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Bringing Up Baby on a Budget: 10 Ways to Save Money on Baby Essentials

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“Poverty is hereditary – you get it from your children.” – Phyllis Diller… Yep, you get a lot of things from your kids. Sleepless nights – first, when they’re a newborn and require constant care, then again as teenagers, when you’re up all night worrying whether they’re safe. Wrinkles from worry, grey hairs from stress, and if you’re not careful – one heck of a hole in your budget! So many people assume that babies have to be expensive – but honestly, through experience, I’ve learned that does not have to be true. Keep reading to find out what I’ve learned, and how I learned it…

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Honestly – Learn Why these Diapers are Worth my Dollars…

“Pretty much all the honest truth telling in the world is done by children.” – Oliver Wendell… Ah…. Motherhood. Kids are such a blessing – and SUCH a challenge at the same time, right? And this quote is so true – kids do fib, of course. But most of the time, they are honest to a fault. You can learn a lot listening to their thoughts, questions, and observations. So when you hear that there’s a new diaper brand called The Honest Co., what do you think? For me – I hoped to find a simplified way to buy affordable, eco-friendly, good quality diapers that worked well. {Meaning no leaks or nonsense, you know?} Is that what I found with The Honest Co.? Find out…

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What Matters Most When Diaper Shopping…

“No one likes change but babies in diapers.” – Barbara Johnson… Are you still in the diaper stage? Then you know how darn difficult it can be during those years. Not just the crazy mishaps of changing one of those messy masterpieces – but also, trying to figure out which brand, style, fit, size, version is the right one to keep your little one dry, and finding it at a great price. Oh yeah – and throw in some concern for the environment too, and you’ve got yourself a serious set of decision making that most overwhelmed and over-tired new moms can’t handle….

Storknest helps new moms get affordable ecofriendly diapers

How does Stork Nest help new moms save on diapers?

First of all – let me tell you how I first met the peeps from Stork Nest. I was introducted to them by another blogger in one of my networks. At the time, I didn’t know the name Stork Nest – I just knew them as a great group who was super interested in learning more about what moms value when shopping for diapers. They wanted to know what type of packaging was most appealing, what features and benefits actually mattered – and what silly marketing tricks felt like needless gimmicks, so that they could avoid them. I really felt like the questions were insightful and smart, and that they were building a smart company. So when I learned more about what they were doing, I was SUPER excited to help support their new site!

Who is Stork Nest?

Starting January 1st, Stork Nest will launch to the public – featuring unique diaper, training, and youth pant brands at the best prices you’ll find around. They’ll have the highest quality, some awesome eco-friendly options, and since they cut out the middle-man by producing their own diapers – you will seriously get the best value. Their EcoBundles Diapers will feature the same amazing softness and absorbency that you rely on in a diaper – while being more ecofriendly and budget-friendly for busy moms. Sounds awesome, right?

Let’s Party! Celebrate the launch of their new diaper site!

Do you have an amazingly adorable baby? {Of course you do!} Then join the celebration with Stork Nest – enter your little cutie in their Facebook photo contest. When Stork Nest launches on January 1st, 2013, they’ll announce which two of America’s Cutest Babies will win a year’s worth of free diapers, a photo shoot, and get to be featured on the new EcoBundles Diaper packaging. As an added bonus, the parents get to keep the professional pictures of their baby! Priceless, right? And everyone who enters their baby into the EcoBundles Cutest Baby Photo Contest will receive a Buy One Get One Free coupon to use on once they officially launch in early 2013! Sweet bonus.

Party with us too!

I mean, what type of celebration doesn’t have an awesome party to join? The Stork Nest Twitter Party is coming up on December 4th, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET. You can RSVP to be eligible for crazy-awesome prizes here: Stork Nest Twitter Party. There will be loads of cool stuff to win, other amazing moms to chat with, and great tips and advice to be shared. I hope to see you there!

Learn more: Check out Stork Nest on Facebook, on Twitter at @theStorkNest, and Pinterest.  

$4.95 All-U-Can Ship


Thankful for Fluff – Coth Diaper Giveaway!

Welcome to this Thankful for Fluff Giveaway hosted by Mama Papa Barn and sponsored by ThirstiesI’ve partnered with some favorite bloggy buddies to give you busy mommas a chance to win some fabulous cloth diapers! It’s been quite awhile since I did a cloth diaper giveaway, so I figured it was about time to do another, right?

