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OhmyHECK – Remember Popoids Toys?

I LOVED these when I was a kid!

I remember getting these in my Happy Meal at McDonalds, and being SO super excited to bring them home to add to my collection.

We were really poor when I was a little girl… Like, one year we were the family that the church chose to sponsor kind of poor… And going to McDonalds was a big luxury anyway. When the trip rewarded me with not only my beloved Chicken Nuggets and Hi-C Orange drink, a crawl through the Big Mac Maze, and a quick hide-out in the Hamburgler Jailhouse- when I got not just any toy, but my FAVORITE Popoids toys- I was as excited as a kid all jacked up on sugary soda can get!!!

Haven’t seen ’em in years!

I wouldn’t have believed that they even made these anymore, until I saw that they’re available today on Totsy!! And, not only can I actually buy them, but they’re also HALF OFF!!! The sale only lasts for a couple days, and some sets were sold out already, but I got one. My inner child has a very happy heart tonight…

How to get them-

Head over to Totsy, and register really quick for an account if you haven’t already. {It only takes a sec, and they won’t spam ya, just one email per day with the newest sales, promise.} Then, on the main screen, just click on the big graphic with the BUILDING TOY EVENT on it, and get to shoppin’!!

If for some sad reason you miss out on this, {it’s a very limited time sale} I also found them on Amazon – Popoids 140-Piece Construction Set In Bucket – but they’re double the price! So, if you remember these, and are as excited as I am to know that they still exist, and are also excited to fight the kids for the chance to build with them {lol, but only kind of…} then jump on this deal at Totsy today!


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