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Enter to win the Mompact Ladies Night Out Giveaway!! #MompactLNO

Mompact LNO Great mom solution products invented by moms

 Enter to win the Mompact Ladies Night Out Giveaway!!

Moms all over the country have been gathering this month to host Mompact Ladies Night Out parties, with a theme of “Tricks AND Treats” – sharing our best busy mom tricks for simplifying life, and then sharing treats like these awesome problem-solving solutions. Boogie Wipes are an absolute must-have in our house, the Twooth Timer really helps me keep the kids brushing without a fuss, Tidy Tots have been a huge help to me the past few months, to make potty training less messy, and I’m trying out the new Penalty Pal from Parking Pal right now, and will let you know soon how it’s working out in my house. [Read more…]


Moms Back to School Swag Giveaway! #Mompact

Meet the Moms Giveaway: Back to School Must-Haves Edition! I think that almost all of us have finally gotten the kiddos off to school by now… And are trying to adjust to the changing schedules, changing weather, and changing lifestyle that the fall season brings. If you need a little help getting back on track and into school year routines again, you’ll love this prize package filled with helpful gear – all invented by smart moms just like you!

back to school must haves for moms giveaway

Back to School Must-Haves – By Moms, For Moms

Moms supporting moms… in Business. That’s what Mompact is all about – helping mom entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses, helping bloggers learn to better connect with brands, connecting busy moms with the best brands and products that help solve the challenges of running a household. Who understands what a mom really needs better than another mom, right? So – Show some support by entering and sharing this giveaway – then visit today. Find awesome resources for every type of mom, learn more about the busy women behind these great product lines, and sign up for email updates for fun new promotions coming up this fall!

Enter to WIN it all!

One lucky fan will win ALL of these great prizes – perfect to kick off the new school year successfully. And if you want to learn a little more about some of the great gear included – check out the #Mompact hashtag on Twitter, or read my post about the amazing line from Buti-Bag…

Have kids clothing challenges? Learn how Buti-Bag makes it easy to DIY cute solutions, even if you’re not the crafty type!

Use the easy peasy Rafflecopter form below to get your entries in. And be sure to tweet out a big ol’ mom-to-mom thank you to the mom inventors for putting together this great prize package! Good luck!

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Everyday Essentials Giveaway Package – #Mompact

Here’s your chance to win great products while supporting mom business owners… Read their stories at, see reviews by other moms, support them through social media, and enter to win! As busy moms, we all need a little support, right? And life gets even crazier when you try to juggle being a mom with having a career. Then it gets even CRAZIER when that career is a business that you own and run yourself! Which is why I love what Mompact does to help promote mom-invented products, support all busy moms in business, and help connect us all and make it easy to support one another. So – show them all some support by entering and sharing this great giveaway, and maybe end up the lucky winner too!

everyday solutions - invented by moms

Moms Supporting Moms… In Business

This prize package is filled to the brim with a ton of great mom-invented products – Super smart solutions like my fave potty training helpers, Tidy Tots. The totally helpful gadget that helps make brushing time fun for kids – Twooth Timer. Awesome goodies from ViveVita. You’ll love it all – trust me.

Enter to win & Good Luck!

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It’s not just Baby Talk! #Mompact Twitter Party July 26 – Join US!

One of the most difficult times I had after my first daughter was born was a couple months in when the “new baby” novelty wore off. I was sleep deprived, stressed, and lonely from missing all the “adult” time I had been used to for so long. Are you feeling that need for more connection with other adults? Then join us for a #Mompact Twitter Party on Thursday, July 26 at 9pm ET. We’ll talk about babies, have prizes, connect with moms from all over, and focus on YOU too! Grab some wine, or tea, and tweet away with us.

We’ll be highlighting some great products for babies that were all invented by moms — regular moms like you who had a problem and discovered a solution.

mom time twitter party

It’s not just Baby Talk! #Mompact Twitter Party!

