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Makin’ Money Monday

If you’re a fan of my blog, I’m assuming that you’re at least a little bit like me…

You like to save money.

  • You want to get the BEST possible value when you DO spend money, by finding great quality products at deep discounts.
  • You love getting things free, whether it’s a cool new sample offer, a prize winning, or an excellent use of coupons.
  • You’re always looking for a way to earn a little extra money.

Does that sound like you?

Well, from now on, every money will be Makin’ Money Monday, where I’ll share new tips on how to earn some extra cash from home!! Rockin’ right?

How to Make Money Online

We’re all looking for Big Money No Whammies, right?? {Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one who remembers that show?} Anyway, there are a TON of scams when you start searching online for “Make Money From Home”, or “Make Money Online”.

But there are plenty of legit ways to earn some extra cash. Today I’ll share some tips on survey companies, since that is the first way that most people start earning a bit of money.

Why use Survey Sites?

I’ve used a ton of these for years now, and get some pretty awesome rewards. I save most of the FREE gift cards I earn until the holidays, which helps a TON. The checks I earn really do add up. And the FREE products I get to test are awesome, and help with my budget, since they’re one more thing I don’t have to buy!

Want to get Started?

  • A couple of tips… Sign up for as many sites as you think you can handle. Some will send you lots of surveys, some very few. The more surveys you get, the more rewards you’ll be able to earn.
  • I hear a lot of people suggest getting a seperate email account for these, but I’ve NEVER had trouble with spam from my survey sites. And I like them coming to my main personal email so I don’t miss any.
  • Don’t get discouraged. Just try to do a couple a day, when you have a little time. By the end of the month, I PROMISE that you’ll be pretty surprised to see how much earnings you’ll have added up in all of your accounts!

My Favorites:

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars- You get $5 FREE just for setting up your account, and there are a TON of ways to earn. You get rewards in cash, sent as checks, you can cash out at $30.

MyPoints rewards you with FREE gift cards, and they have hundreds to choose from, in amounts ranging from $10-$100. I almost always get $50 cards, they’re a pretty good value.

Toluna is another great one that rewards you with cash! You can request a check every time you reach $20.

Survey Spot is a fun one… They do a lot of giveaways on top of the rewards. PLUS, I just got a product test from them, it’s on the way, to try out a whole package of FREE diapers from Huggies!! Love it.

DollarSurveys – Take free surveys and earn a dollar for each survey you complete! Visit everyday for more surveys Click Here to check it out. This is cool because they pay you ONCE A WEEK with PayPal!

MySurvey – Take Surveys, Earn Rewards, It’s Easy & Free! Click Here. One of my NEW favorites!! They’ve started doing a TON of product tests lately. That means you get a FREE product {I’ve had salad dressing and Cover Girl full size mascara lately} to test, then get rewards for giving your opinion!

There ya go girls and guys! Get signed up for a couple, or all of them, and start earning some extra cash and other free goodies! Any questions about how this stuff works, leave me a comment and I’ll answer them for you :)


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