite magazines??} with the help of a team of momma “Elves”, who helped give feedback and ensure that this site is the perfect solution for your Busy Mom Holiday Challenges!

Check it out today!

{This sponsored post is another Busy Mom Solution – brought to you today by the lovely ladies at Maggie’s Clubs. I only share sites, products, and services that I know you’ll love!}



  1. I too reviewed this site and LOVE it so much! Can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. EEEK!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I love that the kids can create their own lists and it prevents duplicate purchases by family members. I have a lot of siblings and we are always double checking that we did not buy the same gift, especially for those holiday release dvds.

  3. No way. This is way cool.

    Sharing over on Facebook. Excellent mommy solution!

  4. Wow, Santa’s gone high tech! That is great. Can’t wait to check it out. I am a new GFC, Twitter and FB follower visiting from Milk and Cuddles. Vicky from Mess For Less

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