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Is Cash 4 Gold a Scam?


Scam or Legit?

I’ve been seeing commercials and other ad’s for this Cash 4 Gold deal for awhile now, and finally requested a packet to be sent to me. I have some old gold jewelry that I don’t wear, that’s super 80’s style, and it wasn’t worth much of anything at our local pawn shop or jewelry buyer. So, I thought maybe I’d send it in, see what I get, right? It’s pretty much worthless right now anyway, so no big loss if I’m unhappy with their service.

I checked them out on one of my favorite research sites, Ripoff Report, and they gave the company really great ratings, and said that while people have reported problems and complaints about Cash4Gold on their site, that the Cash4Gold company has been great at addressing them and offering solutions.

My Experience with Ripoff Report

I used to work for a company called HouseValues, and loved it. I sold services and products, via cold calling, to Real Estate professionals across the country. I KNEW that I was providing quality services, since I had so many clients who, 3-4 months after using our products, would call me and tell me how I literally changed their life. Their business had grown so much, they were meeting so many goals… It’s a really great feeling to know that you’re truly helping people!

But… There were always those clients who signed up with unrealistic goals, or were the type to be unhappy about everything, and would say that we were a “scam”. That’s how I found Ripoff Report for the first time, because a client told me that my company was on there! After reading the complaints listed, I was so shocked… Much of it was totally off base, and not at all what we do.

Grain of Salt…

So, I learned that you have to take those types of complaints with a bit of skepticism. Especially when we later found out that some complaints, once investigated, were not even real customers, but competitors.

Even so, I’ve used Ripoff Report for years now, to research new companies that I might want to use or promote. You can learn a lot by reading the “complaints”, and can usually tell pretty quickly if they are legitimate problems, or just “sour grapes” type of people. It seems like Cash4Gold is an honest company, but that some people expect their jewelry to be worth big bucks, and are very mad when it’s not.


I’d love to hear your feedback! Since I’m known as the Freebie Girl, everyone asks me for advice on things, and this is one that I get asked about a TON!

I’m using them partly so I can be able to offer an honest assessment of their service, but I’d like to hear some additional REAL stories from my readers. I trust your stories.

Thanks {in advance!} for sharing…



  1. Gold set another record high today so it’s a good time to get rid of your old jewelry. Due to a financial hardship, I sold all my jewelry almost 4 years ago. It was a lifetime’s collection and I was thrilled to get the money (cash). Don’t do it through the mail, though. My advice is to find a local jeweler who makes custom pieces and take your jewelry in to get a price. A good jeweler will test and weigh everything while you watch. It’s also important to not set your expectations too high. Unless you have very high demand items or really exquisite pieces, you will not receive what you initially paid for your jewelry. But if it’s sitting in your jewelry box, why not get the money. Same advice goes for selling sterling silver, including flatware and solid silver (not plated) serving pieces.

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