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Cheap and Unusual Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Not sure what to get dad for Father’s Day? Well, you could make him these amazing Peanut Butter Bacon Beer Brownies I found yesterday. You could go with the Oscar Mayer Bacon Gift Sets {the video is TOO funny.} Go with the traditional tools, ties, or t-shirt with a “You’re the best, Dad” logo. But why not go with something fun and adventurous? Check out this great infographic below to spark some creative ideas… And leave me some comments below telling me what your family has planned for Father’s Day this weekend! {We’re doing a HUGE BBQ here at my house. Good times.}



3 Simple Steps for Grilling Beef – Infographic

Beef, it’s what’s for dinner at my house – how about yours? If you’re ready to learn some great new tips on choosing, buying, storing and preparing beef, get the best tips on what to look for at the supermarket and how to put the best beef on your table. And get more tips to up your “Grilliance” in this awesomely helpful infographic:

Beef Grilling 3-16-12



Back to School 101: Getting Ready for the Big Day

Plum District, the leading daily offers site for moms, by moms, recently surveyed 2,403 of its members to find out how moms really feel about the back to school season. They learned what real moms were thinking – what traditions they love most, what challenges they face, and what worries they have as the new school year approaches. And to help alleviate the pain of back to  school time for mom, during August, Plum District will feature special offers that will help Mom check items off her back to school list, including deals for lunch boxes, kids clothing and school supplies and books. Keep reading for some surprising finds…

back to school infographic

The Moods of Moms During Back to School Season

Just like kids have a ton of mixed emotions when returning to the routines of their school days, us moms have a lot of emotions going on too! Here are a few more facts pulled from the Back to School survey Plum District did recently:

  • Many Moms are Excited: 39 percent of Moms feel excited, yet another 26 percent feel relieved.
  • Moms are More Sad than Kids: 40 percent of Moms say they are the MOST sad family member, followed by the kids at 33 percent… and the dog at 21 percent.
  • Moms’ Top Worries: The top reason Mom is worried about her kids going back to school is surprisingly not bullying (that’s #2) — it’s whether or not her kids have a good teacher.
  • Moms are Likely to Cry: 54 percent of Moms say they are likely to cry on the first day of school.
  • Moms Plan to Write a Special Note:  57 percent will likely tuck a hidden note into their kids’ bags.

Which one of these do you relate to most? My little girl isn’t old enough to head off to school yet – she’s only 2 years old. But my live-in nephews are 6 and 8, and I remember crying as I sent Cole off with his big brother last year for the first day of school! It can definitely be an emotional thing – I was so excited for him to start his new adventure as a student, but couldn’t believe he had grown up so much already. Crazy, right?

If you’re still finishing up your back to school shopping – Check out Plum District for the more unique selection at awesome prices!


The Most Awkward Money Moments

“Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?” – Anonymous…. We all have those friends, right? The one who always “forgets” her debit card when you meet for girls night out, or who loves to split the bill during lunch dates – even though she had an entree twice as expensive as yours – with an extra glass of wine to boot? Read more about the most common awkward money moments other people face – then share YOUR most-dreaded money situation in the comments….

funny money

Infographics by

{Disclaimer: I’m a Coupon Cabin blogger, and get access to fun info like this to share with you guys. But – I was not compensated for this post. Love it this infographic, and wanted to share it, that’s all!}


Learn How To Keep Your Family Out of Sticky Situations

Fast approaching summer brings about family travels, mini vacations and day trips. Keep your family out of sticky situations:

Sticky Situation by CustomizedStickers

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