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How to Change a Squirmy Baby

“Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn’t music.” – William Stafford… It’s funny. Everyone thinks that the infant days are the hardest. And yes, they are exhausting… The total lack of sleep, the stress of feeding time, and if it’s your first baby it takes awhile to build confidence in what you’re doing – that baby is so teeny tiny! But those first few months pass by in a blur, and it gets easier. Now that my little one is a toddler {she just turned 2 at the end of July} – I’m starting to miss those Baby-Days. You know – where if you set her on a blanket on the floor, she was still there even if you turned away for 2 seconds. {Unlike a toddler who is attempting to climb into the fish tank, or some other equally fun activity, as soon as you so much as blink….} Even once they’re slightly mobile, you can keep baby safe and occupied in a bouncy seat, playpen, or a saucer with bells and whistles to push. But not so much with a toddler – they are MOVERS. Our little dog Deuce follows Abby all day, and they explore every inch of this house like they’re Lewis & Clark on an adventure to find, touch, and examine every.single.item. in their path. Ah, motherhood…..

toddler playing in the mud

“Having a two-year-old is like having a blender that you don’t have the top for.” – Jerry Seinfeld

As you can see – turning your back for even a moment can lead to total shenanigans when you’ve got a little mover around. She’s learned how to open the sliding glass door that leads to the patio {I installed an alarm, so I’ll know. But she thinks that the alarm is super funny, so it doesn’t stop her. I just can’t win…} – I heard the beeping, but in less than a minute she’d used her toddler super powers to find the one spot of mud in the whole garden. Lovely. But – she was smiling, so I decided to just roll with it and let her mud it up. I try to pick my battles wisely. With an adventurous toddler, you’ll have a rough life if you can’t laugh most it off each day, am I right?

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.” – Franklin P Jones

Once your baby starts getting mobile – diaper changes start getting tougher! No worries – Huggies comes to the rescue with another Smart Mom Solution – Slip-On style diapers. Abby has started the whole potty training adventure already – but we’re still using Pull-Ups. But before we started this phase, the Slip-Ons from Huggies were seriously a life saver. They’re actually really similar to the ease of getting Pull-Ups on and off – as you see in the video, you can put them on the traditional way, if your little one wants to lay down and hold still {right, lol} – or you can just grab ’em, slip ’em on, and pull ’em up fast. How helpful is that, right?

huggies diaper coupons

 Take the Huggies – Easy-On, Easy-Off Challenge

If you’re ready to try out the Huggies Slip-On diapers too, check out this fun new way to save big – Click through to the Easy-On, Easy-Off Challenge tab on the Huggies Facebook page. You can “Check In” there each time you do a diaper change, or even sign up to check in via text message. Once you’ve done 5 squirmy baby diaper change check-ins, you’ll get a free coupon to help you try out the new Slip-On diapers, so you can see how much easier they make your daily diaper time. You will love them, promise. Once I used them, I wondered how I’d been getting along without them – seriously. Motherhood is a challenge – we need all of the help we can get!

Huggies Slip-On Diapers – A Smart Mom Solution

how to change a squirmy babyHuggies® Slip-On® Diapers were made with squirmy babies in mind, providing stretchy sides to let you quickly slip on the diaper for a close, comfy fit and trusted leakage protection. Plus, they have easy open tabs so they are easy to take off, making changing easy for you and your squirmy little one.

{Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Huggies via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Huggies.}



Fluffy Fourth Cloth Diaper Giveaway – $415 Value!

Welcome to the Fluffy Fourth of July sponsored by Gnome’s Naturals and hosted by Life With Levi! Whether you’re just starting out using cloth diapers or already a fluffy pro, this giveaway prize offers something for everyone.

Fluffy Fourth Ultimate Starter Pack

One lucky winner will receive the ULTIMATE cloth diaper stash starter pack, valued at over $415!!!

This amazing prize prize pack includes:

  • THREE ones & twos All In One Diapers
  • ONE AppleCheeks Bamboo Little Bundle
  • ONE AppleCheeks Microterry Little Bundle
  • TWO Tots Bots Easy Fit or Tini Fit Diapers
  • TWO Rumparooz G2 Pocket Diapers or Little Joey Newborn All In Ones
  • ONE Bummis Beautiful BASIC Kit
  • SIX Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers
  • ONE Bummis Super Snap Wrap
  • ONE Bummis Super Lite Wrap
  • TWO Snappis
  • ONE AppleCheeks Storage Sac Pail Liner
  • ONE M Monkey Foot Designs Wet Bag for when you’re on the go.
  • ONE KalmSkin Travel Size Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Stick
  • ONE Bag of Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent
  • ONE Clean Cheeks Wipes Concentrate
  • ONE 6 Pack of AppleCheeks Cloth Wipes
  • ONE Mini Shower Diaper Sprayer
  • ONE Pack of AppleCheeks Flushable Diaper Liners

That’s all the diapers AND accessories you need for 18 diaper changes!! And as all busy mommas know, you have got to be prepared when you’ve got a baby in diapers, right? Gnome’s Naturals is a cloth diaper and natural parenting store owned & operated by Lori Whitlock. As a mom of a toddler, Lori is always searching for great natural products for herself and her family. When she finds products that she loves, she sticks with them. Lori created Gnome’s Naturals to share those products with you. As a cloth diaper blogger, Lori has tried almost every cloth diaper on the market and strives to carry only the best of the best.

