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Are these super cute, or what?

Kneekers® - Lime Fizz

Introducing Kneekers!

Ah Goo Baby calls these, “Knee-shoes for your little crawler!” So cute, right? I used these for the first time about a month ago, and they are SUCH a great idea!

Crawling = Banged up Baby Knees!

My little one was just learning to take her first few steps when we started using the Kneekers, but crawling was still her main form of transportation. It’s summer, so she spends all day with her little chunky legs bare, and they were getting a bit roughed up from crawling on the hard tile in the kitchen, scratchy old rugs in the living room, and hard pavement of our patio. So I was super excited to get these and protect those chubby baby knees! {speaking of chubby legs- Ah Goo Baby will be coming out with a new “Chunkalicious style of Kneeker, for babies with bigger thighs, sometime soon. I’ll keep you posted.}

From Crawling to Walking…

Now that she is walking more, the Kneekers are still super helpful! She is getting pretty fast, but isn’t all that steady on her feet. {You know, that drunken-sailor-baby-walk? That’s her.} But as long as she’s got her Kneekers on, she’s got at least a little cushion when she falls down. Plus, sometimes walking is too much work, and she’ll use that lighting-baby crawl to get to what she wants as fast as possible, before mommy can catch her. She thinks this is pretty funny :)

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A few fun facts:

  • Durable, machine washable and dryer safe. {They look great even after repeated washing.}
  • BPA Free. {This is extremely important to me in baby products.}
  • Prevents carpet burns and scrapes while crawling. {Works great!}
  • Protects delicate knees from falls while learning to stand and walk.
  • Affordably priced at only $12.95 for your baby or as a gift to a friend’s! {Super great value, and you’ll use them a TON.}
  • A fun accessory your baby will love! {Seriously adorable. Everyone asks where we got them.}

Win a set for YOUR baby!

The wonderfully generous folks over at Ah Goo Baby are giving one of YOU a FREE pair of Kneekers to protect your baby too!

{Disclaimer: I was provided a free pair of Kneekers from Ah Goo Baby to review, but as always, the opinions in the review are 100% my own. I only speak the truth to you ladies :)}

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