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{Blogging Tips} How to Host a Giveaway

Hosting giveaways is a LOT of work, {I never realized back in my pre-blog days how much work went into it} but, for me, it’s one of the most fun parts of the job! I love, love, LOVE being able to send out an email to a fan, telling them that they will be getting a super cool prize, and it’s great to get those “Thank you” emails back after they’ve received it too.

One of my first giveaways...

What are the benefits of hosting a giveaway?

Maybe you’re thinking, “Ok, Meagan, you just said that putting together a giveaway is a ton of work. Why would I even want to do one then?” Fair question, right? Here are some of the many benefits you get:

  • It is a GREAT way to meet new faces! Linking up your giveaway on a bunch of sites will help to drive some new traffic your way, which is a goal that most of us have.
  • It can help you grow your social networks. Allowing people to get bonus entries for following you on Twitter and Facebook is a really great way to gain new fans!
  • It can help you with your stats. A giveaway boosts your traffic, meaning lots more visitors to your site. You often gets loads of people sharing your link on other networks, to share the giveaway with their friends. That means more faces seeing your link, and more links in can help your stats a ton! I went from a page rank of 0, to a 3 {woah!!} after joining in the super fun Blog Hop 2011 last month!
  • You can build great partnerships with brands and other bloggers. Brands love giveaways, since it’s an easy way for them to get a ton of positive exposure, and gain new followers, without much work on their part. And it can be the start to a long-term relationship {that sounds like you’re dating, I know…} with the brand, which can be really beneficial to you and your blogging goals. Plus, meeting other bloggers during link-ups or blog hop events can lead to some great new ideas and networking!

How to Partner with Sponsors

So, now you realize, “Hey, a giveaway DOES sound like a great idea for my blog! But where the heck will I get a prize from?” Well, you have many options…

  • Supply the prize yourself. Yep, spend your OWN money, and put together a fun prize for your fans. I did this with bunches of my prizes in the beginning. I was lucky to have been a giveaway junkie, and had a few cool {but un-needed} prizes that I could give away. The rest I bought myself.
  • Approach someone directly. There are tons of Etsy shop owners looking for a way to promote themselves, and I know a lot of my friends have said that they are nervous to approach a blogger about a giveaway… So reach out to some of your favorite shops and see if they’re interested! Once you’ve got a little bit of experience hosting giveaways, you can contact bigger companies too, and see if they may be interested in partnering with you.
  • Join some great networks! I am a member of a TON of blog networks, and I learn so much from them. Many of these networks share cool new opportunties for reviews and giveaway with their members- You find the ones that would be a good fit for you and your readers, and apply for it. Then, the company will contact you directly if they’re interested. Love it.

Great Blogging Networks to Join

It’s been a while since I signed up on most of these sites… I remember quite a few asking if someone refered you to them, and some of these sites have an approval process before you’re accepted. Feel free to mention that you learned about them here if you want to. {Also, because I didn’t know this before… Right click the link to each network, and it’ll pop it open in a new window. That way you can keep this original list to come back to, and check out all of the sites. I can’t believe that I just learned this, so sharing in case someone else can use a new tip too.}

  • GiveawayBlogs: A new network that I LOVE… and NOT just because I won a Wii in one of their awesome giveaways. {but it did make me love them more :)} They connect business with bloggers, and help you find great giveaway opps! Sign up here.
  • Blogaholic Network: They have a great group you can join and connect with sponsors. Check them out, Blogaholic Network Sign Up.
  • Broadcast Bloggers: Sign up here, and start finding new opportunties. Tons of stuff here to check out, you’ll love it.
  • Mom Spark Media: You have to pay for a subscription to join Mom Spark Media; You can sign up here. It’s totally worth it! I love getting notified when new members join, so if you’d like, you can use the code: SUNSHINEANDSIPPYCUPS in the referral box. They give you access to paid post and guest post opp’s, new review and giveaways to host, live chats and webinars, and more.
  • One2One Network: “O2O member bloggers have the opportunity to get a ‘first look’ at our clients’ latest offerings, review cool new products, provide readers with discounts and the for the business minded, an opportunity to build their brand engagement resume.” Sign up here.
  • MamaBuzz: Helps you find new review opp’s! Sign up.
  • Bloggerdise: Sign up here, and once you’re set up you can choose the offers you want. Easy to use!
  • The Brand Buzz Network: I don’t have too much to say about this one, since I haven’t used them much. Which reminds me that I should take the time to check it out better, lol. Sign up here.
  • Mom Bloggers Club: SO MUCH great info on this site. You will love it. Join here.

Now you’ve got a prize, and now how fun and effective a giveaway can be for your blog, your readers, and your stats…. Next you’ve got to learn the basics of setting it up, how to ensure the winner is picked in a way that is fair, some tips, and most important- How to promote it so people will find it! I’ll cover all of these in the next post… I’ll get it finished up first thing in the morning to share!

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  1. Great list! My blog is less than 2 months old & I’m still trying to get traffic. How much traffic do most of these networks & sponsors like to see to give you things for giveaways?

  2. Meagan! I love you tips! Thank you so much for sharing!!
    I’m your newest follower now!

  3. Where is the next post? I’ve hunted high and low on your site and can’t find listings by date. Can you point me to the next post on how to set up a giveaway? Thanks so much!


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