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Don’t be the only one missing out on this….

MySurvey Free Product TestDo survey sites really work?… There are a few reasons why I LOVE survey sites. I am on an incredibly tight budget – and the free gift cards, cash, and rewards that I earn from filling out quick surveys make a BIG difference in our life. These rewards help me do pretty much all of my Christmas shopping, which is amazing.

I also love the chance to do in-home product testing! So cool. Most of these sites will send you out FREE Full Size products, and you try them out with your family, then give your opinions. Then, they PAY you for sharing your thoughts about the FREE stuff they sent you. How can you not love that?

Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t be the only one missing out on all of this good stuff! As you can see from the pic’s here, these companies really are legit, and you really do get free stuff. Every site listed on this page is one that I use myself, and have gotten rewards from.

You can see that my recent tests have included a new natural teething gel for baby, Bounty Paper Towels, Cover Girl Mascara, Brand Name Dog Foods, and Salad Dressing. I’ve also done several diaper tests in the past month. I’m super excited for the new line of Pantene products that are coming soon too….. And I DO NOT want you guys to miss out on stuff like this!

Tips Coming Soon….

I’ll be sharing a post in a few days about how to get the most out of these types of sites when you don’t have a lot of time – so stay tuned for my best tips.

Until Then…

Check out this huge list of my trusted survey sites, and sign up for as many as you can. The more you sign up with, the more chances you’ll get for free stuff. You only do the surveys you have time for- just delete ’em if you’re busy! All of these sites are ones that I have used, earned at least one reward from, and that I can recommend confidently to you. There are a few of them that are referral links, and I earn a few cents when you’re join me – you’ll get links like that to share with your friends too, once you sign up. It’s not big bucks, but it does add to your earnings when you share your favorites with others, and help them learn how to use them too!

Free Products:

  • MySurvey – Take Surveys, Get FREE Products to try out, and Earn amazing Rewards!! {See the Cover Girl Mascara I got in the pic? Super cool.}
  • Synovate Opinion Panel – This is my VERY favorite! If the link doesn’t work – then they’re not currently taking apps. This can be tough to get into, but SO worth it!
  • Shoppers Voice – Join and you will automatically be eligible to receive exclusive money-saving coupons, free product samples, and other special offers by mail and email. Plus, you’ll also be instantly entered into the Grand Prize draw for $10,000 cash!
  • Global Test Market Panel – Test free products in your home and earn rewards. After you get to see new products and ideas before anyone else, it’s easy to understand why businesses don’t want their new ideas to leak out!
  • Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel – Must be over 18. Earn points that you can redeem towards seriously amazing stuff: I used to do this, and redeemed points for kitchen appliances and other cool home stuff. Been trying to get approved again forever!
  • Toluna – I just got the baby teething gel from Toluna, to test out at home. Plus, last week I got to do an interactive survey session, and earned $50 for it!!
  • Survey Spot – Frequent opportunities, average of 24 surveys a month. You’ll earn sweepstakes entries for each survey, to win $12,000! I get TONS of baby products to test from them!

Earn Gift Cards!

  • Valued Opinions – Every survey earns you points, and you turn those into FREE gift cards!
  • MyPoints – Earn with surveys, shopping, and SO much more. Then turn those points into FREE gift cards, hundreds to choose from! {One of my favorite sites!}
  • Consumer Advisory Panel – Earn gift cards for sharing your opinions, and enter to WIN $50 gift cards for completing surveys too!
  • SwagBucks – the easiest way to earn free stuff on the web! Redeem for my favorite, Amazon gift cards, or even PayPal cash!
  • Ipsos I-Say Young Adults Survey – Only for young adults, which means ages 18-30. That means I am now an “old” adult, since I’m over 30. No fair.

Earn CASH rewards!

  • Vindale Research – Earn from $5 to $75 per survey!
  • Inbox Dollars – Earn $5 bucks cash today, and request a check every time you hit $20. Plus, earn .10 cents per coupon you print and redeem. Sweet!
  • DollarSurveys – Take free surveys and earn a dollar for each survey you complete! Visit everyday for more surveys, and you can cash out via PayPal every Friday!
  • Opinion Outpost – Join the survey research panel and start taking surveys to earn cash!

Sign up today!

It is SO easy to earn a really huge amount of cash, gift cards, and free products – all just by sharing YOUR opinions on products you use every day. Companies are all competing for the attention of busy moms, and want to learn what they can do to get it, so your opinions are VERY valuable to them! There is no “catch”, it’s easy to do, and you will love the rewards.


You can check out the FAQ section on any of these sites for more info, or feel free to ask me some questions in the comments! I’ve been using these sites for years, and should be able to answer almost any question you have!! And make sure to use the social buttons to share these great opportunities with your friends on Facebook and Twitter too! They’ll love you for it :)



  1. Thanks for some really interesting info, I did not realize that the upside was that good, I will defintely consider this, thanks again!

  2. I haven’t signed up for many of these because I haven’t found the return to be worth the effort. Might be signing up for the wrong kinds. Thanks for the tips. I’m going to check some of them out! You rock!

  3. That’s a really comprehensive list! A few I have used, I may have to look into the others.

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