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Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Women + $1,000 Giveaway!

Who else loves these things – Fashion, friends, free stuff, and earning money from home? If you like even a couple of those, you’ll LOVE Stella & Dot jewelry. Stell & Dot is a boutique-style accessories company that offers flexible entrepreneurship opportunities for women – you get to share amazing jewelry and other beautiful pieces with your friends and family, and earn an income from the sales. And…. You can WIN big from them right now too – check it out, ladies…

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Moms Back to School Swag Giveaway! #Mompact

Meet the Moms Giveaway: Back to School Must-Haves Edition! I think that almost all of us have finally gotten the kiddos off to school by now… And are trying to adjust to the changing schedules, changing weather, and changing lifestyle that the fall season brings. If you need a little help getting back on track and into school year routines again, you’ll love this prize package filled with helpful gear – all invented by smart moms just like you!

back to school must haves for moms giveaway

Back to School Must-Haves – By Moms, For Moms

Moms supporting moms… in Business. That’s what Mompact is all about – helping mom entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses, helping bloggers learn to better connect with brands, connecting busy moms with the best brands and products that help solve the challenges of running a household. Who understands what a mom really needs better than another mom, right? So – Show some support by entering and sharing this giveaway – then visit today. Find awesome resources for every type of mom, learn more about the busy women behind these great product lines, and sign up for email updates for fun new promotions coming up this fall!

Enter to WIN it all!

One lucky fan will win ALL of these great prizes – perfect to kick off the new school year successfully. And if you want to learn a little more about some of the great gear included – check out the #Mompact hashtag on Twitter, or read my post about the amazing line from Buti-Bag…

Have kids clothing challenges? Learn how Buti-Bag makes it easy to DIY cute solutions, even if you’re not the crafty type!

Use the easy peasy Rafflecopter form below to get your entries in. And be sure to tweet out a big ol’ mom-to-mom thank you to the mom inventors for putting together this great prize package! Good luck!

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How Busy Moms Use Skype to be More Productive

“All one needs is a computer, a network connection, and a bright spark of initiative and creativity to join the economy.” – Don Tapscott… My life has changed so dramatically in the past couple of years. The switch from a fast-paced job in retail management, to the even faster-paced life of a work-at-home mom has brought a lot of unique challenges. While the unpredictable nature of the work I do makes it tough to create a daily schedule, I do my best to keep up with consistent routines. I build in time for snacks, naps, housekeeping, and of course – working. And, with all of the awesome technology that exists, I’m able to work almost anywhere that my busy day takes me…

work from home mom

“The phrase ‘working mother’ is redundant.” – Jane Sellman

I usually get up with the sun – I start my day around 6am, grab a BIG cup of coffee, and head out to the patio with my laptop to start working. I check emails for anything urgent, then get out my planner to see what I have scheduled for the day. I try to do as much of my serious working as I can in the morning before the kids are up – things like phone calls, articles to write, or Skype chats with potential partners. Abby’s afternoon naps are kind of sporadic, so I can’t count on nap time to be a quiet time. And it can get awkward trying to have a phone call with a brand rep while you have a toddler screaming for another cookie in the background. {I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, right? Ah, the joys of motherhood.} Once the kiddos get up, I take a break to get them all dressed, fed, and set up with an activity – like a cartoon, puzzles, or coloring. I love that I finally splurged on a new laptop – so that as we move into summer afternoons, I can work on the patio while I keep an eye on the kids in the pool, or pack it up to take with me when we head to the park. Between blogging, freelance writing, campaign projects, and my social media addiction – I’m connected pretty much 24/7 by either computer or my iPhone. Crazy, I know.

Productivity Tools for Busy Moms

Since I’m online so much, most of the tools that I use each day to help me stay on track are techy-type solutions – I love, love, LOVE using Google Calendar to manage my family’s schedules. I use to help me track my spending and keep good records. I couldn’t live without all of the amazing apps on my iPhone. And, when it comes to keeping in touch with business contacts – Skype is a lifesaver for me! We use Skype to connect with our extended family that live far away – {Abby loves to chat with her Papa} – and I just love the ability to get time face-to-face with people, instead of just speaking over the phone. I’m definitely a people person, so using Skype is a perfect solution for me. And when you’ve got a group of people who need to run a project together, there is just nothing better than getting them all together on a Skype group chat to bounce ideas off of each other. Crazy how productive those can get. So – if you’re ready to give Skype a try, here are a few tips for a successful chat:

  • Connection: Obviously you need access to the internet to use Skype – but you also need to make sure you’ve got a connection that’s high speed enough that you’re chat can be smooth and seamless. A slow connection can make your call really choppy and frustrating.
  • Location: You want to set up your computer in a quiet location, without a lot of background noise. If possible, find a room with good natural light – maybe near a window. Try to have a “clean” background without a ton of clutter, so that it’s not distracting the attention away from what you have to say.
  • Appearance: Ok – I Skype in my pajamas with no make-up all the time when talking to my family or friends. But if it’s business time – even with my blogging buddies – I bump it up a notch. The camera can kind of wash you out, so make sure to add a little blush and lip gloss. Some eyeliner and mascara will help your eyes stand out better on the screen too. Find a top in a solid color or small print, and a couple of great accessories. Not only will you look better on the Skype screen – but you’ll feel more confident too.

