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How to Find Coupons: 11 Sources for Big Grocery Savings

So many people think that using coupons is “too hard” or “too time consuming” or even “too confusing.” I assure you ladies – that is NOT the case! I take about a 30 minutes each week to {mostly} plan my meals for the upcoming week, then about an hour to clip, print, and digitally load coupons for my grocery trip. Matching things up and planning ahead save me around 40% each time I shop – and that’s a lot of extra room in my budget to do fun stuff – from little things like seeing a matinee with my little girl or getting a pedicure for some “me time” – to building our vacation fund for summertime. Sounds worth an hour or so a week, right?

Sundays are the day that I clip my new coupons for the week, put together a menu plan, and make my shopping list

If any of you ladies are like me, then I’m sure that you’ll appreciate this list of awesome coupon sites that I use. I clip what I can use from the Sunday paper, but of course that alone isn’t enough, right? We usually only have a couple of coupon inserts, so after browsing them, I head on over to these coupon sites and print out all of the new savings to use in the upcoming week :)

And, you can sign up with Sunday Coupon Preview to get, well, just what the name says… They alert you each week when the early preview is available for the weeks Sunday paper coupons. Really helpful.

Pin or bookmark this page, to make it easy to come back each week to get all of the coupons you need in one spot. It doesn’t take long to browse for your favorite products, and you will definitely love it at the end of your transaction… They’ll start scanning all of those coupons, and it feels like such an accomplishment to watch your purchase total go down lower, and lower, and lower…. If you have any other great ways you use to get coupons too, be sure to leave a comment and let me know so that I can add them to this resource!

Here is a great resource list for new coupons this week:

  • CELLFIRE: Save grocery coupons directly to your supermarket savings card with Cellfire.
  • COUPONS.COM: Free Coupons! Save on your favorite brands. Print free coupons before you shop.
  • A FULL CUP: Great resource for printable coupons, as well as sale match-ups and tips!
  • INBOX DOLLARS: There are a lot of ways to get freebies and earn cash here – But a super awesome tool is that you can find your favorite coupons here, and get PAID when you print them!
  • GROCERY COUPON NETWORK: 100% FREE registration to receive free printable coupons, exclusive email savings, recipes and helpful grocery savings tips.
  • SWAGBUCKS: This is another site that offers lots of ways to get freebies, and also pays you for printing coupons on their site – very cool!
  • PENNY PINCHER GAZETTE: Visit Penny Pincher Gazette for Free Printable Grocery Coupons!
  • RED PLUM: Print Free Grocery Coupons from RedPlum!
  • VOCALPOINT: Vocalpoint was made for smart, deal-savvy women like you. Coupons, Samples, Tips, and more cool stuff.

Many of these sites will have similar coupons. But if you usually buy multiples of an item, such as 3 or 4 packages of lunch meat when they’re on sale, then being able to print out the same coupon on a few sites can be pretty handy.And even if you’re new to couponing, you can still save lots of money without too much work. Just scroll through some of these sites, and print out a handful of coupons for products that you would buy anyway. You’ll be surprised at how fast the savings start to add up!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

 Even more savings – if you shop online a lot, start at Ebates. You get a free $10 gift card when you sign up. They have all of the best online coupon codes in one place. AND you earn totally free and easy cash back every time you shop! Honestly, I’ve gotten into the habit where I don’t even want to shop in-store anymore, because I calculate the cash back I could be earning if I ordered online :) So, I do the “site to store” option at as many places as possible, like Walmart… I can order online and get cash back, not wait in line, and pick it up easy peasy with no shipping fees. Seriously – if you’re an online shopper at ALL, you need this if you’re not using another cash back site, or you’re just throwing away free money! {Click here to learn another way to earn freebies from Walmart.}

And if you love coupons, freebies, and deals (of course you do!) – check out the {Intro} post for my weeklong series “How to Get FREE Stuff” to learn more ways to save! And another great way to get high-value brand coupons is to sign up for their newsletters, and I’ve put together a HUGE resource of newsletters in this post.

Free Coupon E Course{Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I only share sites and services I use and can honestly promote because I love them – some are affiliates, some are not. But they’re all great tips – hope you enjoy!}