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Why You Need a Nature’s Sleep Pillow

Big thank you to Nature’s Sleep for letting me try out another one of their awesome memory foam pillows, the Aerated ViscoLight Dual Pillow. As a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador {#NSAmbassador} I received complimentary product to test out and share opinions with you – no financial compensation was received.

I’m a fussy sleeper. I haven’t always been this way – in my younger days I could fall asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. But as life has changed over the past 3 years – becoming a first-time mom, moving to a new home, starting my business from home {and the crazy-long hours that come with being a business owner learning the ropes!} – I’ve had a lot more trouble falling asleep. The temperature has to be just right, the white noise from my Dyson bedside fan is an absolute must, the room has to be totally dark, and of course – I MUST have the proper combination of pillows.

Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Cover

I’m a side-sleeper. I cannot – never, ever, ever – sleep without a body pillow. {When traveling, I make-do with two big plush pillows, once between my knees, and one to hug onto.} And, I have always had to sleep with two pillows under my head, but it was always tricky finding the exact size and firmness combination to keep my neck and back from aching in the morning. Until I was introduced to Nature’s Sleep, that is.

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Nature’s Sleep Cayman Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Does It Live Up to the Hype?

I’m a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador – #NSAmbassador – and receive complimentary memory foam products to test out and share with you guys…

As some of you may remember, as part of my big home makeover project we’ve been working on, I’ve been in the process of redoing our Master Bedroom over the past few months. We bought a new rug, built a closet, got a new TV and mount for the wall, painted the whole room, and even bought all new bedroom furniture too. And what’s a new bed without a new mattress, right? I mean, it doesn’t matter if the room looks good if the bed isn’t comfy. So I was absolutely THRILLED to find out that I was chosen to be a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador this year, so that I could try out some of the latest and greatest memory foam products, and have the most amazingly comfy bed ever. Remember when we first got it? It came all rolled up in a little box, which was crazy…

Now, after getting over the amazement of how such a big, fluffy, plush mattress could be squeezed up into such a small package – I have to admit it, I started feeling a little skeptical. I mean, it was seriously heaven when I laid down on it for the first time. Like, love-love-love. But I wondered… since it’s just foam, with no springs or anything inside, wouldn’t it just kind of squish down in places after awhile? Would it really hold up, and still form perfectly to me each time I laid down? Or would it flatten out after time?

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5 Tips to Help Moms Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Big thank you’s to Nature’s Sleep – they’ve provided me with memory foam products to try out and share my honest opinion…

I’m a mom. A mom who runs a business from home. A mom who runs a business from home while also running after a 3 year old all day. So – I need my rest. I don’t always have much time to devote to sleep, so the hours I do get, I need to make them worth it. Which is why I am always looking for tips and tricks, products and picks – things that can help me get a better night’s sleep. Most of you know already how much I love, love, love my Nature’s Sleep products – from our new memory foam mattress to the amazing pillows – they really envelop me in a super supportive cocoon of sleep-inducing amazingness. But, there are a few other great tips you can use too, to sleep better. Keep reading to learn more…

How to get a better night sleep - for moms

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How to Sleep Like a Baby – Even When You Have a Baby

Thank you to Nature’s Sleep for providing me with memory foam products to try out and share my honest opinion with you ladies.

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.” – Leo J. Burke… This quote is so darn true, right? I remember when Abby was born – I had never experienced such extreme exhaustion in my entire life. She hated going to sleep, and I’d rock her for hours sometimes. Then she’d wake up repeatedly all night long – waking me up too. I wish I’d know what I know now back in those bleary-eyed days – so I’m sharing some tips to help you sleep better once you bring a new baby home too. Keep reading to learn what worked for us.

Tips on sleeping like a baby - when you have a baby!

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Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Pillows Give Us All A Good Night’s Sleep! #NSAmbassador

Nature's Sleep BloggerI’m excited to be partnering with Nature’s Sleep – they provided me with the memory foam pillow to try out and share my honest opinion. Because we all deserve a better night’s sleep!

A good night’s sleep… Sounds like such a simple thing, right? But after becoming a mom, it’s one of those things in life that changed. Like the size pants I fit into, the tiger stripes on my stomach, and the number of grey hairs on my head. At first, it was the newborn days… I feel like I was either feeding or pumping every hour of the day and night. But I have no idea – I was so sleep deprived it’s all a blur. Now, as an almost 3-year old, Abby sleeps pretty well. She’s on a funky sleep schedule since dad and I are both work at home parents, and she stays up late with us, and sleeps in late with daddy. But, the biggest problem for all of us is that she sleeps in our bed. And it’s a queen size bed. And none of us would go by the nickname “slim,” if you know what I mean :)

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