Once you think you’ve got these all down – practice! If you’re planning your first Skype chat as an interview or business connection, I totally recommend trying it out a couple of times with friends first, to make sure your volume settings are good, the lighting looks great, and your equipment all works fine. Don’t worry – a couple of times using Skype, and you’ll be a pro!

how to use skype

It’s time to say more and stay human.  It’s time for Skype.

{Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Skype via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Skype. Photo credit by Anastassia.}


Free Corporations for First Time Entrepreneurs #eminutes

eMinutes is on a mission to help 500 entrepreneurs form companies for free…  If you are a first-time entrepreneur in California or New York, and you have a passion for your business, then they would love to learn about your business, and help you give it a boost. And when they say free, they mean FREE – they are even paying for your state filing fees. This pretty much rocks.

This Week In Startups Sizzle from Jeff Unger on Vimeo.

 So who is Jeff Unger, the guy giving this all away free?

Jeff Unger is a graduate of Babson College where he was awarded the Economics Letter of Achievement. Then in 1997, he founded eMinutes, a corporate law firm that forms corporations and LLCs for some pretty awesome people – like A-list movie stars, Grammy award-winning musicians, and athletes. Jeff is admitted to practice in both California and New York – giving him the ability to split time between Los Angeles and Manhattan, and help entrepreneurs on both coasts.

Why is he giving this away for free?

Jeff explains “I had the idea to form free corporations for 500 first-time entrepreneurs. I thought it was a great way to build my brand and to meet some really interesting people, but I had no idea how it would impact me on a personal and emotional level. Corporate lawyers usually don’t get thank you notes and now I have bunches of them. We love the enthusiasm and passion that each entrepreneur brings to our lives”. A few quick facts about eMinutes, and why it rocks:

  • 10,000 Trees: As lawyers, the team at eMinutes knows first hand how much paper gets wasted each day. So they have a goal of planting 10,000 trees by 2013, and have switched to mostly paperless options in their business.
  • Operate like a Business: They study metrics like crazy, and operate more like a business than a traditional law firm. That means they have the same entrepreneur type mindset that you have.
  • Flat Fees: They don’t have time clocks that tick along, adding up more and more minutes of time that you’ll get an unexpected bill for. They have a flat rate of $1,250 to form a corporation or LLC – but right now, you can get it done for FREE. Amazing, I know.

So – if you’re an entrepreneur in California or New York – the states that Jeff does business in – you have got to check this out today before it completely fills up! And while you’re on the site, click around a little and read the stories of the other business owners he’s already helped out for free. So cool.

eMinutes: A law firm like no other.


Join The Mom Movement: Now Hiring District Consultants!

Plum District is one of my very favorite sites to shop for seriously great deals on products, services, and experiences for my family. I have worked with them through their affiliate program too, and they are a totally ethical, honest, and supportive company to work with. If you’re in the Seattle area, and interested in taking on a new adventure, I totally recommend checking out Plum District! And if you’re in the Seattle area, you’re in luck – keep reading to learn more…

Are you a motivated momma in the Seattle Area?

If so, then Plum District is looking for you! One of my favorite companies is expanding in the Seattle area, and they’re looking for some awesome women to join their team. Specifically, 2 Seattle area moms, 1 from the Eastside, and 1 from the Tacoma area. Requirements & benefits –

  • Must have business to business sales experience.
  • Ability to commit to 25 hours per week.
  • Work in a flexible environment – work from home, work from your car, it’s up to you!
  • Visit Plum District Sales Jobs, and look for the District Consultant position, to learn more about this current opening.
  • Learn more about what Plum District offers, Check out the totally amazing family-friendly deals you’ll find there each day.
If you want the challenges and rewards of a career, but the flexibility to spend important time with your family too – then this may be the perfect fit for you! So if you’re in the Seattle area, and looking for a new challenge to take on – If interested, send your resume to today!

