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Bloggertunities: How to Find the Best Blogging Opportunities for Women Bloggers

Blogging opportunities list for women bloggers

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss

Most of you mommas out there are probably familiar with this Dr. Seuss quote – it’s one of my favorites. While it applies to pretty much everything in life – I think it really applies to the blogging world very well. Lately, I’ve seen quite a few instances of people flying off the handle over someone else’s actions, opinions, or parenting ideas. There will always be someone who disagrees with you, in life, and especially on the web. I do my VERY best, always, to be respectful of people I disagree with, but on the internet, that seems to be getting more rare by the day. The trolls love to attack over any little thing, right? So – Be as authentically YOU as possible on your site. Make the choices that are best for you and your readers. Share what you think, listen to other opinions, but don’t ever censor yourself just because of the haters out there. They’re gonna hate over something anyway, might as well be something that you’re really passionate about :)

Making Money with Your Blog

  • Integrate: This is a really interesting network, very different than a lot of others that I’ve worked with. For some tips on how it works, read my Getting Started with post. Or visit their site to read more, and join today.
  • Link Vehicle: This is a pretty easy way to earn a little extra cash for your writing – but there are a few drawbacks to be aware of. While it’s super simple to sign up and get started, not all of the offers you’ll get are always for projects that will be a good fit for you – so be sure to be choosy, and only accept those offers that your readers will be interested in learning about. And, be aware that the price quoted to you for a post {mine is usually around $30} – you will only get half of that price, they keep the other half. But, I do a few of these a month, and they pay on time every month, so I’m happy with them. Learn more about Link Vehicle.
  • Mom Spark Media: If you’re following the Mom Spark blog, then you already know how awesome Amy is, who runs the site. She also has a network to connect bloggers and brands, called Mom Spark Media. It’s a paid membership – either $5 a month, or $40 a year – And after paying for my second year recently, I can tell you that it’s definitely worth it! You not only get connected with cool opportunities like sponsored posts, twitter party hosting, and sweet product reviews, you’ll also be able to access all of the great support forums too. Love it.
  • SheHeard: Making Blogger to Brand Connections – that’s what they do! There are a couple of totally rockin’ ladies behind this network, and you’ll love working with them. Learn more about the site, and sign up to be a member of their great community today to get access to new opps.
  • Stella & Dot: This is a really great option for those of you who are fashion bloggers – Become a Stylish wtih them, work from home, promote your great gear on your site, and earn some serious income. I know quite a few people doing this, and am considering it myself –
  • Business2Blogger: You’ll find everything from paid posts to product reviews on this site. I was able to get connected to a brand who flew me to Texas to cover a really cool event earlier this year, by applying for the opp on the Business 2 Blogger site. Lots of new opportunities going up each week, so check back often. Sign up for their Blogger Outreach.
  • Social Spark: For those of you already using Social Spark to get connected to sponsored posts, are you noticing a lot of new campaigns coming through too? I’m definitely loving that! For those of you not working with them yet – you can sign up for Social Spark now, and be ready for the extra bunch of paid posts for the holiday season!
  • Paper Coterie: Are you a member of this super easy to use new affiliate company yet? You get sweet offers like this to promote – $40 in FREE credit for new members – shop now! – and you’ll get bonus freebie codes to use to get yourself complimentary products to try out each month too. Very cool.

Good reads, resources & tools

  • Profnet: I was super excited to find this post – I’ve been pretty confused about how to use Profnet, but I’m always hearing really great things about it. If that describes you too, check out How to Submit Queries on Profnet and Profnet Connect.
  • Have you been eyeballing these awesome branded paper products like stickers, business cards, and more – but waiting for a sweet deal? Well this is as good as it gets! {Well, I mean, besides the random free offer you’ll find from time to time, lol.} From Tuesday September 18 to midnight on Friday September 21 (PST), you’ll get 25% off absolutely any printed product on MOO.COM – including Luxe and our brand new Gloss Business Cards and MiniCards.
  • Security: Some of you might remember when my blog was hacked awhile back. It was a HUGE set back, and made me really understand how important it is once your blog is your business to have some back up. And 10 Steps to a Secure WordPress Website is full of perfect tips for this.

Product & Brand Opps and Reviews

  • Annie’s: Your fave organic products brand is taking their show on the road, and want you to join them! If you’re in one of the areas where they’ll be having events {listed in the doc} – you can get paid to hang out with them and share what you learn – plus get some fun free Annie’s pizza swag. Learn more about the Annie’s Slice of Happiness tour for bloggers, through Branfluential.
  • Tried and Truth: This is a fun network for people who love to share reviews – Review your favorite family-friendly products, post videos of great gear, and earn reward points you can redeem for cool freebies. Learn more here – Join Tried and Truth.
  • Mom Select: This is a great network that I’ve gotten some really cool partnerships from – Like the opportunity to have our homemade recipes in the Baby Brezza cookbook, which was amazing. They run campaigns on everything from earn a gift card for filling out a quick survey, to chances to host super fun product house parties. Love them. Join the Mom Select team.
  • Simply Sassy Media: This is a great network to join – lots of opps from cool products to paid posts. You can request to join the Facebook group, and then check out their website to sign up to get their Blogger Outreach emails with new campaigns to apply for.

Giveaways and events

  • Twitter & Facebook Blasts: These are a great way to get in front of some new fans – Jennifer at Makobi Scribe runs these BIG giveaway events, and they’re always a success. Sign up for the upcoming blasts today.
  • Lila Rose: This is a cool new idea – A Facebook party, instead of a Twitter party! There are hundreds of dollars in Lila Rose products, and it sounds like a ton of fun! Learn more about how it works, and sign up to join the fun tomorrow!

Share your resources too!

Do you have a cool new giveaway taking sign-ups? A Twitter party you want to invite us too? A cool new tips post to share? Whatever you’ve got going on – share it in the comments below so we can all learn something new! You’re even welcome to share your favorite affiliate sign up links if it’s something not already listed here – I love finding new things to check out. And until next week – Keep your bloggin’ rockin’! Thanks for reading….

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