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{Mommy Thoughts} How to Pick a Baby Name

Picking a Baby Name…

How did you choose your baby’s name? I had such a hard time, since I am one of those people that can never make a decision. We agreed that if it was a boy, he’d be named after his daddy… But I got to pick a boy middle name. One day at work, some little boy yelled to his brother, and instantly, I knew that Wyatt was the middle name for my son. Done, just like that.

It’s a Girl!

When we found out that we were having a girl, it fell to me to choose the new name. {I was SOOO surprised to find out it was a girl, and thrilled. All of my friends and family only have baby boys… I had started to think baby’s only came in “boy”, lol}.

Searching for Inspiration…

I started out by browsing on baby names sites, to get ideas. I had never planned to become a mom, and had NEVER given any thought to names, {although I have friends who have planned names for whole herds of future babies…} I found a few that I liked… Olivia, but a friend of mine had a daughter with that name, so it was out. Isabella, but no one in the family liked it, and I have a friend with a dog named Bella. My mom wanted me to name baby after her, but Debbie didn’t seem like a very modern baby name. Dad shot down the name Lily, and Emma was out because that was his other daughters name.

The search continues…

I looked at things like most popular baby names, celebrity names, and even used online tools like random name generators! Finally, I came across a name that just suddenly, just like the baby boy name, felt right….

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Her name was Abigail! And we’d call her Abby :) As soon as the name was chosen, it just felt right, and I knew it was what I’d been looking for. It also changed the way I felt about my pregnancy… Suddenly, this baby was a real person. Instead of saying, “when the baby comes”, I could say “when Abby comes..”

How did YOU choose your baby’s name?

Did you use a baby name idea site to help you choose, or a book, or did you just use a family name?? I’d love to hear your stories, so share them in the comments below!


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