Plum District


7 Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

time management

“You’re writing the story of your life one moment at a time.” – Doc Childre

Ah…. Time management. It is one of the biggest challenges to mothers everywhere – and it is especially challenging when you’re a work at home mom. Balancing work tasks, home tasks, and time spent with your family {because that was the whole point of working from home right? Spending more time with your family?} – It’s a difficult balancing act. With a million different things to do and places to be – but only ONE you, and still only 24 hours in each day, you’ve got to grab a hold of your time, and make it work for you! So, here are a few great tips, tools, and resources – gathered up from some of my favorite mom bloggers – to help YOU simplify life and save time each day:

  1. 5 Ways to Better Manage My Time: These are awesome tips – some of the same things that I’ve been working on myself. My favorite is #5 – so important, but it’s something most of us neglect to do.
  2. How $3.64 Makes Me A Better Blogger…And A Better Mom: Learn how spending this small amount on a simple tool has seriously boosted this moms productivity levels!
  3. Time Management Tool Shows You Where Your Time Really Goes: I love this tool – it’s free, super simple to use, and then gives you a really awesome graphic that shows you exactly where all of your time goes each day. You might be really surprised when you see it all added up!
  4. WAHM – How do you organize: This has some awesome tips on using online tools to stay organized – I love it! {Totally and completely love the spreadsheet she offers too – get it free!}
  5. WorkFlowy, the Key to getting Organized, for a Blogger or Forgetful Women over 45 or Anyone: I’ve been wanting to learn how this site works – and love her simple explanation for getting started – Looks really cool!
  6. How gCal Helps You Stay on Track: I love how this tool makes it super easy to sync everyone’s schedules – whether it’s family, or business teams. You can access it from any device – laptop, work computer, smart phone…. This is super helpful for me!
  7. Printable Planners: While I totally rely on my online tools and calendar, I also totally need paper and pen style organizing. I use a binder system for most of my organizing – I have one for homemaking, bills and financials, and my blog. You can find a big resource of my favorite printables for organizing here.

Do you have a great post that shares YOUR favorite time management tips? If so, leave a link in the comments so I can check it out too – I’m always looking for new tips to help me simplify and stay on track. Find a new favorite on this list? Let me know which post you liked best!

My Time Management Crisis in Poorly Drawn Graphics…. This explains my problem perfectly, lol.


Solutions to Make Kids Safer and Healthier- Win a Mompact Prize Bundle!

Mompact baby safety products

Moms supporting Moms –!

No one cares more about keeping kids safe and healthy than a Mom does. So this week I’m very excited to share some of my favorite products that do just that!  Check out these great products invented by moms, read the stories behind them by visiting, and enter to win ALL six products. How awesome is that?

Solutions to Make Kids Safer and Healthier

Ok, you know that I’m all about finding you the best sites, services, and products to solve your busy-mom challenges, right? That’s my goal with this site, to find Smart Solutions for Busy Moms to share with you each day. And some of my favorite solutions come from other moms – From you guys, from my family and best girlfriends, and from other women entrepreneurs who invent awesome products to fix common problems we all face. Check out a few of these great solutions here:

  1. Parking Pal: These are super cool magnets that you place on the car, to give kids a safe spot to stand while everyone gets out of the car – They’re fun enough to keep them occupied, and increase parking lot safety. My nephews love ’em.
  2. S.A.F.E.R Car Seat Cover: You don’t want to put kids in the same old dirty clothes each day, right? So why put them in the same germ-filled car seat for weeks at a time? This cover makes it quick and easy to keep a clean and safe seat for your little one to travel in.
  3. Gripsterz: This is one of my favorites! Abby is getting bigger, and is starting to push for more independence – but she’s still so little that she’s easy to lose track of. With the Gripsterz, I can hand her the handle, and ask her to hold the monkeys hand so she doesn’t get lost – then either hold the other end of the strap, or hook it to the car or stroller. She thinks it’s funny, I think it’s a lifesaver!
  4. Boogie Snatcher: Ok, I love the funny name. But I love the idea behind this even more – We all know how uncomfortable it is for little ones to get yucky, clogged up noses. But we also all know how difficult it can be to fix that. The Boogie Snatcher works much better than those little bulbs, and is perfect for cleaning tiny newborn noses.
  5. Sniffle Buddies: This is a great solution, especially for moms of kiddo’s with special needs. The Sniffle Buddies work to catch runny noses on little ones during playtime – instead of them using their hands to wipe ’em, spreading germs.
  6. Kissaboo: This is my favorite – it is such an adorable idea! It’s a reusable cover for boo boos, bug bites or itchy spots, or to keep kids from picking at bandages. It’s super cute, and comes with 3 different types of cover to fit any bumps, cuts, or bruises your kiddo gets. You know how every bump feels better just by putting a band-aid on it? This cute cover works the saaaaame way. {See it in action at our house here.}

All of these super smart ideas were invented by moms, for moms. You can find more amazing products like this on, find support and resources for your own mom-owned business there too – and then enter to WIN an awesome prize package filled with all of these great products!

Enter to WIN – Big Mompact Prize Package!

Use the easy peasy Rafflecopter form to get your entries in, and don’t forget to come back here, or the Mompact Facebook page, each day to tweet for a daily entry. {And, if you’re feelin’ lucky, enter to win all of the other fun prizes I’m giving away too. You’ll find ’em all in listed together in the sidebar.}

Have fun & Good Luck!

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