Supporting WAHM’s

In addition to some well known brands that Lori loves, Gnome’s Naturals also carries work at home mom (WAHM) made items in the store. Make sure you check out the WAHM Spotlight section for products that are handmade by moms in North America. Lori is a huge proponent of moms supporting moms and she hopes that by retailing some mom-made items, she can help support them financially as well. If you’re new to cloth diapering, Gnome’s Naturals offers several different cloth diaper trial packages. Beyond cloth diapers, Gnome’s Naturals also carries a great selection of baby carriers, baltic amber teething necklaces, breastfeeding products, and more.

Ready To Win?

Just enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below. All entries are optional – be sure to come back often to complete the daily entries, since the more entries you have, the more chances you have to win! {Feelin’ lucky? Check out the big list of other prizes you can win from me this month too, over in the sidebar!}

Giveaway open to residents of the US & Canada. Contest ends Friday, July 6th. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


5 Reasons Every New Mom Needs this Diaper Caddy

baby feet, diaper changing time

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” – Don Herrold

Babies are so amazing – those tiny fingers and toes, the sweet little smiles and coos, that powdery new baby smell… But while they bring beauty and joy into your life, they also bring some challenges. And some messes, lol. But like I mentioned yesterday – getting some cool baby gear and accessories for those daily chores can change things that make those dilemmas more delightful.

Diaper Caddy for new babies

“Laughter is like changing a baby’s diaper. It doesn’t permanently solve any problems, but it makes things more acceptable for a while. – Unknown

So – Let me introduce another Smart Solution for Busy Moms to you guys – The JJ Cole Diapers & Wipes Caddy! This little guy will make your daily routines so much easier – and it’s trendy style will make any nursery look cool. There are eight great colors and designs to choose from, it’s super sturdy to tote with you around the house, and filled with cool features. Plus, there is a whole line of baby storage boxes and containers in coordinating patterns, so that you can stock up on great organizers that will match your decor.

diaper caddy, diaper caddy and changing mat

5 Reasons Why the JJ Cole Diapers & Wipes Caddy Rocks:

This case is a perfect solution for every mom – seriously, you will love it. Let me share my top 5 reasons why we love it in our house –

  1. It’s portable. The handle makes it easy to grab and go – which is what most of your day consists of when you have a baby or toddler, right? And, while some of the reviews I read had complained that the drawer of the caddy was a little tough to open, I see that as a benefit. It slides open with an easy tug, but it’s snug enough that it won’t spill your supplies by accidentally sliding open while toting it around.
  2. Easy to access. You can keep everything that you need for diaper changes in this little caddy, so that you’re never fumbling around looking for things. There’s a section to hold diapers and lotions, the top cubby is perfectly sized for your wipes container, and the little drawer holds the rest of your must-haves, like cotton swabs and baby powder. Plus, there’s a little opening in the drawer that you could use to pull it open – we use it to thread Diaper disposal bags. Very handy.
  3. It’s trendy. The designs are all really stylish and modern, and the color combos are great. When I saw this new print – Sweet Primrose – I knew it would be a perfect addition to our Master Bedroom & Playroom makeover we’re working on.
  4. It’s durable. I was super surprised by how heavy and sturdy this caddy felt when I took it out of the packaging. It’s even got great rubber feet on the bottom, to keep it in place while you’re grabbing supplies with one hand.
  5. It includes a changing pad. I love, love, LOVE that this caddy includes a matching changing pad – and it’s awesome that the changing pad is so big! Most changing pads that come as an add-on to products are usually really tiny. This is full size, has a velcro tab to close it up, and is easy to wipe clean or throw in the wash.

With so many great features and cool benefits, this makes the perfect addition to every mom’s baby gear collection. It’s a great way to keep your changing table organized – or if you’re like us, and don’t have space for a changing table, it’s so helpful to have a portable little diaper station.

“No one likes change but babies in diapers.” – Barbara Johnson

Get more info on this, and other awesome JJ Cole Collections baby gear, on their website. Or, if you’re an Amazon Mom, you can find it there for the same price – JJ Cole Collections Diaper Caddy. And for more super cool ideas, and to learn about more of my favorite must-have products, visit my All About Baby board on Pinterest!