Date: Thursday, July 26th, 2012
Time: 9-10 PM ET
Moderator: @Mompact
Assistant Moderators:
Topic/Focus: Baby and Mom
Hashtag: #Mompact

Prizes: Baby Dipper Bowl, Sticky Bellies Milestone Stickers, Baby Fashion from Liv and Lily, DiaperBuds
PaciPlushies Universal Pacifier Plush Attachment, Babee Cover 6-in-1 Covee, and MORE to be announced soon!
Questions: Email Nicole at
Join Us: TweetGrid

Pre-Tweet to Win!

Anyone who tweets this from now until the #Mompact Twitter Party will be eligible to win $10 Amazon gift card!

About the Party:

Check out our current giveaway which ends Sunday.  You could win the whole bundle for baby including a CuddleCloth, HappiTummi, Appeteether, Babee Covee, PaciPlushies, and Bunvelope! Join us as we chat about our summer plans, great ideas for keeping kids entertained during those long summer days, and great products to help make it all easy!



Keeping Baby Happy & Healthy: $150 Prize Package! #Mompact

happy and healthy baby products

Raising a happy, healthy baby

One of the best cards I got when I was pregnant had this note in it… “You have new life ahead of you soon.  Not only is there a new babies life babies, but your life will be filled with new experiences, joys, and learning too. Cherish the challenges. They’ll help you both grow…” So sweet, and so true. I thought of that little bit of advice when looking at this giveaway package – such a great bunch of products that are just perfect for solving some of those early challenges, while making life a little more comfortable for you both.

baby products that do double duty for moms too

Baby products that do double duty for mom too

One of my fave mom-invented products from this giveaway is the Bunvelope – It’s a perfect example of the type of smart solution I love, a product that does it’s job during the baby days, and then easily transitions to a great everyday item for mom too. It’s meant to be a diaper wipes holder – and I LOVE the little plastic insert that keeps a perfect portion of wipes handy. But  once you no longer need the case to hold diapers, it’s designed in such classy prints that you can totally use it as a cosmetics bag for you. {It’s a great solution when you travel too – since you can’t bring many liquids on a plane, baby wipes are your perfect make-up remover.}

Read my full review on this product line here – Buti-Bag: Structure with Style.

Want to know more about the other great products in this giveaway too?

All of these great products are mom-invented by women just like you, who saw a challenge in their busy life, and came up with a smart idea to solve it! And aren’t we all so glad that they did? Learn a little more about some of these great ideas on – or read reviews from other moms who tried them out in their real life:

Want to win one of these adorable bags – PLUS all of the other smart products listed in the graphic above?? Then use the easy peasy Rafflecopter form below to get your entries in. You can do as few – or as many! – as you’d like. The more you enter, the more chances you have to win, so bookmark this page to come back daily for the bonus tweet entry! One lucky lady takes home this WHOLE prize package – worth over $150 bucks! Have fun & Good Luck!

Feelin’ Lucky? Enter to win all the other prizes I’ve put together for you guys this month – listed in the sidebar!

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Join Us for the #Mompact Summer Must-Haves Twitter Party

Need a break from BBQs, fireworks, family and the clean-up? Join us for the #Mompact Summer Must-Haves Twitter Party from 9-10 PM EST to chat about Summer Fun and Safety!

mompact after 4th of july twitter party

Get all of the party details here – including the totally sweet prizes up for grabs. If you’ve never joined a Twitter party before – No worries! The Tweet Grid is pre-made just for you… Log in with your Twitter name, answer the questions, chat along with us, and win some super cool prizes just for partying with the Mompact moms! Good times, right?

Join us for the #Mompact Summer Must-Haves Twitter Party!

