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Fashion Friday: Special Flash Sale Event!!

Who loves fashion? No, I don’t mean, “NYC Fashion Week, totally unrelatable to real-life fashion.” Stuff that real women wear. As a work at home mom, one of the best things that ever happened to me was when leggings became cool again. They’re like, sweatpants trendier cousin. You still get an elastic waistband for comfort, but they’re more acceptable in public. Same with yoga pants. I LIVE in stretch pants, long tanks or tunics, and cardigans. With lots of fun, funky accessories. Because even the simplest outfit can be worn a few times a week {come on, you know you’ve done it, lol} when you change up your accessories. And when they’re crazy-amazingly affordable, {I call that cramazingly….} it’s even better. So check out the flash deals available ONLY tomorrow, from one of my fave sites, Cents of Style.

Cents of Style Flash Friday

Starting tomorrow this morning, right now, there’s a HUGE flash sale on all of the awesome accessories at Cents of Style. There’s a new flash sale every few hours, or until they sell out. Plus, keep reading, because there’s a BONUS gift with purchase too! [Read more…]


How to Make Personalized Hand Stamped Jewelry

Hand stamped jewelry personalized just for you… I’m a total accessory junkie. I can’t resist buying a new set of sparkly bangle bracelets, a handful of bold cocktail rings, or a fun pendant or two. I’m also a crafty type, and have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to awesome DIY fashion and accessory ideas. But I know that not everyone has that crafty side – but most of us are still looking for those perfect pieces of jewelry that are as unique as we are, right?

How to make hand stamped jewelry [Read more…]


Fall Style Report: Pick Pumpkin!

How can you not love pumpkins in the fall? There’s pumpkin bread, new Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks, The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, the Pumpkin that brings Cinderella to the ball…. Some of my fave things involve pumpkin! So, when it comes to this year’s fall style, I’m definitely digging a pumpkin inspired look. {Well, not a pumpkin SHAPE, silly – more of the color and texture….} Keep reading to see my fave new pumkin-inspired find for fall –

pick pumpkin for fall fashion - pumpkin fashions

Fall Fashion – Pick Pumpkin!

I just adore this color lately… And pumpkin is way more versatile than you might think. You can wear it with black or brown. It works with other neutrals as a pop of brightness, and contrasts great with other colors, like a bright teal, navy blue, forest green, and looks great with so many fall prints. Love it. Here are some of my faves:

  • Philosophy: Get this Homemade Pumpkin Pie scented product to bring a yummy fall baking scent with you all day long. This is a multi-tasker – it’s a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath all in one!
  • Bracelet: I totally love this sun catcher crystal bracelet from Oka Jewelry – so pretty, and it’s a steal at only $19.99. Comes in a rainbow of other colors too!
  • Ring: This pretty bright-orange pumpkin ring is available on Etsy – perfect from Halloween all the way through fall to Thanksgiving.
  • Hair Accessories: How fun is this pumpkin patch-inspired Harvest Hair Crown, also available on Etsy? This could work with everything from a hoodie and boots to a pretty fall dress.
  • Shoes: Oh, how I need to learn to walk in heels again… These Pumpkin Suede pumps from Chinese Laundry are perfect for this time of year! Pair them with thick tights and a solid grey knee length dress – then toss on a printed scarf with a hint of pumpkin color in it to match!
  • Purse: Last but DEFINITELY not least – Check out my absolute favorite new find for fall… The Nicole Double Shoulder Bag in Pumpkin from Emilie M. Affordable and so fun – Perfect way to add a little bit of fall to your wardrobe.

I got this pretty new Emilie M. bag a few weeks ago, and at first, I wasn’t totally sure about this color. I had ordered it in pumpkin because I want to bring a new fall color into my wardrobe this year – and I’ve never really worn this shade. {I pretty much wear all black, all the time. Sometimes I mix it up with some dark grey…} But it arrived, and I thought – Man, why did I get brave? What will I wear this with?? But I wanted to shake up my usual same-old a bit, so I loaded it with my daily “mom gear” – ad committed to giving it a try. I am SO glad that I did – seriously, I have gotten more compliments on this than any other purse that I’ve had in years. And this color seriously matches EVERYTHING.

pumpkin purse and fall fashion

Rockin’ the Pumpkin Purse for Fall

Love this, right? I thought that it might look too “Halloween-y” with a black dress, but it totally works. It’s not a bright orange – this shade seriously works as almost a neutral. It also looks amazing with a pair of jeans, chunky cream-colored sweater, and tall brown boots. Well – Like I mentioned, it works perfect with everything. For real, ladies.

coupon code for Emilie M. - Emilie M. Purses for fal

Want to check out the new fall purse line-up at Emilie M. too? Use coupon code SPEAKUP at check out on to receive $10 off your first purchase!!

For more great mom-friendly fashions, check out my Momma Loves Fashion board on Pinterest!

{Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of SheSpeaks/Emilie M. I received a complimentary purse of my choice for this campaign – but only the best products make it onto this site. I love this brand, and think you will too!}