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Starting the Weight Loss Journey…

Summer is coming, and I still have way too much of this “Baby Baggage” left over from being pregnant last summer…

It’s tough because, well, honestly, diet and exercise just aren’t my thing.

I like cupcakes. I like a glass of wine. I love to cook tacos, and bbq hot dogs, and eat tater tots.

Problem is, I kind of look like a tater tot. Which is not a good look.

I’m on a mission to lose about 20 pounds. Summer is coming, and our new house has a really awesome in-ground pool. And I don’t want to spend money on a new swim suit. So it’s time to get movin’.

I signed up today for the Jillian Michaels Free Trial, for a FREE 7 days of the program. Worth a shot, right?

You have to enter your credit card info to sign up, and if you love it and want to stick with it, they’ll charge you $4 bucks a week to continue. Not bad at all, right? Plus, I think that spending the money, even though it’s only a tiny amount, will help me to take it seriously. And if you don’t like it, you just cancel before the 7 days are up. I put a note on my calendar for day 6, so I can decide to cancel or keep going.

Read a little more:

Three Reasons My Program Works
1. My Experience
I’ve been helping people lose weight for 18 years. And I’ve struggled with my own weight issues. Trust me, I know what works.
2. No Gym Required
You pick when and where you want to work out. You’ll get all the tools, support, and motivation you need from my customized online program.
3. It’s Customized
Based on your body type, fitness level, and goals – you’ll get a customized weight loss program designed for maximum results.

I had looked into quite a few programs in the past, and you might remember some of my other posts asking for advice. While I think that the Weight Watchers program is pretty awesome, and know people who have used it successfully, it just cost way too much for me.

So, I’m going to at least try this out. Nothing to lose, right? Well, except the size of my hips :) If any of you guys are interested in joining too, or are already members, I’d LOVE to hear it!

If there are a few of you that join, I’d like to hear your stories, and share them in some posts, to help keep everyone motivated!

So let me know in the comments:

  • Are you already a member? What do you think of the program?
  • Have you used this program in the past? How did it work? Any tips?
  • Or, did you join today? What are your weight loss goals? What is your biggest challenge?

I really do eat pretty healthy, and am moderately active since I’m chasing a baby and a 4 year old all day. But I definitely need a jumpstart to help me on the way to my goals! I’m excited to give this a try…


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