Date: Thursday, July 5th, 2012
Time: 9-10 PM ET
Moderator: @Mompact
Assistant Moderators: @TheIQMom@SunandSipCups@HorridHousewife
Topic/Focus: Summer FUN and Safety
Tweet Grid: Summer Must-Haves Custom Tweet Grid.
Hashtag: #Mompact

Prizes: Quick Split, Swimzip, Accesory Connectz, Gripsterz, Parking Pal, SAFER Car Seat Cover, Appeteether  AND One grand prize winner will win a Swoop Bag (9 winners total)!
Questions: Email Nicole at

Pre-Tweet to Win!

Anyone who Tweets this from now until the #Mompact Twitter Party will be eligible to win A Quick Split! Easy peasy.

About the Party:

Summertime means family fun–trips to splash parks, the beach, the creek, camping, and amusement park, just to name a few. With all this fun comes a lot of dangers as well. From sunburns to flying umbrellas the fun can quickly spoil. Thankfully a few fun products can help keep your fun day simply fun-as it should be!  Check out our current giveaway which ends Sunday.  You could win the whole bundle including a SwimZip, NoBlo, Koverz, and Accessory Connectz!

About the Prizes:

Join us as we chat about our summer plans, great ideas for keeping kids entertained during those long summer days, and great products to help! Plus, as we share tips and ideas for summer fun and safety – you’ll also have a TON of chances to win these great Mom Invented products, perfect for summertime family living!

RSVP for the Party to be Eligible to Win:

I look forward to seeing you all there!!




Toddler-Proof Solutions for Everyday Living: Nini Baby! #Mompact

Making life a little easier for parents, and fun for kids – Jenn Namazi knows what it’s like to have toddlers. Her family’s two youngest children, a girl and boy, are just 15 months apart. In early 2009, while toting around her then 1 and 2 year olds, she grew frustrated with the throwing game that brought such delight to her children’s faces. She had invested in quite a few straps and other devices to try and keep cups and toys ‘attached’ to the stroller. Her kids had grown to the age where they outsmarted them, undoing or opening the Velcro or snaps that secured the toys and cups in place. “Somebody needs to make a toddler proof strap” she said. And luckily for us – that somebody was her!

Nini Baby toddler solutions

Smart Toddler Solutions

Abby is just now reaching that stage where she thinks throwing her cup on the floor, then crying frantically that she wants it back RIGHT NOW, only to toss it to the ground again and laugh, is a good time. And I am realizing that I was crazy to think that caring for a baby was “hard” – Toddlers are exhausting! At least a baby stays in one place most of the time, lol. I haven’t had a chance to try out any of the Nini Baby products yet – but they are definitely on my “must-have” list now that Abby’s getting bigger. These are such smart solutions!

See the Toy Bungee in action

Instead of velcro straps like pacifier clips for babies, the Nini Baby products use a cool non-toxic set of straps to keep things more secure. As you can see above, they’re simple to use, and seriously smart – your back will thank you when you get to avoid that nightly “bending down a hundred times to pick things up that baby threw down again” routine you’ve been used to! And, if you’d like to hear more stories from real life moms using the products in their own homes, check out some great reviews online. Or read the Amazon reviews on her great line-up of smart solutions:

  • NiNi Paci Bungee: BPA and lead free, fits all size pacifiers, easy to clean.
  • NiNi Toy Bungee: Toddler proof button closure. Can leave the base attached to carseat or stroller, and easily swap out items to attach.
  • NiNi Crayon Bungee: Holds 3 crayons at a time, giving little ones enough options to have fun.

If you’d like to learn more about Nini Baby products, visit them on their website, and be sure to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on new products and promotions.

Reviewer's Retreat connecting brands and bloggers


And speaking of connecting – You can learn more about the Nini Baby products from me, and Nicole, the mom-inventor behind the Buti-Bag – if you’ll be attending Reviewer’s Retreat this weekend! They are just one of the brands I’ll be helping to represent during the Sponsor Speedway portion of the events. I hope to see some of you there!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to partner with smart mom-invented brands like this, and working with some great bloggers on fun campaigns, you can learn more about how Mompact supports moms in business, and sign up to be part of the team at Question Moms.