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24 Day Challenge: Shed those holiday pounds!

Advocare 24 day challenge

24 Day Challenge Bundles are on sale up to $20 off!!

The amazing Tiffany and Sean from Advocare want to help you shed those Holiday pounds!! Average results after using the 24 Day Challenge Bundle are – 5-15 inches smaller, 5-20lbs lighter, and an increase in energy. How awesome does that sound? You can also learn a little more about them here – Weight Loss & Natural Products – Directory.

Each Bundle includes every single one of these awesome products:

  • One box of Herbal Cleanse-Citrus
  • One bottle of OmegaPlex®
  • One box of AdvoCare Spark®-Mandarin Orange
  • One box of AdvoCare Spark®-Fruit Punch
  • Your choice of one box of Meal Replacement Shakes – Chocolate, Vanilla, or Berry
  • Your choice of one box of MNS® Max 3, C, or E
To learn more about this great deal on the Challenge Bundle, and get a jump start on YOUR 2012 Weight Loss Resolutions – Visit their site – – today!

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Baby Safety Is Not Just Cribs and Car Seats…

Tiny baby hands with Mommy“There’s only one pretty baby in the world, and every mother has it….” – Unknown.

So true, right? Every mother believes that her perfect tiny baby is the most amazing baby in the world…. and they’re right. Because every baby IS amazing. And every mother wants to find the best products for their little ones. When you think of safety in regards to baby products, most of you probably think about car seats, cribs, toys, and baby gates – but it’s important to think about safety when buying personal care products for baby too. So many lotions, soaps, and shampoos have yucky ingredients that have the potential to be harmful. Dr. Sears Family Essentials line of Baby Care products are made from 100% all natural ingredients, so you can feel good using them!

Why use natural baby products?

Many synthetic ingredients are found in cosmetics, and even in over the counter baby products.  These products don’t cause immediate visible signs of toxicity, but can affect the health of the baby negatively over time through repeated use.  Some of these can lead to rashes, respiratory distress, even long term health consequences. {Read more here.}

Dr. Sears Family Essentials Baby ProductsWhy Dr. Sears?

I was already a huge fan of Dr. Sears, and his books The Portable Pediatrician: Everything You Need to Know About Your Child’s Health, and The Baby Book: Everything You Need to Know About Your Baby from Birth to Age Two are my most-used reference books when I have baby questions. The Portable Pediatrician gives me so many great solutions when Abby’s not feeling well. I seriously do not know what I would do without them. When I learned about their new line of Baby Products, of course I was really excited to try them out, since I have so much trust in Dr. Sears. I love that the products are made from really safe natural ingredients, I love that they’re affordable and easy to find, and I’m totally in love with the quality – which is the most important part, right? Plus, Abby LOVES them!

What I love most:

Dr. Sears Family Essentials Baby LotionThe lotion: The Dr. Sears Family Essentials Baby Lotion in Citrus smells so yummy! The first time I used it, Abby wanted to eat it – she scooped a dab off of her tummy and licked her finger. Evidently it tastes as good as it smells, because she wanted more, lol. Although I don’t recommend this as a snack, since it’s made with natural ingredients, at least it’s safe and non-toxic. This can be used every day, and will keep baby’s delicate skin soft, and protected. Available for $6.99.

The baby wash: The Dr. Sears Baby Wash & Shampoo in Citrus is such a great idea – why don’t more baby wash products come in a pump container? It is so much easier to use one hand to pump a bit out, so I can keep the other hand on baby – and I really like that it’s a wash and shampoo in one. And it smells just as good as the lotion! It’s also a tear-free formula, of course – and washes away with no residue. You can get the big bottle of Baby Wash & Shampoo for only $5.99.

The diaper Cream: We tried a new line of diapers, and they just did not keep Abby dry at night, at all. After just a couple of days, she ended up with a pretty bad diaper rash, poor baby. The Dr. Sears Healthy Baby Bottom really helped soothe her, and I swear it cleared up the rash faster than any products I’ve used before. We now use this every day, and haven’t had any troubles with diaper rash since we’ve started with it. You can pick up a package of the Healthy Baby Bottom cream for $6.99.

Get FREE Shipping on all Dr. Sears online orders over $60! Stock up on great baby products, helpful books, kids vitamins, and super-yummy, nutritious kids snacks! {Watch for a review of some of the amazing snacks and beverages coming soon!}

What do you think?

Have you used Dr. Sears Family Essentials line of baby products in your family? What did you think of them – and which ones are your favorite? If you haven’t tried them yet, are you excited to try them?? Share some comments!


Apply to be a Mom Ambassador

“The Mom Ambassador Program is a network of confident, charismatic, and commited moms who are enthusiastic about parenting and green living.”

I have been a Mom Ambassador for about a year now, and it is such an amazing program! I have had several chances to share new natural products with my group, and the feedback that I get from the other moms is always positive, and we have a ton of fun. 

“Who doesn’t love free samples? Mom Ambassadors receive exclusive invitations to try new healthy, eco-conscious products with their Moms Meet groups—then voice their opinions. With sampling programs for everything from all-natural hand sanitizer to organic yogurt, there’s sure to be a product opportunity your group will love.”

The sample packages that are sent to Mom Ambassadors are incredibly generous! The most recent product that my group got to sample was Xlear Sinus Nasal Spray. Wow, was this a great package!! There were so many samples for each of my guests, and they were all divided into individual bags for me, making it so easy to share them with the other moms. 

 How great is this? Moms Meet sent me a big box filled with over 20 bags to give to my guests, each one filled with all of this great stuff. Our favorite was the little banana baby toothbrushes… So cute :)

I have always suffered from really bad allergies, almost year round. And I was uncomfortable taking the medicated nasal spray that my doctor recommended as a long-term solution. I am so excited to have been introduced to this Xlear natural nasal spray… I use it every day, and it makes a world of difference! And I love that this is a product that all of the kids can use too, and I can feel good giving them a safe product.

Not only did Moms Meet and Xlear send me goodie bags for my guests, they also sent me a seperate shipment with a hostess gift for me! Check it out:

This set is for “Healthier Teeth and Gums in 30 Days”, and I’m pretty excited to begin using these products. The mouthwash is great, and doesn’t burn like the stuff you buy at most drug stores. And I think my favorite is the mints! So good.

I know what you’re thinking… How the heck do I sign up? To get started, go to the Moms Meet site, and fill out the survey, and agree to the terms of the program. You can also get started by checking out their Facebook Page and signing up in the link located under their profile picture.

After signing up, just watch your email for updates. You might get a training email, or a chance to participate in live chats or surveys. When a new testing opportunity opens up, they will send an email to notify you, and give you a chance to apply. After that, they’ll let you know if your group is chosen to receive a sample package.

Are any of my readers Mom Ambassadors? If so, what do you think of the program? I love comments…. :) - Free baby stuff